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Work History

Mar 2014Present

Worship Volunteer

Discovery Church Int'l

I am currently serving as a volunteer at Discovery Church in Fishers under the leadership of worship leader Kay Insley.  It has been a great time of spiritual recharge and refreshment.  I am ready to re-engage, though, in full-time ministry if it happens.

Mar 2011Jan 2014

Youth and Worship Pastor

Praire View Christian Church

I was employed at Prairie View Christian Church for 3 years, and in that time, I feel I was an asset to the church both as a pastor, and as a recruiter and evangelist for its music ministry.  The quality of services improved, musicianship grew, and members were added not only to the worship team, but to the youth group and the general congregation during my tenure there.

God blessed us tremendously, and I was humbled to have been a part of what He was doing at PVCC.

While there, I split my time between two ministries:  Youth and worship.  My expertise is in worship; however, the church had a need and I was asked to fill it.  Through it, I feel that I was stretched, and am a better man and better teacher for it. It was a challenging, demanding, and growing time in my life, and I am thankful that God gave me the opportunity to experience ministry in that way.

I grew very close to and very fond of the congregation of PVCC, and even though I feel God moving me toward a more musically-focused ministry, I will always remember with fondness the lessons and relationships God blessed me with while there.

Jan 2005Mar 2011

Worship Leader

River Christian Fellowship

As the worship leader for The River Christian Fellowship, it was my honor to work and play with some of the most talented musicians in the state of Idaho.  These musicians  came from all different backgrounds and skill levels to create a spirit-filled and Godly worship team that any church would be blessed to have.

The best part about working with such musicians is that there is little to no effort in learning and teaching new music to them - As they are all very naturally skilled, new music comes very quickly to them.  It makes my job very easy, and fun!

As with any group, there are some who have more natural ability than others, and it has always been my goal to help everyone on the team reach a higher level of proficiency than they possessed before, and we have accomplished that task.  I believe that every leader has a responsibility to ensure that he or she is bringing up others to take his place, and that the worship services at his church are not dependent upon him alone.

God has given me much grace and the ability to work with and teach people how to lead worship effectively, as well as improving on their musical skill set

I am a musician of over three decades professional experience in all types of music, from secular rock and country bands to classical choirs, symphonic bands, chamber choirs singing nothing but acappella music to jazz and show choirs.  Music is truly a passion and a gift of mine, and God has called me to use it for His glory.


Board Operator/Producer

CSN International

CSN International is a ministry of the River Christian Fellowship for which I was a compensated volunteer.  I handled all on-air scheduling, including music, pastoral teaching and emergency procedures.  CSN is the largest christian radio network in the world, boasting over 400 translators nationwide, as well as broadcasting on the internet worldwide.

I was the producer for a live radio call in show called "To Every Man An Answer" during which time we would take live phone calls from actual listeners and answer them on the air.  This show required quick thinking, calm decision-making capabilities and strong biblical knowledge.  Several Pastors and scholars have been on the show with us, such as Skip Heitzig, Raul Reis, Leo Giovinnetti, Chiuck Missler, Mike Fabarez, and Newt Gingrich.

While working at CSN, I was able to study under all of these teachers, as well as many others, giving me a broad perspective on the Bible and the knowledge and confidence to be able to help others to find God's heart and show them how to seek  His will in their lives.

It also enabled me to get a head start on a lot of great music from diverse and little known, but anointed worship artists from around the world, as well as well known artists that are recognized by Christians all over the country.


Sep 1993Sep 1994


College Of Southern Idaho

I attended CSI in Twin Falls, Idaho through a vocal music scholarship for about a year as an English major, with a minor in Secondary Education, during which time I served on the student senate, and was involved with other extra curricular music programs.  Although I did not stay there due to family obligations, the lessons I learned there have served me well in my adult life.


Twin Falls High School

During my first year in High School I was part of our school band.  In my second and third years, however, I switched to choir, and then was selected for Chamber Choir.  I was then selected for the "All-Northwest" Choir - an elite group consisting of the top 365 students from five states, brought together for one week of rehearsal culminating in one performance in Seattle, Wa.  Ten students were selected from the state of Idaho, and seven of those students were taught by my choir director, Mr. Richard Smack, one of the best teachers and directors I've ever worked under.

