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Professional Organizations:

California Society of Industrial Medicine, American Medical Association


Providing expert medical opinion and testimony for the Los Angeles, California, court system, Dr. Nachman Brautbar heads Nachman Brautbar, MD, Inc., as Medical Director. Dr. Brautbar possesses several decades of medical experience, with a focus on matters related to the effects of environmental toxins. Dr. Nachman Brautbar remains board-certified in internal medicine, as well as nephrology and forensic medicine with specialization in medical toxicology. The author of multiple publications on the effects of medical toxicology, he also provides testimony for cases involving clinical pharmacology, environmental toxicology, and the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Dr. Brautbar frequently utilizes his expertise to present hard medical evidence to judges and juries. In addition, by providing clients with both analysis and critique of legal summaries, Dr. Nachman Brautbar can assist in the proving or disproving of medical opinions; decipher time lines of medical records, employment records, and accident reports; and present scientific literature. Dr. Brautbar also possesses experience in discovery causation analysis, and he provides needed strategy as well as office preparation to combat opposing experts' depositions. He has assisted numerous clients in legal cases that involve a workplace injury, as well as those involving product liability, personal injury, and medical standard of care.Maintaining an informative medical website devoted to the business of forensics, Dr. Nachman Brautbar frequently contributes new information to his blog. The website,, offers information related to emerging medical concerns in regard to the practice of internal medicine, environmental toxicology, and forensic toxicology. Additionally, information about Dr. Brautbar and his services remains available on the site. In private practice since 1980, Dr. Nachman Brautbar continues to practice medicine in addition to working as a consultant.

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