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With my many qualities and achievements, I hope to accomplish the title of Mediterranean Idol.


  • I am the greatest mathematician of my age.
  • With my many inventions, I created defense weapons for Syracuse.
  • I made many contributions to the field of physics. 

Work experience


  • Invented Archimede's screw, claw, and buoyancy theories.
  • I also invented many defensive weapons such as catapults, burning mirrors, and the law of levers and pulleys.
  • These defense weapons helped protect Syracuse from the attack of the Romans. 


  • I calculated the value of pi and discovered formulas for volume and area of a sphere.
  • I also showed that exponents can be used to show larger numbers. 
  • Archimedes principle, founded by myself, is a principle stating that if the weight of the water displaced is less than the weight of the object, the object will sink.


  • I discovered the most fundamental concept of physics, which is the center of gravity.
  • I am the first mathematical physicist, applying mathematics to the field of physics.


Studied in Alexandria, Egypt at Euclid's.


Eratosthenes, who I sent letters to including my work.
Conon of Samos, who I sent my discoveries to before they were published.