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Hire Me because I'm..

An accomplished Events Producer & Communications Leader with regional & global experience in corporate & commercial events, producer of various award winning event platforms, and the management of various sponsorship / partnership opportunities. Highly result-oriented and a decisive leader  with proven successes in:

  • Management of large scale  events of 20,000+ people.
  • Establishing and managing  award winning events & corporate platforms such as the  du CEO Forum, du Tuesday, du Live!, du Tough Mudder and du Football Champions.
  • Increased generation of indirect sales revenue targets of  AED 800 M with expenses less than 0.2% per year.
  • Improved efficiency and quality of events while  reducing operational costs by 40%.
  • Increase in brand health index of organization  by creating events and experiences such as GITEX.
  • Approving and running an annual event calendar of over 200 projects managing a AED 200M budget.
  • Proposing innovative ideas and experiences to help deliver ROI both B2B and B2C. 

Core Competencies

  • A developing  Visionary and Creative thinker with a strive to create unique experiences.
  • An Inspirational leader and a core  team player with good people management skills.
  • A Strategic planner and yet tactical in many approaches.
  • An approachable individual with good listening skills who is  open to feedback / criticism.
  • Decisive and Ethical with my approach of work.
  • Enthusiastic and passionate ensuring people feel they are in good hands.

Hear it from the experts....

Hala Badri - Senior Advisor to CEO and Group Communications - ADNOC (ex EVP Brand & Comms - du)

"Nadike worked for me for more than 5 years heading enterprise and large scale events. He is a dedicated and hard working individual who works to deliver some of the top notch events. He is technically sound, a people's person and works very well under pressure. Nadike has also delivered large scale complex exhibitions such as GITEX, stealing the limelights from the best telcos in the region. He will be an asset to any Live Communications division within the region"

Luma Jasim Bourisly - Entrepreneur for (ex VP - Corporate Communications - du)

"I've known and worked with Nadike for many years during which he never ceased to impress with his dedication, creativity, attention to detail and taking the extra mile every single time. When working on a project, time seem irrelevant to Nadike as he is a type of person who would put the extra hours at all time to assure quality and timely delivery. In a nut shell, Nadike is a great asset to any organisation which sees his full potential."

Chas Sweeting - Creating voice first services (ex VP Channel Communications- du)

"Nadike’s that person you want by your side in a battle, in the trenches, in a natural disaster: he's so resourceful and relentless that you just know you'll pull through. He frequently went beyond all expectations on projects: sacrificing his evenings and weekends, working 24+ hours straight, living on site. And in all cases, he proactively insisted on being there, such is his commitment to delivery.

He's single-handedly managed multi million dollar projects and often run the entire events dept single-handed when his colleagues were absent for extended periods of time. I count myself fortunate to have had him in my team. A team player with high integrity, he’s super calm under pressure and a great human being. He is undoubtedly a super role model as a father."

Please see my LinkedIn profile for more recommendations

Management of Award winning Platforms / Partnerships

A Memory Bank of Experience

Events in Australia

Managing Operations and Project Management for some of the world's largest exhibitions and expos that had brought crowds of over 200,000 in attendance at:

  • Royal Exhibition building,
  • Melbourne Museum, and
  • IMAX Cinema
  • Parliament Square Garden

Making A Difference

Giving back is the greatest gift of all. Always looked out for opportunities to put a smile of everyone's face

Breadth of Experience

Dec 2011Present

Sr. Manager Live Communications, Commercial (Events & Sponsorship)

Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (du)

Reporting to the Head of Live Communications & CEO; responsible in the development of an approved rolling calendar of the right mix of events & exhibitions on a corporate and commercial scale.

Analyzing the selection of various sponsorship / partnership opportunities that coincides with the organizations objectives and strategies, we provide the best possible recommended outcome to create memories in or produce an event from scratch.

