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Naif Al Anazi

General Manager - Site Engineering/Design


Highly experienced, Results oriented  executive looking for extremely challenging opportunity to support business growth. Has a successful track record in delivering projects and infrastructure technology solutions to support the organisation’s business needs and growth.

Developing high quality business strategies and plans ensuring their alignment with short-term and long-term company goals. Leading and motivating subordinates to advance employee engagement and developing a high performing managerial team. Overseeing all operations and business activities to ensure they produce the desired results and are consistent with the overall strategy and mission



Successfully Completed Queen’s University Mobily Leadership Program.

Selected as one of MOBILY future leaders in “Leadership Development Program”. A one year leadership program designed specifically for mobily future leaders by RBL Group.

Setting Strategy and direction, developing long-term plans.

Success & Passionate

Participated and provided innovations and solutions to improve processes and grow the business.

Project Management
    1. Ability to direct projects from concept to fully operational status.
    2. Project Scheduling, Critical Path Management, Contractual Negotiations, Quality Control.

    Decision Maker

    Analytical Ability, Critical Thinking, Decision Making and Problem Solving. Good knowledge of Six Sigma.

    Competencies & Technical Knowledge

    Executive Competencies: Blue Ocean Strategy, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Feasibility Studies, Risk Analysis, Project Management.

    Technical Knowledge: Data Centre Design/Project/Operation. Power Systems Design/Operation.


    Leadership program

    Queen's University

    Queen’s University Mobily Leadership Program

    Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering


    Work experience

    General Manager - Planning/Design/IMPLEMENTATION

    April 2016Present
    • Collaborates with the executive management team to develop and implement high-quality business strategies and plans. Ensure strategy alignment with Company's objectives. 
    • Communicates a vision for the company and take steps to make it a reality.
    • Work with the executive management to determine values and mission, and plan for short and long term goals. Identify and address problems and opportunities for the company.
    • Oversee all operations and business activities. Analyze problematic situations and suggest solutions. Fosters a success-oriented, accountable environment within the company.
    • Encourage employee engagement. Enforce adherence to legal guidelines and policies.


    Jan 2014April 2016
    • Spearheading telecom projects (Site Acquisition, Infrastructure, Civil and Electromechanical, IBS) by coordinating laterally across diverse technical teams and vertically across management hierarchy to seamlessly implement - project roll outs, and process enhancements.

    • Preparing project schedules and plans, issuing complete schedules of work to involved parties, assigning all required resources to the project and monitoring actual project progress against agreed schedules/ plans to ensure completion within specified time/ budget/quality.

    • Ensuring procedural adherence. Resolving any unexpected technical difficulties, identifying bottlenecks and providing effective solutions.

    • Maintaining a comprehensive list of all cognizable risks, acceptance test documents in line with project management guidelines.

    • Recruiting competent personnel, providing training for new recruits and appraising performance on a regular basis in order to maintain a motivated team.

    Executive Manager / Site Engineering & Projects 

    Aug 2009Jan 2014
    • Spearheaded telecom projects (Infrastructure, Civil and Electromechanical) communicating with engineering groups and senior management on daily departmental operations, coordinated between diverse technical teams and vertically across management hierarchy to seamlessly implement project roll-outs and process enhancements.

    • Determined work scope for each project, managed project team, contractors, tools and equipment to ensure all projects/contracts are delivered on time, within budget and in accordance with company’ requirements.

    Senior Engineer

    Nov 2004Aug 2009
    • Designed and implemented civil and E&M projects for various sites including switch and Data Center sites plans to ensure compliance with engineering best practices, structural integrity and safety norms.

    • Handled an array of tasks associated with technical site installation, configuring and expansion of O&M of E&M systems in main data centers, whilst ascertaining strict compliance with company’s quality standards.

    • Determined work scope for each project, managed project team, contractors, prepared standards /specifications of related E&M tools, equipment, test, work flow and work procedures to ensure all projects/contracts are delivered on time, within budget and in accordance with customers’ requirements.

    Engineering Development Engineer                   

    saudi electricity co.
    Nov 2000Nov 2004
    • Conducting feasibility study for expansion or construction of new power plants and facilities/auxiliary systems. preparing specification and scope of work, development, screening and detailed analysis of power plants requirements.
    • Tender preparation, evaluation, and negotiation with bidders till awarding the contract. Technical Support for Operation & maintenance teams in Power Plants.