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I have devolped a particular set of skills in my lifetime (especially during my time at IUP) that have prepared me for work as Registered Dietitian. The following are the two skills that best meet the Student Learning Outcomes for DPD students.  Included in the portfolio section of this page is proof I have developed these skills.

Communication Skills

The majority of my work experience was from jobs that require excellent customer service and communication skills.  My first work experience that required me to learn effective communication came along with my first job as a cashier as a supermarket when I was 16. Ever since then I have been improving my skills.  Now, as a dietary aide I am able to use the communication skills I have built and am able to share the knowledge I have gained as a Dietetics Major to edcate the various patients I work with. These are both Student Learning Outcomes for DPD students.  A 6 month review of my performance at UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside hospital  reflects the work I put in to ensure superior customer service.

Nutrition Education

Through my work as a volunteer for IUP's Sports Nutrition Service,  I have learned how to effectively use paper based media to spread nutrition knowledge.  Each newsletter I write is carefully prepared and checked and doubled checked to make sure the information is valid.  My newsletters must meet the standards of the acting Sports Nutritionist before it is mass printed.  Creating these newsletters meet the DPD Student Learning Outcome of "Translate the role of nutrients and food to provide for health and well being" Enclosed in the portfolio section is the final copy of one of my newsletters that was evalauated by IUP's sport nutritionist and deemed good enough for print.

Use of Appropriate Technologies

I am proficient in the use of the Diet Analysis 9.0 program.  I use this program for my clients during counseling sessions to analyze their diets and help them understand areas of improvement.  I am also skilled in using Microsoft Office. I use Microsoft Publisher regularly for the aforementioned Newsletters and Microsoft word for my Counseling Nutrition Notes.  My weekly Nutrition Notes reflect proper use of these programs and the feedback from my Professor reflects that. Attached to the portfolio section is a copy of one of nutrition notes.  Client names have been removed for privacy reasons.

Critical Thinking Skills

The coursework I complete as a Dietetics student requires me to think critically.  Each class in IUP's DPD program has exposed me to different critical thinking  scenarios ranging from Public Health problems to Clinical  cases. Included in my portfolio is a Case Study Powerpoint Presentation I worked on and presented in my Medical Nutrition Therapy class.  This project required me and my group members to utilize our critical thinking skills by determining the best coarse of action for a patient in a given scenario.    While I value the Food and Nutrition departments influence on my critical thinking skills, the work I have completed as a Chemistry minor has increased my skills further and has separated me from my peers in the Food and Nutrition department by helping me understand Nutrition concepts on a molecular level.


      Michael Dorben is a Senior Dietetics Major and Chemistry Minor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he has worked hard to maintain a 3.3 GPA with a heavy courseload.  He has recieved the IUP Board of Governers Scholarship 3 consecutive years since transferring in 2008.  Michael is currently employed as a Dietary Aide in a major Hospital system.  This experience has provided him with patient contact and a look into how a large scale food service sytem works.  Praised by his superiors  for his excellent customer service and utilization of nutrition knowledge on the job, Michael has proved to be an asset in the food and nutrition department at the hospital.  Michael has a variety of work experience ranging from being an Assitant Manager for a Supplement chain to doing dockwork at a logistics plant.  All of these experiences have shaped his work philosophy and atittudes.

        Michael is planning on gaining entrance into an accredited Dietetic Internship with a Clinical Concentration after he graduates from IUP in August 2011.  He hopes to one day hold a Clinical Management position in a hopsital.

Career Goals

2 Years- Work in a hospital setting as an entry level Clinical Dietitian

5 Years- Reach a position with opportunities for leadership and management

Purpose and Work Philosophy

The purpose of this portfolio is to demonstrate skills and experiences I have acquired related to the field of Dietetics and to give employers a look at my character.  My work philosophy is based around using my skills and knowledge to make meaningful contibutions to the organization and to help my co-workers work better. Keeping a postive mental attitude is the cornerstone to my success at work and is an important trait have in stressful situations.  I also strive to provide excellent customer service in every position I hold.  Companies rely on customers so being helpful and going the extra mile to provide a great experience for the customer is of utmost importance to me. In addition to the previous skills, I emphasize hard work at the job site. As someone who has worked 70+ hour work weeks doing labor, there is no excuse for not being able to put in an honest days work.

Volunteer Experience and Awards

IUP Sports Nutrition Service: February 2010-Present:  Write monthly newletter to increase athlete knowledge about proper and effective sports nutrition stratigies.


IUP Board of Governors Scholarship: 2008,2009,2010