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Amber Crooks recently graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition following a Dietetics Track.  Although she has changed majors from nursing, she still has maintained a 3.0 cumulative GPA and a department GPA of 3.6. After changing majors, she has made the Dean's List every semester she has been a dietetic student. She is currently attending graduate school at California University of Pennsylvania for her Masters of Science in Exercise Science and Health Promotion with a focus in Wellness and fitness and currently maintains a 3.5 while working full time.

Amber is a member of the American Dietetic Association. She has had many food service opportunities over the past few years including being a caterer, getting an internship with Aramark as well as volunteering to help at her church's spaghetti dinners and fish dinners, which all stemmed when she first volunteered to be a dietary aide at UPMC Passavant in 2004. She believes that all of the time she has spend working in the food service industry has helped her prepare for a successful future as a dietitian. Amber is currently working in school for Procter and Gamble for a marketing internship. She also works when she goes home, for Hampton Township's Latchkey program that watches children before and after school. Amber has been employed for Hampton Township for four years and has held many positions in child-care. She is respected and admired by her co-workers and she is often held responsible for training the new employees. She has learned a lot about patience and working with other people in her time at Hampton and she looks forward to more new experiences after she receives her undergraduate degree.

 Amber is looking forward to finishing her graduate degree in July 2012 and is hoping to complete a dietetic internship within the next two years after gaining more work experiences. She plans on perusing her passion for dietetics and pediatrics by working in community nutrition or food service in a local school.

Memberships, Awards, Recognitions

Sigma Alpha Lambda                              September 2010-present

Theta Phi Alpha Fraternity                      January 2009-present

Alpha Tau Delta                                        September 2007-May 2009

Tri-M Honor Society

 Dean's List, Fall 2009, Spring 2010

I worked at the The Children's House for UPMC Passavant and an article was written about me.

Related Experience


Professional Goals

Two Year:

Get a Master Degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion by July 2012.

Obtain a dietetic internship, preferably with a focus in community nutrition or food service. 

Pass the RD Exam within six months of sucessfully completing a dietetic internship.

Acquire my first professional position in the Pittsburgh area in community nutrition.

Five Year:

Apply and accept a position in food service for a school district in the Pittsburgh area.

Implement a childhood obesity awareness and prevention program in the school district I will work.

Encourage all aspects of the children schooling, in the classroom, gym class, and at home, to participate and promote education of children nutrition.

Skill Areas

Overview of Effective Communication Skills:

        Interview Assignment


                  Meet a dietetics professional that I have never met before.

                  Learn more about careers in dietetics.

                  Develop and use professional verbal and writing skills


                  Contact a new dietetic professional in my area of interest to make an appointment for an interview.

                  Ask required questions to the dietetic professional as well as questions of my own.

I included this under communication because I successfully requested an interview, executed the interview and with a dietetic professional and I communicated effectively with her.

Evaluation is included.

        English 202 paper: Elderly Abuse and Neglect: A Look from Inside the Hospital


                  Choose controversial topic of interest and use the world-wide web to research it.

                  Interview professionals in the area of interest.

                  Use another method of research to find more information on topic of interest.


                  Research topic in library and with world-wide web to find at least six reliable resources.

                  Interview at least two professionals.

                  Conduct another form of research, a survey.

I included this under communication because I effectively communicated two nurses as well as obtained results from a survey I handed out at a local hospital. It is important to be able to communicate your thoughts through your writing. Also, Dr. Park asked to include my paper in her book she is writing on all of her work with under-graduate students.

        Aramark Internship Journal


                Learn procedures for iventory control, food production and purchasing for schools and health care.

                Reinforce didactic concepts with hands-on experiences.


                Participate in rotations of food stations at HUB.

                Complete group activities and head one of the group activities.

I included this because I had to communicate effectively with a lot of people from my four group members, to employees and managers at the HUB, Aramark's dietitian on staff and of course, my professor.  I kept a journal of all my experiences for the whole internship which is a good indicator of how much communication, written and verbal I needed successfully do. Evaluation included.

Overview of translating the role of nutrients and food to provide for health and well being:

      Disease Case Study


                  Evaluate a case study on a patient.

                  Use the basic tools for diet modificiation, food exchange systems,and nutrition assessment.

                  Learn more about dietary treatment of caloric imbalances.


                  Group and individual work was required.

                  Complete a ADIME/SOAP format.

                  Prescribe a Nutrition Diagnosis.

                  Present my case study to the class.

I chose to include my Disease Case Study for translating roles of nutrients and food to provide for health and well being because in my case study, I had to evaluate the types of food my patient was eating as well as look over her lab values and prescribe a more appropriate diet for her health to improve.

Evaluation is included.

      Experimental Foods Paper


                  Understand the relevance of food and disease.

                  Relating chemical and physical properties to reactions and processes occurring in food systems.


                  Research a disease of interest.

                  Find a recipe that has a ingredient that relates to the disease that can be modified.

