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Communictaions Related Skills
  Essential talents:   • Possesses the ability to shoot ENG, and in studio.  • Can research, write, report and produce hard news and sports stories. • Can edit using final cut, avid, pro tools, and adobe audition. • Impressive interpersonal skill • Ability to work at a fast pace • Detail oriented • Solid teamwork skills


Jan 2007Present


Morgan State University



   Five years from now, I plan to be working as a Television anchor for a top 50 news station in the United States, while continuing to pursue a higher position in the field of broadcast journalism. To make this vision a reality, there are several benchmarks I plan to achieve on my way to my goal. Over the next year, I plan to graduate from Morgan State University and earn a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast journalism. After sending my resume and audition tape out to many small market television stations across the country, I plan to work my way up as a reporter in a job market that will allow me to gain valuable field experience. I will continuously update my audition tape and pursue more opportunities in the field that will help me to gain notoriety and better opportunities. In five years’ time, I should be well on my way to becoming one the best up and coming news reporters and anchors in the country.   


At this point in my broadcast journalism career, I believe I have the know how to be an excellent reporter and anchor. My verbal delivery has improved vastly the more and more practice and experience I have done. The essential skills and procedures are critical things you must know to be successful and I believe I studied and can apply these skills very well. My reporting has improved the more interviews I have done and as I have become more comfortable in front of the camera asking questions. My anchoring has improved vastly the more comfortable I have become reading from a teleprompter. My writing skills are my strength and I have mastered the art of being able to take a story written for print and flip into a broadcast story very quickly. I also am able to edit my own news pieces at a very high level. I can select the correct sound bites and write the write leads that captures the attention of the viewer. These skills are all essential to making me the next best television anchor.