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1.) Read the Qur’an.

2.) Get inspired by it and discover more.

3.) Find the connections in real life.

4.) Repeat Step 1.


Full Sail University -  Winter Park, Florida


B.S. Web Development & Design 

The Web Design & Development degree covers both front end and back end development. See Skills section for more detail.

Circle Of Independant Learning (Charter School)


High School Diploma

IQRA Hifdh School - Fremont, California


Hafidh of the Qur'an

Successfully memorized the Qur'an in it's entirety under Mufti Muddassir Oovais. 

Work experience

Islamic City of Fremont


Youth Coordinator / Khateeb [Volunteer]

Responsible for giving weekly Khutbah's. Responsible for speaking on behalf of the youth affairs. 

Jordan Richter Skateboarding Academy


Ruby On Rails Developer 

Built an entire booking and education platform for a Professional Skateboarder's institution. Manage platform updates and growth, along with overall brand marketing needs.

Muslim Student Association



President of the MSA at De Anza College ink Cupertino, California.

Almaghrib Bay Area Chapter


Graphic Designer [Volunteer]

Made High-End graphic designs for Almaghrib Institute's Bay Area Chapter (Qabeelat Haadi).



Possesses the ability and feels the need to understand different kinds of people and their backgrounds. Believes in the idea that agreement is not necessary, but understanding is obligatory.


6 years leading Taraweeh prayers in various masajid in the Bay Area, California.

Literacy Advocate

As made apparent by the Iqra.Life tagline, I am a huge advocate of literacy. I believe every single person in the world should be taught Mortimer J. Adler's book "How to read a book". Student of reading, regardless of what field.

Check out my IqraSync page to understand better.  


8+ years of experience with Adobe Suite, including video softwares such After Effects and Premiere.


Master User of Trello for peak organization and collaboration.

Qur'an Teacher

Have taught beginner kids in the local masjid, as well as Hifdh student kids. Most recently taught an Uzbeki/Russian non-english speaker to read the Qur'an from scratch. 

Front-End Web Design

  • HTML
  • CSS, Sass
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • AngularJS
  • Ionic

Back-End Development

  • Ruby
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Sinatra
  • ActiveRecord
  • Postgres
  • MySQL
  • Unix
  • GIT


Fluent in English and Urdu. Intermediate Arabic. Currently a heavily invested French Student.



This was a website I made in 2015. Currently it has 3331 Users. The purpose it serves is to help a user build a relationship with Allah by giving them duas that accommodate their emotions.



This website was originally created for my 4-month project called “Q54A17”. In 4 months I mastered enough Arabic to open up a whole new world of possibilities.Learning painfully that presenting “” was near impossible for others to remember, I bid farewell to my old domain and migrated to “Iqra.Life”.Iqra.Life is the story of how I found the universe in The Book.



Built an entire booking and education platform for a Professional Skateboarder's institution.

Jum'ah Back - Est. 2013

Jum'ah Back - Est. 2013

Initiated and organized a weekly youth program in a mosque where no activity was prevalent. Crafted a story and presented the idea to the board to get approval. Got approved and made the whole program be run by the youth to teach empathy and responsibility. Made use of whatever space we had available.