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When Nadav Goshen studied at Tel Aviv University for a Bacherlor’s degree in cinema and television, he knew he’d be involved in the world of entertainment. A short time later, however, he realized that instead of making movies and television shows, he’d be finding ways to entertain people on line and on their cell phones.

Nadav Goshen was first introduced to the world of technology start up companies when he worked at Mirabilis (ICQ). Though he didn’t hang around Mirabilis for long, a few years later, with experience at several Internet related companies, Goshen joined the marketing team at Empire Online. This London based company, which has since been acquired by PartyGaming, was a quite successful online gaming company that marketed gambling sites and conducted a successful IPO on the London Stock Exchange.

Subsequent to his position at Empire, Goshen was brought on by Pelephone, one of Israel’s major mobile carriers, to improve the company’s performance via the development of value added services. At the time, Pelephone was lagging behind its competitors, and was looking to Goshen’s newly formed team to breathe new life into the company. Management wasn’t disappointed. During the course of one year and a half, Goshen recruited skilled and highly motivated staffers to develop and market value added and content services for Pelephone. The results were better than anyone every expected – revenues from the new value added/content services grew more than $35 million in less than two years, moving Pelephone into the number one spot.

Goshen’s next major success was at Babylon, the language services international giant. When Goshen was recruited by the company’s new controlling group, it was in a bit of trouble. Once again, Goshen was able to turn the company around and within twenty four months, increasing revenues 500%.

Today, Goshen is CEO at SweetPacks. He also sits on the board of several other companies and invests in a few choice technology start ups. 

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