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Naeem Firoz combines his love of all aspects of photography with a career in architecture. He completed a Bachelor of Architecture at the National College of Arts Lahore in Pakistan. A Merit Scholar, Naeem Firoz focuses his hobby in photography on architectural designs and landscaping. However, his artistic interests also include portrait photography. While attending college in Pakistan, Naeem Firoz honored his elders and contributed to their wellbeing, giving back to his community by volunteering to deliver meals to the elderly. Naeem Firoz also spent his spare time providing cultural slide shows at Green Homes, housing facilities for disabled senior citizens. After college, Naeem Firoz spent a number of years working as an architect in Pakistan. He provided architectural design expertise to BKM Associates in Lahore. In 1980, Naeem Firoz accepted a position with Pakistan Environmental Planning and Architectural Consultants (PEPAC). During his time with PEPAC, Mr. Firoz was involved with the design and construction of properties in Pakistan, including the Azad Kashmir House and Pakistan Frontier House in Islamabad and Ayub Medical College in Abbottabad. Eventually relocating to the United States, Naeem Firoz continued to pursue philanthropic works. He supports the March of Dimes Foundation and continues to provide historical and cultural presentations to nursing homes and senior groups. Naeem Firoz also provides transportation to international students new to the area, mentoring and assisting them as they become accustomed to the country. Additionally, Mr. Firoz developed and ran a furniture exchange group, providing free furniture to underprivileged families. Currently a resident of Springfield, Missouri, Naeem Firoz worked as a Manager for DDP Holdings, Inc., currently Apollo Retail Specialists, Inc., in Springdale, Arizona. In addition to maintaining an association with the Institute of Architects, Pakistan (IAP), Naeem Firoz holds membership with the American Planning Association (APA).

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DDP Holding Inc,,


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National College Arts