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Customer-Centric Global Leadership | Business Development | Customer Experience Strategy and Insights Research 

Work experience



InMoment - London
  • Expertise in multi-channel, multi-media Global Customer Experience Programmes. Sold and implemented customer experience measurement in 95 countries and 40 languages. Developed insights and customer strategy that improved client business performance.  Developed culture change initiatives that drove sustainable customer-centric focus.  P&L responsibility for Global Research Operations Management. 
  • Extensive experience in research-driven strategy and communications. Focus on global measurement and improvement strategies to win greater customer loyalty and drive improved business results for global companies.  Worked with technology design and research teams to develop advanced text analytic capabilities and social media monitoring and engagement. 
  • Design full range marketing research, including methodology, implementation, analysis, and insight. Manage multi-market resource teams across multiple disciplines to deliver strategy and build additional revenue streams.  Full P&L responsibility. 
  • Skilled developer of service offerings for customer-centric assessment and comprehensive measurement of customer touch point experience (customer surveys, call centres, complaint lines, social media, employee selection, training, recognition, and retention).  Particular emphasis in Finance, Retail, Restaurant, and Hospitality sectors.



Change Management Group -  London

Expertise within CMG in delivering Customer Experience Transformation Road Maps, including:

  • Employee recruitment and retention; Business process redesign; Design of sustainable customer-centric cultures, including maximising the value of existing customer insight, refining stakeholder feedback and service delivery; and Implementation of targeted KPIs for successful growth of customer-centric organisations
  • Developed CMG's Customer Experience offering, including cultural initiatives to support extensive corporate implementations. Focus on the cultural processes and KPIs that drive sustainable change in support of customer-centric performance.
  • Extensive, confidential research in support of major UK FMCG retailer's strategic initiatives


  • Opened SMG's first international office and directed Client Services for global customer experience analytics agency; designed and implemented customer and staff research to better drive improved performance in satisfaction, loyalty and engagement
  • Developed and implemented SMG's first international product offering; initiated global business and built it into a multimillion pound business unit. Across all clients, conducted 80 million surveys globally per year. Developed reports and research analyses to identify financial linkage between employee engagement, customer experience and improved business performance. Insights and strategy presented to all corporate levels, from store managers to senior executive leadership, including Chief Executives and Corporate Boards.
  • Designed SMG's first international product and service offering; broadened US client base to serve international markets, increasing revenue by £3 million  
  • Initiated and grew SMG global business from zero presence to measurement in 10, 000 locations with multi-year, multi-million pound contracts
  • Launched SMG's UK London office; developed independent UK clients including Superdrug, Carphone Warehouse, and Pets at Home
  • Designed and implemented customer experience measurement for multi-unit retail and restaurant clients in 69 countries and 26 languages 
  • Continued direction of multinational client services team (research, analysis and presentation of insights to C-level executives) in support of clients globally, including Nike, Burger King and TGI Friday's


PHD Doctorate

School of Mass Media and Journalism