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Lionel Fuhrman is a veteran of the New York garment industry, his career spanning over three decades, including experience in Italy for the prestigious Artemis women’s clothing label. After graduating from the Philadelphia Textile Institute (now the prestigious University of Philadelphia), Lionel Fuhrman was recruited by the well-established Pearl Embroidery company of Philadelphia. During his time with Pearl Embroidery, Lionel Fuhrman gained valuable experience working with clients on the selection of colors, print designs, and finishes best suited for the fabrics each client provided. Lionel Fuhrman’s extensive and intensive curricula at the Philadelphia Textile Institute served him well at Pearl Embroidery. His knowledge of fabrics, chemical compositions, and how the two interacted enabled Lionel Fuhrman to launch his own successful business, two years later.

Lionel Fuhrman specialized in the silk screening of fabric prints. His business, Screen Techs, grew rapidly and Lionel Fuhrman was compelled to move his operations to New York City and merge with another business owner in the city’s garment district to have production capacity to meet demand. Later, Lionel Fuhrman learned a more sophisticated method of fabric print processing by a fellow graduate of the Philadelphia Textile Institute. This knowledge enabled Lionel Fuhrman to start producing prints of a style and quality similar to those of the renowned Italian fashion label Pucci. Armed with this new technical knowledge, Lionel Fuhrman produced finished garments and fabric prints and he was soon contacted by an Italian manufacturer, who offered to collaborate with Lionel Fuhrman and underwrite all of the production costs.

Lionel Fuhrman agreed, and for a number of successful years he oversaw the fabric production and printing in historic Como, Italy, followed by the manufacturing of the finished garments in the Northern Italian city of Carpi. This was the fashion label Artemis. Lionel Fuhrman was instrumental in its production development and growing reputation for the highest quality of women’s clothing and sportswear. After being severely injured in a car accident in 1975, Lionel Fuhrman returned to the United States for extended recuperation from his injuries. Once well enough to work again, Lionel Fuhrman’s passion for creating beauty in fabric took him straight back into the garment district in New York, where he remained active until retiring. Still in New York City, Lionel Fuhrman is a loyal fan of all teams hailing from Philadelphia.

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