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  • Proven delivery manager with experience of solutioning and delivering 800+ projects
  • Assertive and persuasive leader with excellent interpersonal skills
  • Abstract thinker with experience in establishing processes, policies, and SOPs
  • Ability to operate and communicate effectively within a diverse organization
  • Well-versed in various instructional design treatments and pedagogical and andragogical principles
  • Well-versed in industry best practices for content (assessment and instruction) design, development, and deployment
  • Well-versed in project management practices best suited for content and media development
  • Experience in setting up a business unit from the ground up

Work History

ansrsource India Pvt. Ltd. 

Apr 2014Present

Manager—Digital Learning

  • Manage a team of 50-70 associates
  • Oversee asset development-, delivery-, and operation-related activities
  • Identify, highlight, and mitigate operational risks
  • Evaluate project, associate, and external contributor performance on quality, efficiency, and cost
  • Manage rate realization and business unit profitability
  • Manage and oversee compliance activities
  • Plan competency development and training activities
  • Liaison with clients including top three publishers, universities, and Fortune 500 companies
  • Experience with varied disciplines ranging from Economics to Forensic Accounting
  • Handle RFPs,  RFQs, project proposal, and price quotes
  • Assist business development activities
  • Implemented "Quality First" initiatives across multiple domains
  • Implemented a new QA metric for quality measurement and its tracking system
  • Implemented and documented many project management and tracking processes
  • Initiated quality certification program for the business unit

ansrsource India Pvt. Ltd. 

Dec 2012Apr 2014

Project Lead—Finance and Accounting

  • Oversee asset development- and delivery-related activities
  • Identify and highlight operational risks
  • Evaluate associate performance on quality and efficiency
  • Execute projects end-to-end
  • Plan competency development and training activities
  • Assist in compliance activities
  • Liaison with clients
  • Grew the team to 25 members
  • Opened a new business line—digital learning supplements


Jan 2012Dec 2012

Associate Lead—Finance and Accounting

  • Oversee asset development-related activities
  • Identify and highlight operational risks
  • Evaluate associate performance on quality and efficiency
  • Execute projects end-to-end
  • Plan competency development and training activities
  • Assist in compliance activities
  • Liaison with clients
  • Grew the team to 25 members
  • Started a new team with focus on finance and accounting supplements
  • Created an 18-member, strong team in less than a year 


Aug 2010Jan 2012

Quality Analyst—Finance and Accounting

  • Review overall quality of content reviewed and developed 
  • Vet and revise critical and high-profile finance and accounting supplements projects
  • Train team on client and best practices
  • Plan activities based on delivery timelines
  • Liaison with US relationship managers and clients


Apr 2010Aug 2010

Sr. Content Analyst—Finance and Accounting

  • Vet and revise critical and high-profile finance and accounting supplements projects
  • Liaison with US relationship managers and clients
  • Set new productivity and quality standards
  • Awarded employee of the year

ansrsource India Pvt

Aug 2009Apr 2010

Content Analyst—Finance and Accounting

  • Responsible for vetting finance and accounting supplements
  • Awarded employee of the quarter
  • Received best quality and productivity scores

Peacock Enterprises

Jul 2007Aug 2009

Client Service Executive

  • Manage client events 
  • Execute and deliver out-of-home advertising projects
  • Liaison with clients for requirements gathering
  • Develop pricing quotes and proposals
  • Issue instructions to operations team

Projects and Cases

Project: Multi-workstream Editorial and Media Staffing

Client: Capella University

Value: USD 1,300,000

Capella University was a long-term customer which engaged with ansrsource for its various editorial work products. As part of a regular road show to showcase our team's capabilities and understand the customer's business better, my team identified pieces of the process that Capella wanted to scale. As an alternative to recruiting additional on-site resources, my team proposed a pilot staff augmentation exercise to address any spike in the  staff needs. 

After the successful pilot completion, it was an easy decision for Capella to look for ways to increase the staff augmentation scope and introduce the team to a total of 8 different workstreams. 

Project: Decision Case Studies—Nursing Simulations

Client: Pearson Higher Education

Value:  USD 550,000

Pearson had contracted two parties for the project—individual subject-matter experts (SMEs) who provided content for the simulations and a technology company to develop a platform for the cases to be authored into simulations.

Give the SMEs background, there was a lack of connection between the authored content and technical capabilities of the platform.

Our team proposed a solution that involved:

  • Providing authoring templates to bridge between the SMEs and the platform team
  • Evaluating the suggestions from SME
  • Introducing branching to the simulations
  • Ensuring the platform’s capabilities are being utilized appropriately
  • Measuring learning efficacy of the simulations with focus groups

Our team liaised with each SME to understand their requirements and coordinate with the technical team to establish functionality requirements. In cases the functionality could not be developed in time, our team recommended alternatives that retained the essence of the original idea still allowed for an engaging and robust simulation.

Our team was able oversee the creation of simulations from start to finish, dramatically reducing the time needed to create each simulation, while ensuring that the simulations meet the learning goals. Our process eliminated the requirement for additional rounds of review, ensuring completeness of content and defining the complete scope of capabilities of the authoring platform.

Project: Social Media Marketing: Personality Simulation

Client: American Marketing Association (AMA)

Value:  USD 115,000

AMA contracted us to create an asynchronous Social Media Marketing certificate course to members certify its members. Our team proposed an adaptive course that begins with a marketing personality test to assess the members and adapt a portion of the content to their personality.

This engagement involved creating:

  • Marketing Personality test
  • Adaptive eLearning course
  • Social Media Marketing simulation

The course included elements for level 3 interactivity.

The marketing personality test identified the learners with two of 19 marketing personalities. These personalities were carefully creafted to cover a wide demographic of marketing professionals and the names carefully chosen to be relatable, like Balancer, Experimenter, Safety Officer, Intuiter, Maverick, etc.

Based on their marketing personality, each learner’s course experience is slightly different. For an effective and discernable adaptive experience, we created 2.4X content of experience time.

The simulation was added to augment the course and enable learners to apply their learning, make decisions, and evaluate their outcomes in a safe environment. The user takes the role of a marketing consultant who chooses to optimize for sales, engagement, or awareness and then chooses a social media campaign to support the chosen objective. The simulation can be replayed with the user choosing a different objective.



Jun 2011Present

Certified Management Accounting

62%; pursuing

Vijaya Degree College


Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce



  • Corporate finance and financial accounting
  • Startups
  • Travel and photography