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Najmut Tariq is a clinician devoted to improving health. Having engaged in extensive academic training in naturopathy and allopathic therapies, Mr. Tariq concentrates his practice on integrative medicine. An active advocate of alternative treatments, he consistently assists a variety of patients in an effort to achieve improved health and well-being. Najmut Tariq regularly treats clients who suffer from debilitating and terminal diseases, and, to date, he has saved more than 100 gangrenous limbs from being amputated.

Najmut Tariq understands the effectiveness of treatments available through an integrative approach to health and healing. At its core, integrative medicine combines traditional and alternative disciplines to achieve a balanced and open-minded approach to health. A student of allopathic and occidental methods, Mr. Tariq possesses expertise in an array of hybrid treatment possibilities. However, Najmut Tariq does not intend his integrated approach to replace traditional medicine; rather, he strives to incorporate concepts from alternative and conventional philosophies to create a blend of the best of both worlds. Acknowledging a crucial relationship between an individual’s mind, body, and spirit, integrative medicine practitioners utilize a holistic medical philosophy.

Najmut Tariq explains the fundamentals of his approach through the four pillars of integrative medicine: detoxification, healthy environment, lifestyle and diet, and good relationships. Detoxification refers to the process of purifying a body to remove unhealthy substances, both biologically and chemically derived, while seeking a healthy environment to protect an individual from potentially harmful influences. Mr. Tariq believes that diet and lifestyle also contribute greatly to a person’s overall health, so he promotes positive eating habits, regular exercise, appropriate nutrition, and healthy sleep patterns. Najmut Tariq’s holistic regimen also encourages patients to attend to ongoing relationships with friends, families, and the larger community to ensure deeper spiritual health.

Integrative medicine enables a balanced and holistic approach to health by maintaining an open and equitable relationship between patient and practitioner, incorporating alternative and conventional treatments, utilizing various natural interventions, and investigating broader health concepts to prevent future concerns. Although Najmut Tariq provides an array of alternative procedures that include folk remedies, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, and stress reduction techniques, he typically prefers a hybrid treatment that incorporates pharmaceutical medication in tandem with complementary alternative therapies.

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