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Aug 2008May 2012

Bachelor's Degree

Oklahoma State University

At Oklahoma State, I was a contracted cadet in the AFROTC program. I graduated with a cumulative GPA of 3.697. I was in the college of Journalism and Broadcasting, with a major in Public Relations and a minor in Aerospace Studies.  

Aug 2004May 2008

High School Diploma

Edmond North High School

I went to Edmond North High School and graduated May of 2008. I was active with the swim team all four years, and my senior year I was a captain. I was in band for the first two years. I was in National Honor Society and Spanish club. I was also a freshmen mentor and led the freshmen community service project of writing letters soldiers overseas. There is currently a flag displayed in the school from the U.S. Air Force that was flown from a fighter jet over Afghanistan. It was given as a "thank you" for the letters.


2008 - Present

  • Aircraft Maintenance Officer
  • Det 670 Air Force ROTC Alumni
  • Arnold Air Society
  • Spanish Club
  • Honors College Program
  • Animal Rescue Volunteer
  • Reslife Ambassador
  • Pickens Plan Volunteer
  • Server at Chilis


I graduated from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK, in May 2012, with a major in Public Relations and a minor in Aerospace Studies. I am currently an Aircraft Maintenance Officer at Minot AFB, North Dakota. 

My Writing Compositions



  • AFROTC Commanders Scholarship                                                                                                                   Eligible applicants are nominated for in college scholarship programs (ICSP) Phase Two by the commander of the detachment serving the school where they attend or the school where they will attend once they join Air Force ROTC. A limited number of cadets selected through ICSP Phase Two are awarded a Type 2 scholarship (capped at $18,000 per year for tuition, $900 per year for books).


  • 5 MXS CGO of the Quarter, 3rd Quarter, 2013 
  • Sojourners Award, AFROTC, 2009 The National Sojourners' ROTC Awards program supports the Purposes of National Sojourners "for developing true Patriotism and Americanism throughout the Nation" and"furthering the military needs of the National Defense."

Work experience

Aircraft Maintenance Officer


  • AGE/Accessories Flight Commander (June 2012 - October 2013)
  • 5th Maintenance Group Executive Officer (October 2013 - Present)
Apr 2011Oct 2011



I  was a part-time employee at Chilis in Stillwater. I was a waitress and I decided to quit to concentrate on planning my wedding in March 2012.

Aug 2009Mar 2011


Residential Life

My primary responsibility was to represent the residential life department at Oklahoma State University through leadership and by my own example. I helped coordinate campus events and serve as a tour guide of the campus housing. I met with prospective students and their families every week and take them on a tour of the campus and the housing the university provides for freshman. I answered their questions and promote the university and its benefits to the potential freshman/students. Ambassadors are selected on the grounds of: professionalism, problem-solving skills, public speaking skills, academic success, and interpersonal skills.

Mar 2006Aug 2010

Lifeguard/Swim Instructor

Edmond YMCA

As a lifeguard at the YMCA, my primary responsibility was to ensure the safety of the patrons at all times. CPR, First Aid, AED, and Lifeguard certifications were requirements for the job. As a swim instructor, the primary objective was to teach the kids and or adults how to swim using all available knowledge and resources.The Water Safety Instructor (WSI) certification was necessary for this job.

May 2006Aug 2008

Lifeguard/Swim Instructor

Pelican Bay Aquatic Center

As a lifeguard, the primary objective was to watch the water at all times and to prevent an accident before it occurred by all means available. Other responsibilities included: cleaning the facility to ensure health safety, setting up the cabanas for private parties, and communicating with patrons when there was a problem with the pool. As a swim instructor, the primary objective was to teach kids not only how to swim, but about water safety. The same certifications were required for these jobs as the YMCA. This was only a summer job, so I only worked the summers of 2006, 2007, and 2008.

Oct 2007Aug 2008


Starbucks Coffee

The primary objective was to serve the best handcrafted beverage as possible. Other duties were to greet customers, answer phones, help with truck deliveries, clean the restroom facilities, and manage customer relations/situations.


I am currently enrolled in two photography classes.  I hope to be able to have a successful hobby on the side. 
Public Speaking
My job in the USAF requires me to speak in public environments daily. I am still developing this skill, but I am improving with more experience as time goes by.
My major, Public Relations, required me to write constantly. I enjoy writing, and my dream is to be a successful author someday after my time serving in the USAF.