                  Conduct multiple experiments with the ingredient substitutes.

                  Host a taste-test panel for each variation of the recipe.

I chose this paper, "Substitution of Fats in Chocolate Chip Cookies to Aide in the Childhood Obesity Epidemic" because I spend an entire semester writing and performing research and experiments for this paper. It really helped me grasp the role of nutrients into everyday health and well-being with my father's chocolate chip cookies recipe.

Overview of effective nutrition education for individuals and groups from diverse populations:

        Pre-School Lesson Plan


                  Choose a food based children's book to read to a group of pre-school children.

                  Create lesson plan for pre-school age children.


                  Incorparate at least two nutrition based goals to teach the children.

                  Create two activities for the children to participate in.

I included this teaching experience because I had to create a specified lesson plan for pre-school age children. Dr. Taylor-Davis said I did an excellent job.

        High School Lesson Plan


                  Reach a different level of education than previously reached (college and pre-school)

                  Create lesson plan and activities for the appropriate age group.


                  Find a independent teaching experience.

                  Create appropriate  lesson plan and incorporate activities for age group.

I included this teaching experience because I am most comfortable teaching younger children so getting to teach a high school class was a new experience for me. I did a lesson on moderation and food portions, but what was really unique about this experience was that I got to teach the same class back-to-back

Work Philosophy

The thing I value most in the philosophy of work is being dependable. Although at this point of graduating from college, grades could be the most important value, I believe that if a worker is not dependable, then they should not be hired in the first place. Employees need employees that will not call off just because they have a cough and who care about their job. Passion is a requirement for a job. If the employee does not enjoy what they do, they will not stay long at the job or they will be miserable and make co-workers miserable as well. Commitment to a employer is also an important value to hold. People are often afraid of commitment, but commitment needs to be embraced in the work place because if one is not committed to their work  they will not be the best employee that they can be.  Many values make for a excellent worker, but these are the most important when it comes to being the best employee one can be.

Volunteer and Leadership Activities

Sigma Alpha Lambda (National Honors Fraternity)                September 2010-present

-Participated in a bake sale to raise money for Sarcoidosis October 2010 and sponsored a blood drive November 2010.

Theta Phi Alpha (Social Sorority)                                                January 2009-present

-Standards Board                              August 2009-present

            -chosen member to participate in judicial issues

-Pledge Sister Educator                  January 2010-present

              -educate and guide new members

-Executive Board                                January 2010-present

              -discusses and makes decisions for the good of the whole sorority

-Chapter Advisory Board                  January 2010-present

                -makes judicial, financial and other decisions for the good of the whole sorority

-Activities Chair                                    August 2010-present

                -organize and execute homecoming parade festivities

Fund-raising: I organized and carried out a fundraiser, to raffle off Penguin Tickets. We raised $1500

Volunteer work:

                            -Dog walking at Indiana Animal Shelter

                            -Into the Streets, cleaning up Indiana

                            -Donations and participation for the MS Society, yearly at the MS walk in Indiana,and   

                            this year we made our own event, the Penguin Plunge, to support the MS Society

Awarded "Most Involved Sister" in  Spring 2010

Alpha Tau Delta (Nursing Fraternity)                                            September 2007-May 2009

-Made fleece blankets for local women's shelter, December 2007

-Donated items and put together boxes for Soliders to send over seas, November 2008

Animal Friends Animal Shelter                                                    May 2009-present

-Green level dog walker/trainer

-Foster parent-give dogs a break from the kennel, potty train them, etc.

Science Olympiad                                                                            May 2007-present

-supervise and guide science-related activities for 4th and 5th graders including Science Hangman, Rubber-band Catapult, Coffee-can Racers, Science Bowl, etc.


scrap-booking, photography, cooking, my dog,

reading, volunteering, playing board games,

and spending time with my family and friends.


The purpose of this portfolio is to showcase my academic achievements as well as my strong involvement in extracurricular activities which have shaped me into a well-rounded, passionate, reliable student and worker.

My Resume


Work experience

Dec 2006Present

Camp Counsler/Latchkey Staff

Hampton Township
  • ·Supervising up to 90 children in sports and crafts
  • ·Organizing activities for up to 90 children, ages 6-12 years old
  • ·Processing payments, timesheets and schedules
May 2006Present


Lefevre Catering
  • ·Food preparation before events
  • ·Setting up and cleaning up kitchen
Aug 2011Present

Lab Technician

Giant Eagle

Recipe Development

-Organizing and developing recipes

-Constructing nutrition fact panels for tested products

Sensory Lab

-Nutrition comparisons and experience with NuVal

-Preparing and running all in-store tests

-Writing biweekly reports on sensory tests

Aug 2010Dec 2010

ReadyU Ambassador

Procter and Gamble
  • ·Marketing campaign strategies
  • ·Organizing promotional events
Jan 2010May 2010


  • ·Rotated through food stations
  • ·Organized a food demo and Go-Green survey
  • ·Prepared and served a theme meal for 50 people