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Work experience

Aug 2011Present

Student Station Manager

WCUT-8 Campus TV station

 As the TV station manager I am responsible for TV shows airing on campus, editing student created TV programs and ensuring that the content is quality and could be utlized for any network. I am required to lead workshops to educate other students about different areas of the TV sudio.  

Sep 2008Jul 2009


Savant Real Estate
Sep 2008Feb 2009

Real Estate Intern


While Interning for Savant, I would prepare conference material, enter company data, assist in leading seminars for the company. Because I was a high school intern, I was not able to participate in decisions concerning the company, instead, I would survey current and prospect customer's for their opinion on the Real Estate service provided by Savant. This was great preparation for future careers and internships.  


Aug 2009Present

Bachelor of Arts

Claflin University


Audacity is an audio editing system that is used on many PC's by college students. It is a fairly moderate editing system that allows a person to edit sound recordings, convert the recording to different files, and upload them to different cites, usually utilized as podcasts. I have been using Avid since August 2010 and am quite talented and skillful with it. This program is very useful for voiceover's and other practical audio projects for businesses.
Avid is a prestigious editing system that is used to edit television shows, documentaries and movies at most universities. I am an intermediate beginner with this program, but am steadily and progreessively perfecting my skills with Avid.


I am seeking an internship where I may use my communications skills, creative production and editing talent and media marketing background experience to further the company’s growth.


Public speaking is my primary focus, with an emphasis in poetry. Spoken word is a more affectionate term, nevertheless, I am also talented in giving speeches. I have earned monetary awards as well as scholarships because of my dynamic speaking skills. This talent has carried me very far in the business arena, therefore I would like to specialize in the art and skill of public speaking.


Personal Statement 

Mass Communications is a diverse career, therefore, I plan to work in almost every arena that demands for specialists in communications. As I pursue my B.A degree of undergraduate studies in Mass Communications from Claflin University, I try to learn the logistics of both business and marketing fields. Business and Communications both complement my personality and I am interested in contributing my positive characteristics to my future career endeavors. This will also expanded my network with journalism.

I posses the skills that market businesses effectively via publication and word of mouth. I am open to learning new tasks and other innovative methods that will contribute increasing sales for a business. As a Mass Communications major, I am learning how to write for different markets and demographics, persuading them to continue to consume of a product or service. This learning style is best for me because I am able to broadcast between different outlets. I have learned how not to subject marketing, advertising and other tactics to only print, radio and television while writing for a particular subject.

Convergent journalism is on the rise and is continually advancing along with technology. In order for one to keep up with the swift transitions, they must learn how to operate what ever is being transitioned. Print is slowly but surely diminishing away and being transitioned into convergent print on the internet. Because of this noticeable transition, my writings are more descriptive, vibrant, and directly to the main point. Radio on the internet is also more popular than ever. Podcasts, which are blogs read aloud, are similar to the primary purpose of radio. I am an avid blogger and podcast recorder, allowing me to personalize a story at any given time. My favorite subjects to blog and record podcasts about are about politics, school affairs and other miscellaneous events.

I would like to record podcasts and write blogs for different businesses and organizations to add to their arsenal of mediums of reaching to prospect supporters and customers. Diversity in Mass Communications is the key to a successful mission. Whether one is specializing in public relations, creating the jingle, or taking a mere picture, they are all important and needed. Though I am not a photojournalists, I am able to capture the moment in a photo that will send messages to others that the subject is definite and defined. Digital and convergent media are both essential toa business.

My primary focus is to perfect my craft and future profession as a convergent journalist. I am willing to use my talents and efforts in the industry to climb the ladder of success. In terms of my degree, I am willing to manipulate it to benefit me, cooperate and non-profit companies, and society. While I am adjusting to the competitive industry of journalism, I am sure that I will be prepared and confident to assist in empowering any company that is in need of an affective, young journalists.