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To find a job that showcases my skills and passion for creativity in the field of finance, sales, or customer relations.

Work experience

May 2008Present

Personal Banker

Wells Fargo Bank

Teller: May 2008 to July 2009

I have been with Wells Fargo for 2 years and 6 months now. I was hired as a part time Teller and work in that position for 1 year. My job as a Teller required:

ØCustomer Service Representative: Handled deposits, withdrawals and payments, answered questions pertaining to customers Wells Fargo checking account, insuring that the customer is completely satisfied with their accounts. Maked sure every customer feels welcomed, valued, and appreciated every time.

ØProblem Solving: looked into potential problems the customer might have and either provided a solution or referred them to a Banker or Manager if further assistances was required.

ØSales Representative: looked for opportunities to talk to customers about Wells Fargo products that would benefit them.

ØSales Experience: My first 3 quarters I finished at Bronze level for my sales. My 4th quarter finished at Gold for sales, and was ranked highest in my branch (out of 6) and 8th (out of 78) in my market area.

Personal Banker: July 2010 to Present

After only 1 year I was promoted to Personal Banker, based on my sales numbers, my customer satisfaction, and my management skills. My job as a Personal Banker requires:

ØSales: sourcing new business for Wells Fargo, through canvassing, phone calls, service issues, teller referrals, and personal contact with current account holders and non account holders. I am constantly looking for the chance to talk to customers about Wells Fargo products that will benefit them.

ØKnowledge: As a sales representative and bank employee I went through 6 weeks of Wells Fargo training, in management, customer relations, insurance, auto and home finance, credit management, sales strategy, and customer retention. As a Wells Fargo Banker I implement these skills everyday to provide customers with crucial information, that guides them to financial success.

ØSales Achievements: In my 5 quarters as a Personal Banker I had been ranked in the top 10 Bankers (out of 46) in my market area for Sales, with 2 of those 5 quarters being ranked the 2nd highest banker. All 5 of those quarters I was ranked #1 in new accounts sourced. That entire time my customer satisfaction never fell below 75% (considered a bronze level of success), something few bankers achieve.


Grossmont Community College

I attended Grossmont Community College straight out of high school, where I completed all my general education and prep for major classes in Business Administration. I maintained an overall GPA of 3.25, and was on the honor roll for 3 semesters for achieving a semester GPA of 4.0.

San Diego State University

I am currently enrolled at San Diego State University, and a declared Business Administration major with an emphasis in Market and a specialization in Integrated Marketing Communications. I am also looking to minor in Finance.


Marty Ennis

He was my History professor for 3 semesters at Grossmont College, and became a close friend and  some what of a mentor to me.

Amy Krause

She was my theatre teacher for the last 3 years of my High School education.

Doug Young

He was my Branch Manager for 2 years, and was the one who promoted me to Banker July 2010.

Paul Rodriguez

Current Branch Manager.

People that inspire me


As a Marketing Major at San Diego State University I have had the opportunity to take several Marketing classes and have received a great amount of firsthand experience through class projects, papers, market resource, and presentations.  
Managing the branch, not only when the Branch Manager is out, but also from open to close on weekends has put my management skills to great use.
Customer Relations
As a Teller and now a Banker, my job is customer relationship. Without great customer service skills building lifelong relationships and creating a strong client base would be virtually impossible.
As a Wells Fargo Banker sales is the primary focus of my job. I have been ranked as one of the highest Bankers for my sales performance ever since I started working for the company over 2 years ago.