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I'm an Information Management Professional specializing in Healthcare Informations Services and Record Management with proven and progressive record in leading the reengineering and designing of business processes and physical design of Healthcare Record Centers. I designed and developed one of the first International Document Imaging Systems for Healthcare and led the design and management of Hard Copy Record Centers to support the transition to Document Imaging and EMR / EHR. I'm a team player an excellent listener accompanied by strong organizational and interpersonal skills.


Technical Knowledge of Document Imaging and EMR / EHR
Quality Control
Project Management
Process Design and Implementation
Startup Operations
Complex Problem Solving Solutions Expert


Work experience


Manager of Healthcare Infrastructure

Iron Mountain Information Management, Inc (Acquired RMS Services in 2007)

Subject Matter Expert with oversight of the Design and Management of Healthcare Record Center Construction projects including Offices, Racking, IT Consulting, Telephone / Data Communications and Security, and managing the Area Facility Manager and Project Manager. Approved, managed and maintained project budgets.• Led transfer of RMS Imaging Services, Record Center standards, RMS Record Center facility data, drawings and Certificate of Occupancy. Enabled the merging of both companies data. • Collaborated as Subject Matter Expert in merging the two companies imaging services, building and cost standards into one comprehensive standard policy. Created flexibility in client services provided.• Led the completion of 4 Record Center expansions and 2 new Record Centers. All of which had budget and timing issues due to merger. Came in on time and within budget for each project.


Vice President of Healthcare Construction and Technical Support

RMS Sevrices USA, Inc

Designed and Managed Construction of Healthcare Systems Record Centers nationwide in support of transition to Document Imaging and EMR / EHR. Planned, strategized and budgeted the warehouse, office space, racking, IT, Telephone/Data Communications and Security. Contracted and managed the Fire Consultants, Architects, General Contractors, Subcontractors. Led final inspection with the Building Inspectors and Fire Marshals and officially turned facility over to Operations for the next phase of project. • Developed standards for Record Center outfitting. Shortened the time line a few weeks and provided contractors the information needed to properly bid on the project.• Designed and created tools for sizing building, racking and office space along with a cost estimator. Provided immediate results for data needed to build business case setup section.• Evaluated business cases produced by sales consultants. Provided potential Healthcare Systems Client with an average annual cost savings of $1M and a 25% increase in retrieval rates. • Led selection of warehouse buildings for Record Centers. Buildings approved saved $200K+ in budgeted cost and reduced timeline to plan, design and construction by 2 months.• Designed and Managed Construction of 23 Healthcare Record Centers. Provided ability to transition to Digital smoothly, and with the savings they were able to fund imaging and EMR / EHR projects.• Designed Transition Center Operation for remote image processing that resulted in the success of the “Proof of Concept” for remote image processing for multiple Healthcare systems. • Designed and managed development of box inventory tracking system. Reduced the retrieval time by 50% and enabled importing of clients third party box inventory data.


Vice President of Healthcare Software Development and Support

RMS Services USA, Inc

Created Department from the ground up from finding office space in Phoenix necessary to house the Software Development and Support Operations to hiring all staff, Managed team of highly talented people who programmed, documented, maintained, implemented, and supported state of the art first generation Healthcare Records Management tools using leading edge hardware and software development tools • Designed and managed the development for one of the first Document Imaging, Tracking and Release of Information for Healthcare. Increased productivity 50% and provided better patient care. • Implemented 10 RIMS systems on the east coast, Canada and Australia. Determined that Healthcare was not ready and needed major system cleanups both hard copy and electronic. • Conceptualized the Record Center concept for gaining control of Hard Copy, cleanup data and controlling cost for a successful transition to Document and Radiology Imaging and EMR / EHR.


Assistant Vice President EDP

Sun State Savings

Created, managed and staffed the first IT Department for the rapidly expanding S&L. Brought company into the electronic PC world training over 200 people on the general functions of a PC along with the application and tools they would be using • Led and analyzed work flow study to understand all aspects of the Savings and Loans business. Enabled the process of automating all aspects of the business.• Designed, established and implemented system wide computer and software standards. Created platform for training and control of the new computer resources. • Installed PC Wide Area Network distributing the company computer processing over 5 UNIX Servers housing all company software, data and connections to all outside services. Provided tools at the desk which eliminated the back office functions and increased employee productivity. • Redesigned each workstation area to accommodate the PC. Removed all old equipment from the desk and added slots for forms. Increased productivity and efficiency of each employee. • Reengineered the workflow of each department as they were connected to the network. Controlled the growth of human resources needed to support each department.• Implemented IBM 9370 Mainframe for Data Warehousing. Enabled all departments the ability to generate their own reports any way they wanted in house using first generation Report Writers.• Collaborated in the design of the new Headquarters building. Designed and installed a state of the art PC network and new Computer Room. Moved 200+ people over a two day weekend and with 100% system up time.


President / Owner

Computer Systems Consulting, Inc

While going through college created company to help small and medium sized businesses computerize. Students recruited from campus to support projects. Developed applications, installed PC’s, implemented canned software and trained staffs.