Work experience

Work experience
Jan 1995 - Present


Families by Design

I direct family camps for families with challenging children. I do phone consultations and support with parents, mental health professionals and teachers. I teach seminars worldwide to help others help to heal traumatized and institutionalized children. I have authored books and articles and produce training DVDs to help people to help these difficult children. My main responsibility is to help parents to love unlovable children. I work to help teachers teach children who don't want to learn and to help therapist to treat children who don't want to heal.

Professional Organizations

I serve on the advisory Board for the Attachment and Trauma Network. I am the founder of SAVY, inc a non-profit organization to help Stop America's Violent Youth.

Community Service

I volunteer my time to provide relief for financially disadvantaged parents with violent children by caring for the children throughout the week and weekends. Twice a year I donate my time to teach for non profit groups as a fund raiser for their projects. I donate 35 hours per week supporting and encouraging parents through email correspondence. I have done missionary work in China, india and Romania. I have taught missionaries through the YWAM ( Youth with a Mission) program that travel through out the world helping orphans.


Nancy L. Thomas is most widely recognized for her work with helping challenging children overcome emotional and physical abuse situations. Mrs. Thomas is the President of Families by Design, an organization that provides information about attachment and bonding issues, educates the public about Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), and offers educational materials and seminars. Nancy Thomas founded Families by Design over a decade ago, capitalizing on her then already impressive history working with at-risk and troubled youth. Mrs. Thomas operates Families by Design out of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, directing family camps for challenging children, carrying out phone consultations, and supporting parents, mental health professionals, and teachers. Mrs. Thomas began working with children as a Therapeutic Parenting Specialist in 1974. She later went on to become a Professional Therapeutic Parent, encountering and treating children with all manner of afflictions. Her experiences led Nancy Thomas to write the seminal work “When Love is Not Enough: A Guide to Parenting Children with Reactive Attachment Disorder,” which many experts considered one of the most comprehensive guides to challenging children at the time. Mrs. Thomas furthered her literary career by co-authoring the broad ranging book, “The Handbook of Attachment Interventions,” with many other field experts. Together, these books have changed countless lives, and in conjunction with her CD/DVD materials, Nancy has helped numerous broken families heal. Aside from her work with Families by Design, Nancy Thomas is the Founder and Chairman of the Board for SAVY, Inc. In keeping with the spirit of Mrs. Thomas’ work, SAVY was founded to Stop America’s Violent Youth.