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  • CHRISTIANITY. Main belief and first place in my life.
  • HEALTH. Excercise as means of meeting high excelence standards.
  • WALK THE PATH TOWARDS EXCELLENCE. I do beleive in walking towards Excellence as a Culture (Way of life).
  • ENVIRONMENT. This earth is our only space vehicle. I do participate in initiatives to ¨ Save the planet¨.


I am a retired 59 years-old person who has been in the teaching, training, full time capacity, during the last twelve years and more than thirty in a part time basis.

My work and academic experiences comprise valuable and useful areas of expertise. They both are significant to a diversity of markets.

Work experience



Business Center
  • Sales and Customer Service. Training to Shell (now Uno Group) and Esso (now Puma Energy)
  • Translation. Italian, Spanish, English
  • Business Counselor. My own designed Marketing Audit. A sort of SWOT for inside the company.
  • Writing operating manuals. Training the organization at all levels.

Latin America Training Manager

Esso Standard Oil. An affiliate of ExxonMobil
  • Home based in El Salvador. Developing and implementing training for 12 countries.
  • Retail, Industrial and Convenience Retailing Training in operations, customer service and sales techniques, successfully implemented with an average net 9 % sales increase in the region.

Retail and Industrial Sales Manager

Esso Standard Oil. An affiliate of ExxonMobil

New customer service and sales techniques generated sale increases of  6% to 12%  over a three year period.

Personnel Management. Sales employees were coached through a career development approach. This practice yielded such positive results that Headquarters  awarded the Motivational Certificate of Excellence. 


Marketing Professor

American University

Marketing professor for about two years.

I am sure Dr. Fernando Villalobos (University Prioccipal) would be able to speak about the excellence of my work. 


Sales Analyst

Esso Standard Oil. An affiliate of ExxonMobil

Exhaustive all competitor price analysis led to winning 100 % of the bid of the US Defense Fuel Suply Center to provide petroleum products to the salvadorean government during the armed conflict.



Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Loyola Marymount University

Graduated with honors


Bachelor of Science

Woodbury University



Experience consolidates ... (see below)
  Reading, Understanding and Writing. The practice of positive thinking has assisted me in achieving what I refer to Communication with results.     Problem-solving. It is rather easy when you are able to see scenarios objectively, leaving outside faults, erros, culpabilities and negative thoughts. I see more clear and ask the right questions to recognize and define problems.    Motivation/goal setting. I have assigned a high value to what I do. So, it is rather easy to consider challenges as opportunities to motivate myself; so, the odds of a good outcome are greatly increased.  Interpersonal and Teamwork. Interpersonal abilities come effortless when you think positively. It helps you to cope with undesirable behaviour in others, absorb stress, deal with ambiguity, and interact more easily with others. These skills have served me well to effectively function as a team as well as for individual acceptance.    



Trainer of the year (3 years)

ExxonMobil Training Headquartes