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Work experience


Cambridge Friends School, Assistant Principal

Primary Roles:

2007-2009Assistant Principal

1999-2007Director of Antibias Education

1988-2007  Director of Co-Curricular/Extended Day Programs

Additional Responsibilities:

2001-2004Member of the Board of Trustees

2002-2003Co-Clerk, Head Search Committee

1996-2008Intern Supervisor/Coordinator

1987-1999  After School Teacher

Accomplishments include:

  • Collaboration with school principal to insure smooth day-to-day operation of all classrooms and school programs from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, including: oversight of student assessment; addressing disciplinary issues with students; working closely with the director of student support services to review and assess academic, social and emotional needs and growth of all students; communication with parents; hiring and supervision of classroom teachers; planning professional development for all faculty and staff; and coordination of curriculum review process.
  • Participation as a member of the school’s administrative team in decision-making and discussion about all aspects of the school, including: budget and finance; personnel policies and practices; alignment of the school’s curriculum and mission; defining the focus of the school’s antibias education efforts; and planning and leading orientation for new faculty/staff.
  • Current member and past chair of the school’s education team (a subcommittee of the administrative team), providing leadership and organizational structures to facilitate assessment and decision-making about key educational issues faced by the school, including designing curriculum development and review and creating a new supervision and evaluation system.
  • Development and oversight of vision, curriculum, procedures and policies for pre-kindergarten through 8th grade extended day programs, including: procedures for hiring, supervision, and evaluation of teachers; structures for collaboration with the school’s Learning Team and classroom teachers to insure the success of all students; development and oversight of the programs’ budgets; and creation of age appropriate art, sports, drama, and community service curriculums.
  • Collaboration in the design, oversight and implementation of a strong intern program that reflected the school’s curriculum and mission and its commitment to antibias education. The program met all state standards for interns enrolled in certification programs, and provided an opportunity for interns not enrolled in a program to explore the teaching profession.
  • Leader and initiator of significant aspects of the school’s antibias education program, including: development of age appropriate curriculum and resources for pre-kindergarten through 8th grade; design and facilitation of professional development opportunities and workshops for faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees, including annual antibias orientation and full day workshop for new faculty/staff; leading the planning and execution of annual school-wide celebrations and associated classroom curriculum; and creating support structures for parents/guardians and their children.
  • Member of the CFS Board of Trustees for three years, serving as co-chair of a head search committee of the board, and serving on the board committee to evaluate and plan for the future work of the Center for Antiracist Education.



Massachusetts Principal/Assistant Principal License #225277

Massachusetts Elementary (K-8) License #225277

Prior Teaching Experience

  • Newtowne Cooperative Nursery School, Cambridge, MAHead Teacher, Four Year Old Class
  • Georgetown Day School, Washington, DC1st Grade Teacher
  • Cambridge Friends School, Cambridge, MA3rd/4th Grade Teacher

Professional Development

  • Workshop on epilepsy/seizure disorders presented by a member of the Epilepsy Foundation (Winter 2008).
  • Full day training on use of the Wilson “Fundations” reading and writing program (Spring 2008).
  • Training on use of new Investigations in Number, Data and Space math curriculum organized by Cambridge Public Schools (Summer 2007).


  • Provided consultation focused on antibias education for many schools and institutions, including: Moses Brown School, Providence, RI (2009); The Gordon School, Providence, RI (2009); King and Low-Heywood School, Stamford, CT (2008); Family Equality Council, Boston, MA (2008); Friends School of Charlotte, Charlotte, NC (2008); The Weber School, Atlanta, GA (2007); Temple Israel, Boston, MA (2006); Germantown Friends School, Philadelphia, PA (2006); Marin Country Day School, Marin, CA (2006). (click to read Full List)
  • Consulted with directors/producers of “It’s Elementary”, the groundbreaking film that addresses antibias education in elementary and middle schools (1993-1994).

Additional References

Educational Philosophy

The ultimate goal of education is to engage students in a process that brings them to an increasing understanding of who they are, how they can interpret and understand the world around them, what their responsibilities are as a member of a larger community, what their dreams and visions are, what they must learn to realize those dreams, and how they can impact and make positive change in the world. This goal can only be met when students are taught specific skills, concepts, and content so that they can embark on their own paths and be successful. Academic excellence is present when each student is working to her highest potential in the pursuit of gaining the knowledge and skills she needs to make her present and future dreams a reality...(click to read Full Statement)


  • Presentations at numerous education conferences including: Wellesley College K-12 Gender Equity Conference (2001); Massachusetts School Age Child Care Coalition (1999, 1998). (click to read Full List)
  • Presentations/workshops for schools and educational institutions, including: Chestnut Hill School (2001, 1997); Willauer School (2000); Child Care Resource Center (1998); Dept. of Human Service Programs, Cambridge, (1998).


Helen McElroy

...Nancy is an extraordinarily gifted and dedicated educator. Appointed as an administrator in 1988 she was responsible for creating the superb after school program at Cambridge Friends School.This program provides a warm and stimulating environment for children, with carefully crafted structures, which support the needs of children from age 4 to 10.Nancy’s leadership has ensured that CFS has continued to dedicate the institutional support necessary to maintain this excellence...Over her years as a teacher and administrator Nancy has kept abreast of research in the cognitive development of children, including current strategies for assessment.She understands the need for schools to develop or supply a range of student support services to ensure success for all children...(click to read Full Reference)

Kathleen M. Buckley, D. Ed.

I first met Nancy Alach over a year ago when she entered the master’s degree program in school leadership at Cambridge College.Over that time, I have served as her instructor for a course in supervision and for the four semester professional seminar.I was also her advisor.These roles gave me ample opportunity to observe her potential for a position as a school principal.

I am pleased to be able to say that it didn’t take me long to see that Nancy would have a lot to offer as a principal.In class I could see that she possesses a keen intellect that she uses to analyze information and situations.We often discussed case studies in class and Nancy demonstrated her ability to use both her practical experience and her knowledge of theory to evaluate complex situations and offer effective solutions.Nancy’s contributions in class showed that, as an experienced administrator, she understands the importance of reflection in reviewing her practice.She also gave evidence that she is a continuous learner, reading widely and learning from colleagues...(click to read Full Reference)

Mary Newmann

...Nancy is currently the assistant principal which means that she is involved with the everyday life of the classroom. As the head of school took on more of the external responsibilities of running a school, Nancy as assistant principal, in concert with the principal, has been involved with the education administration of the school.She is responsible for curriculum review and the design of program, for the supervision and evaluation of teachers and interns, for the creation of our annual budget for directing all of our after school programs, for the training and implementation of our antibias work within our classrooms...Not only is she an able and competent administrator, she is a professional and highly skilled educator. Nancy is ready to lead an institution and to take it to the next level of its development... (click to read Full Reference)

Jody Ziebarth

...In our roles as educational leaders in the school, Nancy has taught me a great deal. Having been at Cambridge Friends School for many years, she holds the institutional memory for colleagues such as myself who are new to this institution. She has the rare ability to use that history as a base to make thoughtful and if necessary different decisions from the past ones for the future of the school.She is rare in her ability to balance the overall institutional goals and mission of the school while at the same time following through on the many details that are a part of the everyday running of a school. Her organizational abilities are superior. She has managed to do the many different jobs that she has with amazing competence...(click to read Full Reference)