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  • Presently - A private microblogging platform for the enterprise. 
  • CrowdSound - Widget based Social Feedback tool
  • MediaPlug - EC2 based media transcoding appliance server
  • Scalr - Self-healing, auto-scaling hosting environment built on Amazon's EC2.
  • SocialSpring - White-label social networking platform
  • Community - Social Networking for Racecar fans
  • - Social Networking for Latin America
  • - Social Networking Application


  • No. 09/388,792 - System and Method for an Online Network Buying Pool – Patent Pending
  • System and Method of Delivering Targeted Advertisements based on Geospatial Information – Patent Pending
  • Omega Rho Member
  • National Operations Research Honor Society
  • International Council on Systems Engineering member


Dave is a cofounder and Senior Partner at Intridea, a DC based software development firm, where he leads the company's product development efforts. 

Before Intridea, Dave spent years at both AOL and IMAKE and received a Masters in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia. In other entrepreneurial ventures, Dave built and operated CanYouConnect - a social-networking site that competed with MySpace and Facebook - and Connexon Media - a Ruby on Rails consultancy. Dave also founded the Washington DC Ruby User Group.

Intridea Products


  • Social Applications
  • Social Media
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Web 2.0 Applications
  • Web Services
  • Scaling


Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver
HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, Javascript, Ajax
Ruby on Rails

Work experience

Nov 2006Present

Co-founder and Senior Partner

Intridea, Inc.
  • Developing interactive web-based applications for enterprise and startup customer.
  • Lead Intridea's product development efforts including CrowdSound, SocialSpring, Scalr, MediaPlug, and Presently. 
Jul 2006Jul 2007

Lead Developer

Cisco Systems, Inc. (FiveAcross)

One of the core developers of Connect, a white-label social networking platform built with Ruby on Rails. Five Across Connect was purchased by Cisco Systems.

Dec 2003Nov 2006

Software Engineer


Developed enterprise tools and applications used across AOL's thousands of employees and business lines. 

Aug 2000Dec 2003

Software Engineer

  • Developed web-based applications to support delivery of video on demand, ITV, and other broadband products end-to-end through a suite of applications.
  • Developed applications to create, maintain, and dynamically deliver streaming video advertisements based on subscriber demographic and system usage information.
Sep 1999Jul 2000

Software Engineer

Optum Computing Solutions
  • Worked on team developing a web-based dynamic data reporting and graphing application for the Child Welfare League of America National Data Analysis System.




Omega Rho - National Operations Reserach Honor Society