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Hi, I came here to South Australia in 1985 from the Philippines, working at the Adelaide Casino as a croupier, I got married and had a daughter after three years. I always have had a passion for Natural Therapy since a young age but it never developed seriously until my daughter got really sick.  At that time she was only two and a half years old when the doctor just loaded her up with up to three different kind of antibiotics... I was so desperate to find a way to help my child,  as i did not see any improvement from those medications.

On the way to the chemist from one of the consultations with Carla to buy another antibiotic, I passed this  book store having a massive sale and I was drawn to this particular book FOOT REFLEXOLOGY. I opened it up coincidentally on the page HIGH FEVER, which is what my daughter had, and which I never manage  to get down after giving her children's paracetamol, so bought the reflexology book instead of the medications and went home  and read, applied the technique on my kid,  following everything that was said in this book  "and there", at that point, I managed to get her fever down to normal with in half an hour!

So since then I had been helping friends, with the information and tricks which I got out of this first book, until people start paying me! I was worried that I could get into  trouble, so I got my self qualified as a Natural Therapist with a Diploma of Reflexology (feet, hands and ears) and AromaTherapy, and a Certificate IV in Remedial Massage (currently working for my Diploma) which already been part of my current practice for a long time anyway. I am also qualified to practice Muscle Tension Reset and to diagnose for and fit Cyber-Orthotics. The underlying theories and practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupressure and Five-Element theory are applied along almost every step of the way.

Work experience


Adelaide Casino

Been working at the casino on and off for 25 years, at the moment just working Part Time from 24 hours a week there and work at my clinic for about 10 to 15 hours depending on advance bookings.



Natural Therapy Academy of South Australia

2003 I obtain my Diploma for Aromatherapy and Reflexology, Certificate IV at the Australian College of Tactile Therapies which is now College of Natural Therapy Academy of  Adelaide South Australia. and studied many other modalities,like Acupressure, Muscle Tension Reset, attending on going seminars provided and supported by the ATMS

Agri- tech/ Animal Husbandry

Philippines National Agriculture College

Finished my Agriculture study in 1983 and just start working in my  family farm for few years  in the Philippines as usual, nurturing Animals and Plants and what needed to be done, with some  new technology to improve the style  of farming, which is  not much for me at that time, I feel like there was something else I needed to do. so  I took up travelling and I ended up here in Australia.