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I'm a freelance blogger and web content creator with over twenty years experience. I write high quality blog posts, articles and ebooks as well as handle social media marketing.

Work experience


Sponsored Blogger

Izea & PayPerPost

IZEA's PayPerPost offered payment for in exchange for content creation, specifically sponsored blog posts that would often require video or photo creation. Later, when the marketplace grew, sponsorship offers extended to posts on social media.

IZEA required blogs to be active, high quality in that blogs had to add well written, on-topic non-paid posts of a 2:1 ratio to sponsored posts. IZEA also required blogs draw good amounts of traffic as well as rank highly with search engines.


Blogger & Social Media Marketer

Freelance Blogger

What started out as a hobby, writing a blog in my mid teens, has become a full-time career. I've been fortunate enough to be able to do most of the backend work, myself, thanks to a background in self-taught web development and I market myself and my blogs across many social media accounts.

I know how to brand, how to network and how to focus. I write high quality content in niche-based blogs and I'm not afraid of doing my own research, supplying images and other relevant media while doing it all on a shoe-string budget.



Freelance Content Writer

I've worked with for content pools like PostLoop, Fivver, IZEA, iWriter and others and come away with high marks for the high quality content I create.

I work well within the confines of a word count but I can wing it, too. I can be casual and laid back in my writing or affect a corporate, standard and professional tone by request. I can work from information in a press kit or research the topic on my own and give the content personal touches.



Highschool Diploma

American School of Correspondence

American School of Correspondence is an accredited high school where you can take your coursework and graduate via postal mail.


Office Skills

20+ years of experience with computers, printers, copiers and word processors.  Experience with software such as MS Office including Microsoft Word  and Excel, as well as Adobe Photoshop and Jasc Paint Shop Pro.

Website & Blog Development

A blogger & web developer since 1996, I've got the experience to help your business get online quickly and cheaply without sacrificing quality.

I've been barn-raising blogs and websites on a next-to-nothing  budget for years and can source high quality, professional elements for your next project - from plugins to help your productivity and extend your reach, to beautiful and professional photos for your website. All without breaking the bank.

 I can write HTML, code and edit simple Wordpress themes, design eye-catching graphics and edit simple PHP scripts.

Tell me what you need and I'll help you get it - on time, under budget.

Social Media Marketing

I was an early adopter of the social internet, starting in chat rooms, news groups and web forums back in the 90s then graduating to modern social media from Myspace and Facebook to Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. I understand how to promote content quickly and effectively across social media networks.

Wouldn't it be nice to spend less time on social media without sacrificing the benefits to your business? I'm a synergy wiz. I'll streamline your cross-platform promotion quickly and help you make the most of your time online.

Rather not bother with it at all? I offer personal social media creation, branding and management services at competitive rates.

Other Skills

Highly self motivated, goal and detail oriented, adaptable, can hit or stay within a requested word count, works well solo, team player, fast learner, can eat own weight in cheesecake (probably).