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Nabeel Idris

Assistant Manager Operations (Live)


To work in a challenging & competitive environment that promotes my professional growth & gives me an opportunity to optimally utilize my abilities in the organization.


  • Bachelors of engineering in Electronics with successful professional experience from January 2007 till date in wireless & satellite communication Industry.
  • Supervised & participated in various VSAT & Wireless Network Projects which includes  various technologies like MPEG:2, MPEG:4, Video surveillance, video streaming,  DSNG, DVB-S, DVB-RCS, DVB-S2, SCPC FDMA, TDMA DAMA, WiMAX, WLL, PTP  Radio links.
  • Hands on experience of various equipment of Wireless, Satellite Communication & Broadcasting Systems which includes P2P radio Wireless bridges, VSAT antennas, driveway DSNG antennas, Suitcase antennas,  IF/L band SCPC satellite modems, DVB-S & DVB-S2 modulators, Mobile satellite terminals, MPEG2 & MPEG4 Encoders, MPEG2 & MPEG4 Integrated receiver decoders (IRD), Digital satellite receivers, Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs), Low Noise Block down Convertors (LNBs), Block up Convertors (BUCs), Solid-state power amplifiers (SSPAs), Spectrum Analyzers, Radio frequency Transceivers (RFTs), Audio Mixers, Video Switchers & DVCams
  • Hands on experience of various vendors of RF and broadcast equipment which includes vendors like Data video, Behringer, Sony, Odessy, Ubnt, Aisai, Redline, Patriot, Prodelin, Advent (Vislink), Swe-Dish, iNetVU, Winegard, AWIW, Harmonics, Hughes, Tandberg(Ericcson), Tiernann, Comtech EFdata, Radyne, UpCom Technologies, Paradise Datacom, Mitech (Alga), Norsat, NJR, Terrasat, Agillis, Polarsat & iDirect.
  • Advance computer skills including  Microsoft Windows XP /Windows 2003 Server/Windows 7 environment, MS Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint & MS Visio), Internet browsing, e-mail support & tackle user level computer hardware & software problem
  • Good operational management & technical skills which includes organizational interpersonal communication, leadership qualities, team member, problem solving, decision making, creative, adaptive & motivated with excellent HR skills.

Trainings & Certifications

  • Attend one day training on Anti-Harassment at Work at NADRA RHO Islamabad. 
  • Attend three day workshop on Introduction to CDMA at PTCL Academy Islamabad
  • Attend two day workshop on Satellite communication at Military College of Signals (MCS) Rawalpindi.
  • Online certified GVF Course No, GVF510: Core Skills for VSAT Installers, offered by Intelsat

Work experience

Jan 2015Present

Assistant Manager Live Operations

National Communication Services (Pvt) Ltd
  • Design the DVB-S/S2 MPEG4 setup of Dunya TV international, Dunya TV Entertainment and DSNGS/Bureaus.

  • Responsible for all Satellite related issues which includes Spectrum management, frequency allocation and monitoring of C band and Ku band links for DSNG and Uplinks.

  • Planning for New Setups and communication with vendors for negotiation solution, SLA & pricing & technical evaluation of different technologies and products for DSNGs, NOC and Main Uplinks.

  • Perform responsibilities of developing documentation and procedures for newly deployed systems which includes BOQs, Technical Reports, Training materials, SOPs on communications products and technologies to entry level engineers
Mar 2013Jan 2015

Sr.Communication Engineer

National Communication Services (Pvt) Ltd

Major Responsibilities:

  • Supervise and participate in installation of SCPC links of DUNYA News international beam & Dunya Entertainment on Paksat 1R C Band.

  • Responsible for daily operational duties which includes maintaining, troubleshooting, configuration, installation and testing of various communication and broadcast equipment used in DSNG Vans and Uplink Earth Station Terminals.

  • Handle the tasks of providing high-level backup support to the operations and maintenance personnel as required.

  • Testing & troubleshooting of all live or recorded issues, making of point to point dedicated links on demand & providing live feeds through DSNGs and Fixed links.
Jan 2012Mar 2013

Assistant Director Networks

National Database & Registration Authority

Major Responsibilities:

  • Supervise and involved in installation of point to point and point to multipoint radio links which includes Power Bridge M5, AISAI IPLINK 58300 & Redline AN 30.
  • Responsible of all technical documentation including Monthly reports, Performance reports, SOPs, RFPs, Link analysis & maintenance activities of NADRA’s Network  including P2P Radio links,  GPRS/EDGE devices, WiMAX devices & VSAT HUB.
  • Communication with vendors for negotiation solution, SLA & pricing for different technologies including Radio link testing, GPRS/EDGE device testing, Mobile VSATs Terminals & Wi-MAX.
  • Involve in technical evaluation of different technologies & products.
Aug 2008Jun 2012

Communication Engineer

National Communication Services (Pvt) Ltd

Major Responsibilities:

  • Supervise and participate in installation of  satellite link of Islamabad Bureau which consists of 1.2m Ku band VSAT antenna, 25W Ku band Agillis BUC/SSPA, NJR Ku band LNB, Tandberg E5714 Voyager & Tandberg IRDs TT1260 & integrate with PCR for Live Transmission.
  • Responsible of smooth satellite operations of DUNYA TV Islamabad bureau looking after managing, planning, troubleshooting & implement operations of 24 hours of DSNGs & Fix satellite Link & also covered many important events including bomb blasts, VIP addresses & rallies via DSNG Van
  • Responsible for prep works for covering important events includes planning, organizing, leading & controlling of subordinate staff and responsible for preventive maintenance of DSNGs of North region which include Islamabad, Peshawar and D.I Khan Bureaus.
  • Perform equipment installation & maintenance activities to avoid disruptions in communications & ensure efficiency of operations, analyzes reports, records & recommendations to determine whether equipment should be repaired or replaced, additional equipment installed, or newly developed equipment acquired
Dec 2007Aug 2008

Communication Engineer

Pakistan Printing Equipment Co (Pvt) Ltd

Major Responsibilities:

  • Design the various media solutions which include Engineering drawings, BOQs, Proposals regarding Telecommunication and electronic media industry which includes technologies like FM Radio broadcasting, VSATs, DVB-S, DSNGs, and IP based surveillance cameras & video streaming.
  • Performed engineering studies to obtain data on new equipment & systems developments in communications field & adaptability of equipment to existing system.
  • Communication with vendors to arrange for bids for lease or purchase of equipment.
  • Design and implement live coverage video over IP and internet solution for ROHI TV using HNS BGAN 9201 using M-link live application for Elections 2008 Pakistan
Jun 2007Dec 2007

Network Enginner

Supernet (Pvt) Ltd

Major Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for operations & maintenance of SCO TDMA DAMA & SCO Multiple E1 backhaul VSAT for telephony service in Northern areas.

  • Involved in installation of C-band & Ku band SCPS and TDMA VSATs of sizes 1.2m, 1.8m, 3.8m & 4.5m


Mar 2001Aug 2006

Bachelors of Electronics Engineering

Dawood College of Engineering & Technology


References will be provided on request.