I also performed with a show choir called The Madrigals, performing various standard, pop, rock and show tunes.  As part of this group, I was awarded the "Outstanding Male Soloist" award at the Ontario Jazz Festival, 1991.

Video, Recorded Live at River Christian Fellowship


Kay Insley- Worship Leader, Discovery Church

Working with Kay is truly a rewarding experience every weekend. She is loving and kind, and honestly strives to deliver the very best worship experience to our small congregation each and every time she steps on stage.

Scott Naylor - CRU Westfield campus.

Scott is a long time worship musician and director, and is well known among musicians' circles in the area.  He currently serves as a musician at Grace church in Carmel, as well as being a full time musician with Cru.

Caleb Miller

Caleb is a gifted singer and songwriter, and a good friend.  He performs both musical and speaking engagements for various ministries, including Word of Grace Conferences.

Mike Stocklin

Mike is the General Operations manager for both the radio ministry, CSN International,  and the church, The River Christian Fellowship.  He has worked with artists, entertainers and professionals with the Ed Sullivan Show, and others for decades!


My mom made me take piano lessons for six years when I was growing up, and although it was never my favorite instrument, it has served me well over all these years, and I have been able to use it to help teach vocal lines, guitar riffs and harmonies to other musicians I work with.  Thanks mom!
Acoustic Guitar
I was actually a late bloomer with the guitar, and didn't really start playing until I was about thirty years old.  My proficiency in other instruments has aided me in gaining skill quickly, and I can run with just about anyone these days!  I actually find myself playing guitar more than anything else since I started leading worship for RCF.  I truly love the instrument, and have never regretted learning it!
I also have played drums since I was eleven years old.  I began playing in retirement homes with my grandfather when I was young, then began playing professionally with various country and rock bands from the time I was fifteen years old.  That, along with high school and college bands, allowed me to develop the ability to play in almost any style of music from rock to reggae, country to classical!
As a singer I am very comfortable and proficient.  I fronted several secular bands over the years, and have performed in front of audiences of over two thousand people - More if one considers that our services are broadcast live via CSN radio, TV and the internet!   CSN radio is a ministry of our church.  It stands for the Christian Satellite Network, and is officially the largest Christian radio network in the world, with over 400 translators nationally!


My interests are fairly varied - I enjoy being outside and am an avid motorcyclist.  I started riding when I was eight years old, and have owned several different kinds of bikes over the years. My current ride is a 2005 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail. 

I also like shooting sports like trap shooting and sporting clays.

And you can't beat a good game of frisbee with the kids on a summer day!


As a worship leader, it is my responsibility to proclaim the presence of the Lord to the congregation.  How can I do this if I am not seeking to be aware of Him myself as well?  It is a tremendous calling, and one that I do not take lightly, although I still like to have fun with the team.

I am qualified musically and professionally, but in reality, I believe that worship is about so much more than simply being "qualified".  I have seen beautiful, passionate spirit filled worship coming from absolute beginning musicians, plinking and plunking along with almost no ability to play - Nothing but a heart of worship - and God used it to change lives and transform hearts! And I have seen the very best musicians you can imagine playing the most technical, clever tunes fresh off the radio charts achieve worship that rose no higher than the ceiling because their hearts were focused on the music, rather than its (and their) Creator.

And so it is my goal as the shepherd of the small flock assigned to me as the worship team of my church to see that they not only achieve great success musically, but spiritually as well.  We are a family and as we grow together and minister to one another, we achieve worship that is honest and pure - passionate and true; Filled with life, love and hope that can only be found in and through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I am familiar and proficient with analog and digital soundboards, most lighting rigs and controls, Ableton Live software, Easy Worship Presentation software, and Planning Center Online software.

I can and do use click tracks when appropriate and available, and try to lead using "positive reinforcement" methods.  I've found that if you encourage the good, the bad takes care of itself.  I can recruit, train and equip others in a way that is healthy both for them, and the body they serve.

I have a much more current repertoire than what is available to listen to or watch on this resume, but don't have recordings of it, but I'm happy to audition using any of the newer material that I have, (Hillsong, Paul Baloche, Bellarive, Tomlin, Crowder, Jeremy Riddle, and many more).