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Naif alqahtani. Texas Southern University lives in Houston Texas, USA


In this industrial analysis, we will target the pet stores industry that sell a variety of pets including the dogs, cats, fish, bird and any other kinds of pet animals. Such types of stores sell the animal’s foods and other animal’s relevant objects that require to keep the animals at the residential surrounding. Pet Stores is one of the industries that sell the animals food and also provides the supplies in which include health, beauty aids, leashes, shampoos, collars, medications, toys, pet containers, cat furniture and dog kennel. But many of the pet stores offer the services such as grooming, boarding and training of different animals according to the customer’s requirement. The main activities of these industries include retailing the pets, foods and supplies. The main products that are providing by these sectors include live animals, pet food, pet supplies and services. Over the past five years, the demand of the pet stores industries are increasing with the passage of time .At those times, when the USA faced the great recession, then such depression could not decrease the demand of the pet store industry in the whole USA. Even during the great

recession period, which reduced the demand of every retail sectors but the pet stores industry continued to gain the yield from the pet industrial growth. When any country faces such downsizing situation, then it will cause to reduce the purchasing power of each citizen of this country. The reason to reduce the purchasing power is that government tries to create temporary short fall of the currency in the open market. In this scenario, the general public has not purchased power even to buy the necessities of life. According to the IBIS World industry, the demand of the pets did not reduce, even in the recession time period of the USA economy. According to the opinions of different economist experts, from this sector revenue is expected at the rate of 3.2% annual or 16.5% billion in the next five years. The trend of keeping pets in the home premises are increasing with the passage of time. And most of the people consider the pet as a part of the family.

In this industrial sector, the owner should choose such types of marketing strategy that are the complete reflection of the customer’s demand. The most important benefits to choose the pet store business is that there is no issue of season’s changes just like the garment industry. For choosing the target market, the SWOT analysis plays an importance role to identify the target audiences. The pet store industry targets the household size, medium and high income class. The medium and high income classes that likes to buy the pet has capacity to buy it. The major business in this industry is that to only focus on the buying and selling process of

different pets instead of selling the food items and supplies. The history of these pet stores industry are old as many other industry, so you cannot deny the importance of the pet industry, because it contribute a lot to grow the industrial sector of the USA. The competitor of this industry includes the other industry like Veterinary services in the USA, Pet grooming and boarding in the USA, E- commerce and online Auction in the USA, Mall order in the USA. The household adopt more animals (dogs and cats), so the demand for industry also increase such as animals foods, medication, medicine, shampoos and any other accessories that are essential for the animals. According to the American Pet Product Association, every cat or dog owner spends $200-$300 annually for buying the food products. The international survey shows that the demand of pet stores is increasing with the passage of time, because the people consider their pets as a family member. Due to increase in the ratio of pets, now the airlines are trying to fix the one plane for transferring the animals from one place to another. Customers demand comfortable and luxuries flight for their pet .Industrial growth in this sector will cause to increase the per capita income of the public that is associated with this industry. After increasing the internal competition of this industry, it is expected that the external competition will be increased in the upcoming time period. It may be created threat situation for the USA pet stores industry. Now you need to bring improvement in local pet industry.