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I am currently a student at Queens University of Charlotte, Where I am a History major with a Philosophy Minor. Some of my main academic interests include: Ancient Greek and Roman History, Social/Political/Ethical Philosophy, and the study of Classical works of Literature. In addition to my studies, I am also a lover of Music, particularly jazz and classical music, the visual arts, and the performing arts. 


After receiving my Bachelors degree in History, i intend to eventually attend a graduate school, and hopefully receive my Ph.D. in either History or Philosophy. The focus of my Ph.D. will be directed towards classical studies, particularly Ancient Greece.


Aug 2008Present

Bachelor of Arts

Queens University of Charlotte

Courses of Interest

  • Classical and Modern Political/Ethical Philosophy
  • Greek History
  • Roman History
  • Medieval History
  • Ancient and Contemporary Western Philosophy
  • Ancient Art History
  • Ancient Greek Language



Work experience

Jun 2006Present


Pasta and Provisions

In my time at Pasta and Provisions I made substantial progress in the company hierarchy. In addition to acquiring a solid knowledge of the ways in which a small locally owned business is operated, I took it upon my self to learn even more about the products that are featured in the store. The culmination of my research resulted in a trip to Italy in March of 2010, in which I was able to develop and even firmer understanding of Italy, its cuisine, and most importantly its culture.


Historical Analysis
In my study of history, I am often required to interpret complex sources, both primary and secondary. Upon interpreting this documents I am then required to "filter" out what is and what is not important. This skill enables me to place a value on the document in question, and thus determine its relevance.
English Language Proficiency
The writing of papers throughout my academic career has allowed me to increase my knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, and style. I feel rather confident in my ability to construct, analyze, and interpret words and sentences.