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Work experience

University of Alabama at Birmingham

If you teach or train different groups, you may want to divide your philosophy into specific sections (e.g. Graduate & Undergraduate teaching or Classroom & Laboratory teaching)

Current Teaching Responsibilities

List here the classes you teach.

Include a brief description of your duties

+ Teach Graduate-level professional skills courses

+ Design Online course components

+ Desing and Teach  a series of  Academic English courses for International scholars

+ Responsible for intake assessment of international graduate students' academic communication skills


If you're using the Portfolio as a job search tool, you may want to include a section for professional objectives. This is traditionally part of the CV, and you may not want to put a specific objective if you're applying for different types of positions--leave that to your cover letter.

Student Evaluations

Summary of student feedback in the form of charts, graphs, and including specific comments.

Course Planning Materials

  • Lesson Plans
  • Syllabi
  • Assignments Exams