Highly involved in the planning, developing and coordination with various campaign managed activations across functional teams on developing ideas, execution of logistics, and integrating with our Marketing Department and Communications Division on commercial message positioning, 360 degree communications, lead-generation opportunities and on-ground activities that go hand in hand.                                    

Key achievements include:

  • Achieved AED 800 million indirect revenue with expenses less than 0.2%. Proposed a sales road show strategy approach to enhance relationship with existing Enterprise clients and approach new clients. This added value for money and created a positive face to face interaction with clients needs and fix issues when they arise.
  • Producing and Management of multi-award winning platforms such as du Tuesday, du Live!, du Tough Mudder and du CEO Forum.
  • Managed over 200 events  annually with a growth of  75% in owned events and 50% reduction in sponsored events. This approach supported ownership and leadership of events securing  credibility of the company bringing these events to our customers.
  • Increased brand perception and health over a number of events commercially ensuring that we worked on bench marking experiences.
  • Management of a AED 200M communication road map across various segments of Consumer, Enterprise, Government and Corporate led.
  • Management of 3 Commercial brands under the EITC umbrella (du, Datamena, and Alo)

Jul 2011Dec 2011

Events Showrunner


Organized two large weddings in Colombo, Sri Lanka of 150 to 650 guests in a span of one month.

Organizing charity events to raise money for Roundtable Dubai Charity Fund for various causes they participate in, implementing networking opportunities with large group of clients and management of marketing communication and website & social development raising awareness about organizations intentions. 

Sep 2010Jul 2011

Head - Marketing, Communications & Events

Al Baddad International

Key achievements include:

  • Successfully increased client retention and satisfaction rate to 53% by identifying KPI's and developing marketing collateral using various online mediums and direct marketing to increase awareness about product knowledge and services provided.
  • Reduced Marketing budget costs by 27% building sponsorship relations with clients to increase awareness about the organization to help generate PR using various powerful forms of media; such as the number one talk show in the Gulf ‘Sabah Al Kheir Ya Arab’ on MBC1.
  • Closed long term sponsorship deals with clients to ensure the stability of the company for the future such as the 10 year deal with Meydan to host their VIP tent for Dubai World Cup Horse racing.
  • Identified opportunities thereby increasing sales achievements by 22% closing half yearly sales to $150M by training sales and business development staff about how to market products and services to each industry.
  • Increased service of orders by 63 % by building a cross-functional integrated workflow system between various departments for effective and efficient results.
Jan 2010May 2010

Floor Manager - Events & Exhibitions

Museum Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

Key achievements include:

  • Successfully developed a Marketing Brand Guide for the Royal Exhibition Building to the Marketing Department where brand consistency is maintained throughout events and promotions to capitalize on marketing opportunities increasing brand awareness.
  • Identified safety issues and minimized risks thereby having an organizational flow of build-up and breakdown of events.
Jun 2005Dec 2009

Corporate Events & Sponsorships Officer

Victoria University - Corporate Events & Protocol

Key achievements include:

  • Successfully increased the number of visitors to VU Open Day by a 175%  through mail marketing and promotional activities of various sponsored events; such as the AFL Western Bulldogs Sponsored Game to a crowd of 77,000; and the initiation of community based programs allowing a win-win situation for both parties.
  • Increased sponsorship opportunities or strategic alliances with various corporate industry partners thereby building the reputation of the University of being able to allow graduates to be employed in their various fields of interest by 25%.
  • Employed as the Event Advisor for a committee under Marsha Thomson; Member of Parliament, Australia; for an event called Diwali in the West Festival thereby establishing the event strategically for 5 years by signing sponsorship contracts as the event attracted an audience of 22,000 people due to the high profile attractions such as Merv Hughes, Australia’s iconic cricketer.
  • Successfully increased community based sponsorship opportunities by 37% showcasing the history of Victoria University at the Footscray 150th year Celebration displaying how the University has given back to the community during its 94 years.