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 All fields together, thirty eight  years of experience in the field and took in charge of over 130 projects. Service period as Director ended on August 2015. Looking for suitable and better assignment.

  • Mainstream includes construction of EHT transmission lines and substations.
  • Worked in various fields in my career that I can firmly support and govern power sector constructions and its maintenance.
  • Worked in APGENCO(Generation), APTRANSCO(Transmission), APDISCOM(Distribution) , HRD & IR(Human resource development &  Industrial Relations).
  •  Worked as Chief Engineer 400 KV in APTRANSCO before appointed as Director in HRD/IR  APSPDCL.

Work experience

Aug 2013Jul 2015

Director  /  HRD &  IR

  • Supervising of resource hiring at Assistant Engineers, Junior Accounts Officers, Junior Linemen , and Junior Officers .
  • Preparation of promotion panels for all cadres of employees and giving promotions from Junior Lineman to Chief Engineer.
  • Sanctioning yearly increments for all cadres of employees.
  • Insurance,Medical bills and all service related matters of employees.
  • Initiation of disciplinary actions and dealing with legal aspects of employees. 
  • Dealing with trade unions.
  • Transfers and postings of all cadres of employees.
  • Attending and solving other grievances of employees .
Nov 2007Mar 2013

Chief Engineer / Construction, Maintaince


Construction and Maintenance of 132 KV, 220KV and 400KV lines and substations.

  • Planning of construction activities for lines and substations and fixing ETA.
  • Conducting meetings on progress of projects.
  • Camping and Inspection of substations and transmission lines regularly.
  • Pursuing major contractors and solving the ongoing construction problems for quick completion of projects. 
  • Arranging various materials for construction like Transformers, Conductors, Tower parts, Insulators  etc. for projects.
  • Inspection of materials like circuit breakers, Underground Cables, Insulators, Current transformers, Power transformers etc.
  • Enhancement of Transformer capacities.
  • Arrangement of bills for contractors for the works done regularly. 
Jul 2005Nov 2007

Superintending Engineer / Projects


Construction of 132KV, 220KV and 400KV lines and substations

  • Procurement of lands through revenue departments/ purchasing lands for construction of substations.
  • Solving ROW(Right Of Way) problems during construction of transmission lines.
  • Conducting meetings on progress with Executive engineers, Assistant Divisional Engineers, and Assistant Engineers ,Setting targets and solving various construction problems.
  • Inspecting and arranging the sub-contractors for the unfinished, abandoned lines by political contractors(Tough terrains like fish ponds) and complete the construction.
  • Camping and inspection of substations and transmission lines.
Aug 2002Jul 2005

Executive Engineer / Projects


Construction of 132 KV and 220 KV  lines and substations.

  • Conducting meetings with Assistant Divisional Engineers, and Assistant Engineers and following up ongoing works.
  • Setting targets and solving various construction problems.
  • Solving ROW problems by contacting revenue department officials.
  • Conducting inspections for observing the quality, and pace of ongoing works.
  • Following up contractors, Pursuing speed of works by solving construction related problems.
  • Arranging materials like Transformers, Tower parts, cables etc.
Oct 2001Aug 2002

Divisional Engineer / Projects


Construction of  33/11 KV lines and substations

  • Preparation of 33KV substations and lines SCHEMES at company level.
  • Responsible for awarding of tenders and entering into agreements, execution of works.
Apr 2001Oct 2001

Assistant Divisinol Engineer / Substation Maintaince


Operation and Maintenance of  220/132 KV Substations

  • Maintenance of power transformers, breakers, Current transformers, Air compressors,panels etc.
  • Maintenance of yard including lighting and cleanliness.
May 1992Apr 2001

Assistant Divisinol Engineer / Construction, Planning, UCB


Construction of coal handling plant 

  • Inspection of plant everyday to pursue the construction as per approved drawings.
  • Quality control of welding rods and other materials.

Efficiency and Planning of  Thermal Plant 

  • Assisting Chief Engineer in maintenance of  thermal station.
  • Arranging meeting with Divisional Engineers, Chief Engineers for solving day to day problems in the plant.
  • Arranging inspections of chief Engineer to various divisions of plant.
  • Maintenance of Plant Load Factor to nearly 0.95 with less breakdowns
  • Preparation of operation and maintenance manuals for all equipments in the plant

Engineer in UCB

  • Maintenance of turbine to the designed parametric values.
  • Observing variations  and intimating to INC(Instrumentation and control systems) and MRT(Meters and Relays Testing) engineers.
Oct 1981May 1992

Assistant Engineer / Construction


Construction of 132KV lines and substations

  • Procurement of land for substations.
  • Execution of substation works as per approved drawings.
  • Perusing higher officials and contractors to complete construction work on time.

Dec 1978Oct 1981

Assistant Engineer / Stores


Transmission line and substation materials 

  • Maintenance of stores materials like Tower parts,Conductors,Transformers, Power transformers, Current transformers, InsulatorsCements, Mild steel rods and scrap materials as per ledger by grouping and stacking neatly.
  • Issuing of materials to the line, substation contractors, and engineers as per the instructions of higher officials.
  • Maintenance of stock of materials as per the ledger and attending annual stock verification inspections.
  • Maintenance of yard and its lightning neatly.
Sep 1977Dec 1978

Assistant Engineer  /  Distribution


Operations Engineer in  distribution section

  • Responsible for taking periodical meter readings from HT industries and issuing bills.
  • Calibration of HT meters and metering equipment as per the standards of Maharashtra State Electricity Board(MSEB).


Jun 1971May 1976

Bachelors of Engineering

Sri venkateswara University college of engineering

Elecrical and Eectronics Engineering


  • Total Quality Management(TQM) Training in IISC Bangalore campus.
  • Power Transformer Failures and Remedies conducted by M/S-EMCO TRANSFORMERS.
  • Information Act Training conducted at Kerala
  • Troubleshooting and Remedies In Breakers conducted by M/S-BHEL



  • Commendations issued for completing worst delayed projects. For completing  400 KV, 220KV lines.
  • Another commendation issued for pursuing HUD-HUD cyclone relief works in vizag.
    • Vizag city's power lines were devastated.
    • Deputed to cyclone affected areas, Planned and re-erected 1,00,000 poles and 50,000 transformers in less than a month.
    • Appreciated by CMD, Energy Secretary and Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Another commendation issued for organizing APERC meet in 2014.



Pursued a very important and abandoned 220KV transmission line by convincing the contractor, and arranging subcontractor which was almost impossible to complete. Appreciated by Board Of Directors and Chairman and managing Directors.

500KV unit generating station unit was made ready, but it was not connected to power grid. Erection of line must be done upto 20km and which was very heavy task. It was allotted to me by the Board Of Directors. Work completed before target date. Received appreciations from Board of Directors.