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Work experience

Jun 2010Present

Sr. Consultant

Booz Allen Hamilton

·Establish framework for critical skills and competencies in order to meet current and future mission requirements

·Develop high-impact core and occupational competencies aligned to the mission

·Implement Career Planning and Development Program

·Establish cadre of Occupational Career Consultants aligned to the Core Occupations (Analysis, Collection, & Intel Ops)

·Standardize evaluation processes and key metrics tracking

·Design, develop comprehensive Occupational Career Guides in consultation with key stakeholders

·Perform corporate level training needs analysis to determine training gaps for Core Occupations (Analysis, Collection, & Intel Ops)

Oct 2009Mar 2010

Sr. Human Human Capital Officer

Corbin Company

§Managed the Agency-Wide Mentoring Program

§Established framework for critical skills and competencies in order to fulfill current and future mission requirements

§Implemented Agency Career Planning and Development Program

§developed high-impact client core and occupational competencies aligned to the mission

§Established cadre of Occupational Career Consultants aligned to the Core Occupations (Analysis, Collection, & Intel Ops)

§Standardized evaluation processes and key metrics tracking

§Designed, develop comprehensive Occupational Career Guides in consultation with key stakeholders.

Mar 2007Oct 2009

Sr. Human Human Capital Officer


U.S. Department of Defense

Military Health System

Human Capital Specialist (Sub-Contractor)

§Overseen the development of policy and guidance for planning and implementing HR development initiatives across all services (Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines) with the DoD strategic plan.

§Assesses effectiveness of the recruiting and retention strategies for medical professionals and determine what statutory and policy changes will be required to enhance recruitment and retention effectiveness.

§Researched requirements and draft policies and legislative proposals.

§Developed briefings to be given to the agency leadership and congressional committees

§Established a clearing house for programs to provide centralized information about professional and career opportunities in the Department of Defense medical fields.

§Defined the best ways to reach appropriate pools of potential medical talent, starting with high school through graduate school and directed toward both mid-level and retirees seeking second careers.

§Performed competency modeling for behavioral health healthcare occupational specialties within military health systems.

§Performed course marketing, analyzing fill-rates, and evaluating course effectiveness.

§Provided technical and administrative advise to all services (Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines) and exercise responsible for the operation and management of complex DoD wide (Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines) programs.


Office of Human Resources

Executive Resources

Human Resources Specialist (Sub-Contractor)

  • Provided technical advice and guidance to the Executive Resources Board (ERB) in the areas of recruitment and placement, position classification, pay and allowances, leave, and other employee benefits.As required, analyze and/or implement enhancements/changes to internal procedures or program activity based on ERB recommendations/feedback.
  • Provided technical and procedural guidance to agency managers on matters relating to the performance management and awards programs.
  • Prepared the annual Federal Register notice of USPTO’s Performance Review Board (PRB) membership, and ensures that it is published within the prescribed timeframe.Assists in the preparation of documents required by the members of the PRB.
  • At the conclusion of PRB deliberations, prepared spreadsheets reflecting ratings and awards distributions.
  • Responded to general management inquiries relative to the Presidential Rank Awards.
  • Prepared nomination packages.
  • Performed position classification reviews and analyses of SES and other senior positions.
  • Provided classification and position management advice and assistance and offers insight into classification guidance and policies, processes, and procedures, as well as interpretations on complex USPTO-wide classification and consistency issues.
  • Provided position management advice to USPTO executive-level managers, while keeping in mind their goals and objectives. Interprets and applies positions classification standards.


Office of Inspector General

Sr. Employee Relations Specialist (Sub-Contractor)

§Gave employees responsibility, authority, and support in completing Employee Relations Cases

§Made long range plans that establish goals, objectives, priorities, and timeframes for accomplishing work

§Communicated clear and realistic performance measures, and holds employees accountable for results

§Responded to administrative grievances

§Recommended actions for disciplinary and performance cases

§Developed and carries to completion individual casework dealing with the various ER functions.

§Developed Individual Development Plans

§Created reports for data analysis relating to ER issues

§Performed ROI in the areas of EEO and Employee Relations

Sr. Human Resources Consultant (Sub-Contractor)

§Strategic and operational HR development, redesign and reprocessing, HR maintenance and team/individual training

§Complete HR setup, audit, reorganization or individual HR practice design including needs assessments

§Designed 360° competency models, incentive/bonus structures, succession and change management programs

§Developed cross-training, continued learning, mentoring, executive coaching and other training programs

§Development of recruiting programs/processes, training behavioral intervie techniques and retention

§Created compensation programs, structures, philosophies, benefit programs, audits, restructuring and cost reduction

§Collaborated with management and human resources to develop and/or enhance programs for change management, leadership development, succession planning, career development, and performance management.

§Developed training policies, programs and schedules, based on identified training needs, company processes and systems, or changes in policies, procedures, or services.

§Baseded on needs, selects appropriate training methods such as individual or group training, self study, simulation exercises, role plays or computer based training.

§Trained assigned facilitators and supervisors in effective training techniques, such as new employee orientation, on-the-job training, management development, and changes in policies, procedures and technologies.

§Partnered with supervisors to in internal or external educational and training programs to meet developmental needs.


Jan 2008Dec 2010


Western Govenors University
Jan 1999Dec 2003


University of Baltimore


Senior Human Resources Sub- Contract Consultant with professional experience in change management, executive/manager coaching, strategic management, employee development, prioritizing, and aligning HR goals with organization’s business objectives. I have extensive hands-on experience in Staffing/Employment, Employee Benefits, Compensation, Payroll Administration, Employee/Labor Relations, Diversity and EEOC, and, Training/Organizational Development in the State and Private sector areas.


I am seeking a position as a Business Consultant


Strategic Human Resources Management
Strategic Human Resources Management Developed HR procedures and policies Created HR structure and accountability within the organization
HR Information System (HRIS)
HR Information System (HRIS) Developed HR Statistics to show ROI Partnered with IT to select a new enterprise system  
Organizational Development
Organization Development/Training Created manager training for new and seasoned managers Created leadership skills training for company leadership Developed and lead training for enterprise system  
Staffing/Recruitment Decentralized employment process Developed Quick Interview/Hire tool Developed organizational recruitment strategy Delivered DEU Training
Compensation/Classification Management
Compensation/Classification Management Lead committee drafting compensation changes Decentralized position management process Created compensation structure
Benefits Managment
Benefits Management Participated in RFP process Conducted Open Enrollment Fairs Created benefit programs that added strategic value
Employee Relations
Employee Relations/Employee Champion Lead investigations of EEOC, FLSA, FMLA and ADA Developed Diversity Initiatives Program Prepared Affirmative Action Plan Defended Company at grievance and unemployment hearings  

Top Secret - Full Scope/Lifecycle Polygraph