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Marketing and Business Development Professional

Visionary, entrepreneurial business strategist with 20+ years of verifiable success steering growth and expansion in the Telecom, IT and Marketing industry. Brings extensive understanding of critical success factors in strategic marketing, brand creation and management and customer service excellence. Creative, achievement driven marketing specialist with significant online marketing skills. Resourceful, problem solving expertise and business development vision.

Work experience

Jan 2012Apr 2013

EU Marketing & Business Development Manager

MISP Training & Consultancy

MISP Training and Consultancy is a global e-learning provider and we have helped companies increase the level of education and skills of their employee. We can offer a cost effective, flexible and tax deductible solution to grow the quality of your employees, through knowledge and interpersonal skills development.The curriculum is compatible with the project management industry standard set by the Project Management Institute (PMI®). MISP Training is a PMI Registered Education Provider (REP) for PMP® Professional Development Units (PDU) and UK accredited through the CPD Certification Service.

As a EU Marketing Manager I have managed to develop a European customer base of 3600 new students and develop MISP Training brand across EU. 

Feb 2011Apr 2012

EU Marketing Manager

Manhattan Marketing

By capitalizing on unique strengths, depth of industry knowledge and real world experience in delivering innovative solutions, Manhattan Marketing produces ideas with impact and delivers tangible results for clients.

With offices in New York, Vancouver, London and recently in Munich we deliver global marketing solutions to a divers array of marketing needs.

As the Marketing Manager for the European Union we developed and implemented a strategy to capture market share all across the EU countries. Working with talented young and enthusiastic people to find niche markets with higher ROI in order to decrease  capitalization needs and financial costs.


Channel Marketing Manager

Mi-Pay Ltd
  •  Developed and implemented a marketing plan for international top up services.
  •  Developed an internet based retail strategy for the organisation’s international pre-paid mobile phone top-up business line.
  •  Identified online marketing channels, adopted online marketing tools and designed marketing campaigns.
  •  Participated in the Business Leaders Event a strategy planning event at executive level being part of creating marketing and business solutions for the growth of the company.
  •  Developed business proposals, Business Cases and Requirements Documents that would allow for an enhanced online business performance .

Senior Business Analyst

International Business Associates
  •  Conducted business analysis for small and medium size companies within USA and Canada.
  •  Used my extended business experience to provide solutions to their business problems.

VP of Marketing and COO

Romtel Telecommunication Group Inc.
  • Developed company and services brands and designed branding campaigns to create market awareness.
  • Developed telemarketing programs and on-line campaigns, promotional advertising and sales presentations.
  • Designed marketing campaigns by identifying niche markets and measured results in order to obtain the best value for the dollars spent.
  • Designed customer relationship management systems customized for each particular service and increase customer retention by 20.8% and increase sales volume by over 18.5%.
  • Designed and implement a business process system using my software development and business analytical expertise to maintain an international client base, sales and accounting data from the company headquarters.

President and CEO

Aditech Solutions Inc.
  • Pioneered niche markets such as Business Coaching and developed software solutions which were useful tools for coaches and their clients.
  • Managed a software development team and participated in designing, implementation and marketing software products.
  • Developed Internet marketing tools and on-line selling venues using my web development and Internet Marketing knowledge which increased our sales channels and decreased cost for customer support.
  • Extended our market reach in providing customized solutions to private owned companies and small enterprises. Helped them to increase their communication and IT efficiency.



Self employment and Entrepreneurial Skills Development

BC Venture Centre


Patrick von Pander

Adrian is a focused and motivated entrepreneur. He eagerly and actively looks for solutions to challenges and for strategies to capture opportunities. He loves business!

Norman Frankel

Adrian Neagu was employed with Mi-Pay from April 2010  until end of January 2011, a period of ten months. His reason for departure was in no way due to performance issues or any concern on performance, it was entirely related to the closure of a business unit that Mi-Pay decided to exit in December 2010.

During his emplyment with Mi-Pay, Adrian was employed to develop an internet based retail strategy for the organisation’s international pre-paid mobile phone top-up business line. From this strategy document, Adrian was then asked to develop a Business Case, which with budgetary approval he was then asked to execute the project by putting in place tools that would raise the web site awareness and drive customer traffic to it and analyze customer usage behavior. This entire area is one which Adrian is able to contribute significant experience toward based on his prior projects in Canada and North America.

In addition to the above project in the latter stages, Adrian was asked to develop a business proposal, Business Case and Requirements Document that would allow for an enhanced registration performance to another set of web-sites in another business line that Mi-Pay has.

My experience with Adrian Neagu has been a positive one and I would highly recommend his skills in the field of e-Retailing to other businesses.

Yours faithfully

Norman Frankel

Founder and Chief Business Development Officer

Joe Willmott

Adrian is capable and reliable. He is also focused and meets deadlines. He is a pleasant individual and good to work with.”


Business Analytical Skills
My business experience helps me easily understand based on facts and numbers whether a business is heading on the right path on is still looking for the right one. I have been analyzing companies performances for over five years and I fine tuned my business sense. 
Telemarketing and Call Center Management
Brand Creation and Management
Channel Marketing Strategies
Marketing Focused Strategies can make the difference from average to success in marketing products and services. Trying to be everywhere in the same time can make your resources spread thin and then the companies are not able to capitalize when it matters and where it matters. That is why choosing the right channels to market can make the difference. Thorough a marketing planning exercise along with a period of testing and measuring results a company is able to focus all the resources where it can draw the best results. I don't have a "Silver Bullet" but I am a 'Straight Shooter" and I can make the difference.
Web Tools – Business Catalyst, Google Analytics
Online Advertising, PPC, Google Adwords
Using online advertising to generate leads and convert them into sales is an important tool of any online marketing professional. I would compare the skills and experience needed for being efficient in online advertising with the skills and experience of a stock broker. You have to have a "feel" of the entire market in a fast paced and continuous changing environment to increase profits and cut losses. You have to work in an organized manner and be continuously alert of facts and changes into the marketplace. You have to be on top of everything and never cut corners. These are some of the skills I bring along.
Online Marketing
Now days online marketing provides businesses with another option to market their product or services which can improve their marketing performance sometime faster and more cost effective then the traditional channels. Although there are many success stories in the online world, this marketing channel should be used with the utmost caution in order to be an effective tool along with your other marketing channels. Proper planning and implementation can generate the desired success and relying seldom on this channel can sometime lead to frustration and disappointment.
Marketing Planning and Results Measurement
Marketing Planning is the key ingredient on any business plan, on any organization well being and in any manager's blueprint. The challenge is to use the right mix of marketing tools and to continuously measure the results to make sure marketing is driving the company ahead. I have what it takes to make your organization better and create a clear path to increase sales and improve profitability.