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I am looking for experience in the world of Public Relations. I am looking to work with a firm and maybe even start my own business, where I reprsent people in the occupation of the arts including dancing, acting, singing, and all types of entertainment. I truly have a passion for PR and one day I hope to expand my knowledge and experence far beyond what I could ever imagine.  


I am interested in opening my own PR firm for people in the arts. I hope to bulid the brand of these people and extend there fame. I hope to one day open a non- profit organization to help youth with there aspirations and goals in the future such as college and their other career goals.


Aug 2009Present


Claflin University

I am a mass Communications Major with a concentration in Public Relations, I also have a  theater minor. I am a member of the Mass Comm. Society and head of the PR Team. I am an active member on Pulse Dance Company where I take on the role as dance captain. 

Aug 2006Jun 2009

High school Diploma

Loris High School
Aug 2008Jun 2009

High school Diploma

Academy of arts science and tech.

I majored in dance where I became a member of the South Carolina Dance Assoc. (SCDA), I started my own step team and worked with the digital media department in creating graphic design.


Social Media/ Web design
I am a member of the Mass Comm. Society where I am head of the PR team. I handle all of the updates on our social media sites, including Facebook and twitter.
I have been working with Claflin University's Mass Comm. Society where I am head of the PR team. I make flyers and Posters for all upcoming events.
I am a trained dancer and I am apart of the South Carolina Dance Assoc. I am trained in every genre including modern. I am a member and Captain of Claflin Universitys dance company entitled Pulse Dance Company. we are a small comapny but we grow larger every year. Dancing is my passion and my first love.
I am able to speak well infront of a camera as well as a large crowd.  I was the host of a campus television show called WCUT-Live where I gained experience behind and infront of the camera.  

Work experience

Jun 2010Present

Front end Sales Manager

Ross Stores
May 2006Present

Sales Associate

Shoe Show