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I am a recent graduate with a master's degree in public health from Aarhus University. I have a solid methodological background and I am pursuing a consulting career. My broad knowledge of health

Academic achievements

Sep 2013Jan 2016

Master's degree in Public Health

University of Aarhus, Denmark

Relevant competences acquired in my master's degree studies 

  • Independently planning and carrying out studies as well as providing pertinent solutions models based on relevant scientific theories and methods for selected problem areas, chosen groups and various context.
  • Participating in the development, organisation and administration of policies relevant to public health and initiating and carrying out collaboration with relevant actors.

I have used the master's programme to shape my skills profile along the lines of the career I am  pursuing in humanitarian assistance and or international development. Following courses like "International Project Management", "International Political Economy" and "International Development Cooperation: Trends, Motives, and Consequences" has broadened and updated my view of the world order and raised my understanding of issues relevant to human and global development. Also, an internship with the Danish NGO Dan Church Aid in Malawi advanced my expertise in the area of development programming including project planning, implementation and evaluation within a resource-constrained environment.

My studies have equipped med with skills to carry out independent research projects as demonstrated by My master's thesis which is a mixed methods research project done in collaboration between Aarhus University and the  Polytechnic University of Malawi. I conducted a qualitative needs assessment and feasibility study centered around the concept of health literacy among HIV-positive youth in Malawi. The project was funded through a travel grant from DANIDA and I spearheaded the entire project with academic supervision. Some of the milestones included developing the research protocol,  applying for grants, applying for ethical approval and executing the field trip, analyzing data,  writing the thesis report and defending the thesis. My supervisors and I are currently preparing to publish the results of my thesis in two research articles and they can vouch for my skills and qualification relevant to conduct the desired research consultancy. 

Aug 2010Jun 2013

Bachelor's degree in Public Health 

University of Aarhus

 My bachelor's thesis was on health policy and looked specifically at whether New Public Management inspired policies in the Danish health sector were in harmony with an overall goal of reducing inequality in access to health services from a patient perspective. 

Skills Profile for the programme

  1. Collecting, analysing, and assessing information about: The population or sections of the population's physical, mental, and social health; Biological, behavioural, environmental, and social conditions' influence on sections of the population's health; societal conditions that hold significance for population health.
  2. Applying methods to analyse health-related data and interviews in Public Health
  3. Participating independently in interdisciplinary and cross-organisational co-operation on planning, implementation, evaluation, and reporting about public health projects and programmes.
  4. Communicating public health-related methods, problems, and results orally as well as in writing to different audiences.

Work History

Feb 2014Jun 2014

HIV and AIDS Programme Intern

Dan Church Aid, Malawi office

My job involved providing support to the HIV and AIDS Prevention and Impact Mitigation Programme by working in collaboration with and under the supervision of the Programme Officer. Tasks involved guiding and assisting partners in the planning, implementation, monitoring, reporting, and evaluation of projects. Regularly monitoring project implementation and writing reports. Identifying organisational development needs of existing partners in areas of Gender, HIV and AIDS and implementing relevant capacity building interventions.  Ensuring the quality & timeliness of progress narrative reports and action-plans from partners. Contributing to internal programme cohesion and integration of DCA Malawi. Assisting partners and programme staff in the production of Gender, HIV and AIDS case studies, success stories and other journalistic articles, to mention just a few. I developed a wide range of expertise in project planning and management.


I understand development oriented programming and I have been exposed to similar reports to the one I will be expected to produce by the end of the consultancy. 

Sep 2011Dec 2015

Country representative for the HEALTHday project 

International Medical Cooperation Committee (IMCC) 

 HEALTHday is a health awareness raising event planned by students at Aarhus University. The project is founded on interdisciplinary competence as it engages over 30 students from different faculties study programmes. I have taken part in planning the event since its inception in 2011. I was the national representative from primo 2013 to ultimo 2015. With a yearly budget of over 33.000 USD and drawing over 20.000 visitors yearly i Aarhus, the event is a force to be reckoned with at regional level. Visitors get confronted with health on an eye to eye level where health ceases to be a statistic or something you read about on the internet. Working on this project has developed my team working, communication, fundraising and budgeting skills and leadership skills. I have also had the opportunity to influence IMCC's interdisciplinary orientation by participating in strategic planning meetings at the national level and international meetings under the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA).

Project websites: ⏐


I have produced many PR materials doing this project which has enhanced a lot of skills relevant to the consultancy job including making charts and graphs in Excel, writing and formating reports, to mention just a few. 

Summary -int. project management 

I am passionate about applying my knowledge about public health and health promotion and my experience in international project management and coordination including design, implementation and monitoring, and evaluation. Working to improve conditions for disenfranchised and marginalized groups motivates me, and I have experience of working with refugees,  HIV/AIDS and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights. I have sound methodological skills in  qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis. My life, academic achievements, and voluntary work experience hitherto demonstrate my ability to work in multicultural and interdisciplinary environments as well as my ability to adapt to new tasks. Furthermore, I am flexible to working in teams and independently, disciplined at time management, and I can handle pressure and stress well