With a wide range of designs and applications, NanaWall Systems, Inc., implements its NanaWall technology and products into almost every type of structure. Promoting an equal devotion to utility and appearance, NanaWall’s sliding and folding glass walls separate interior partitions and bring the outside world indoors. Homeowners can install the NanaWall in existing buildings and incorporate it into original building construction. The NanaWall folding glass walls replace one interior/exterior side of the home, multiple sides of the building, and in some cases adjoining walls, opening up an entire corner of the house. Ideal locations for NanaWall technology include living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, patios, pool houses, solariums, and any other room that could benefit from increased light. In multifamily dwellings such as condominiums and penthouses, the NanaWall adds harmony to a residence and integrates a room into the surrounding cityscape. NanaWall glass walls fit perfectly into balconies and loft conversions. Adding depth, dimension, and a welcoming atmosphere to every manner of hospitality establishment, NanaWall products are prized by businesses around the world. Whether it be single-track sliding glass doors with a wood frame or folding walls encased by aluminum or clad, NanaWall brings warmth and light to restaurants, golf clubs, mountain lodges, casinos, and international resorts. Retail stores use NanaWall’s opening glass walls to replace fixed storefront, thereby increasing the size and scope of the premises. NanaWall technology appears in sidewalk, corner, and grocery storefronts and protects merchandise from dust and inclement weather. Store owners also rely on NanaWall glass walls to resist forced entry. Public and private institutions utilize NanaWall products in a variety of ways. Schools, libraries, concert halls, and cafeterias rely on NanaWall technology to reflect and insulate sound, maintaining peace in designated quiet areas. Churches and banquet halls use NanaWall glass walls as internal dividers, opening them to accommodate overflow. NanaWall technology also enjoys extensive application within assisted living facilities and hospitals.