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Work experience

Apr 2012Present

PhD Candidate - under Prof . Gregory Jerkiewicz

Surface and Materials and Electrocatalysis Laboratory, Queen's University
Our Laboratory focuses on the atomic/molecular level understanding of electrochemical processes taking place at the electrode surface or within its 3-dimensional matrix. Our research group studies electrochemical interfacial thermodynamics, electro-adsorption, electro-oxidation of metals, electro-dissolution processes, (bio)corrosion, electrolytic generation of H2 and O2, and electrocatalytic hydrogenation of achiral and pro-chiral unsaturated organic compounds. The scope of my PhD project can be divided into the following major phases: 1) Development of state-of-the-art single crystal experimental facility – material science and instrumentation approach 2) Experiments and Modelling of Surface oxide growth on Pt single-crystal (Pt(hkl)) electrodes – electrochemical and surface science approach 3) Experiments and Modelling of Electro-dissolution of Pt single-crystal (Pt(hkl)) electrodes – electrochemical and analytical approach
Apr 2012Present

Highly Qualified Person (HQP)

Catalysis Research for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells Network
MY PhD project is funded by Catalysis Research for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells Network (CaRPE-FC). CaRPE-FC is a Pan-Canadian academic network with active participation from 8 universities, 4 SMEs, an industry association and 3 government departments. The network focuses on developing fundamental understanding of topics in electrocatalysis and transport phenomena in catalyst layers for polymer electrolyte fuel cell, with an aim to lower the amount of platinum group metal (PGM) requirements. The network project comprises of a multiple theme. I am part of Theme A -To Improve ORR activity of fuel cell electrocatalyst materials and systems and improve their stability against corrosive dissolution.(headed by Dr Jerkiewicz)
Sep 2009Apr 2012

Research Assistant ( Master's Project )

Queen's - RMC Fuel Cell Research Centre
The Queen's-RMC Fuel Cell Research Centre (FCRC) is Canada's leading university-based research and development organization in partnership with industry dedicated to advancing the knowledge base for addressing the key technology challenges to the commercialisation of fuel cell applications. I worked on my thesis titled "Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathodes: Experiments On Material Stability And Novel Test System Development".
May 2007Aug 2008

Process Control Engineer - Surface Finishing Plant


RESPONSIBILITY: - Responsible for production with optimum utilization of resources in tri-cationic zinc phosphating , Electrodeposition and Paint Shop and powder coating unit (Troubleshooting of the Equip. Responsible for Paint/Consumable withdrawal, paint mixing, Cabin operations, Maintenance activities & related documentation process, Rejection reduction, Improvement activities & New Product Trials. ) - Quality and Testing (operational parameters of Bath , Incoming Paint , Quality testing of finished material after final production ) - Report Generation (Maintain record for operational parameters of pretreatment , paint booth & power coating unit. reports for incoming paints ,lab and salt-spray test) - Provides feedback and shares experience with production and quality managers and proposes updates to technical policies LEARNING: - Got Industial exposure and training in automotive painting, powder coating, electrophoretic painting, plating and plastic painting - Worked as member in the team which was working for iso:14000 certification - Good experience in leading a production team ACHIEVEMENTS: - Increased the transfer efficiency of paint booth and eliminated further manual touch up by optimizing operational parameters -Cost savings-Rs.12lakhs/annum - Increased salts spray hours of Liquid Epoxy coating from 182 hours to 220 hours by pretreatment change - Installed sealant process in pretreatment line to increase the quality of conversion coating



Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Queen's University


Queen's University

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.)

Anna University / Central Electrochemical Research Institute


Fuel Cells

Surface Chemistry

Materials Science

Powder X-ray Diffraction