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20 years of high energy and smiles have given me experience from sales, marketing, leadership, project management and international business. I am looking for work in Norwegian, Italian or Englishspeaking companies ....

MY MOST SIGNIFICANT ACHIEVMENTS have been in the companies I have stayed in for many years, when I get a broad network, product insight and then select the right marketing development projects to work with.  Also among my most important achievements is mentoring and instructing my son to reach his goal, to become Norwegian Champion in his sport.  ONE OF MY GREATEST STRENGHTS is being able to quickly see possibilities and soloutions and assess the market opportunity. MY EXPERTISE is to follow an innovative idea, product or service from idea to the finished project with evaluation. Working with designers or constructers to make the right product for a market is another speciality.  As a multitasker I can hold a good overview and be a leader that understand the need of diffrent people involved in the work.MY GREATEST LEARNING EXPERIENCE has been to work broadly with many diffrent branches, countries, ages and personalities. Also analyzing my work behavior have given a path of new learning. WORKING 12-hour days have been normal for me, specially when work have been so exciting that it was impossible not to pour everything I had into my work.  I am passionate about ideas that are innovative, extraordinary or might be in the lane of changing the world into a better place. I like to work projectbased, and  therefor I have both short and longer work periods. MY IDEAL ROLE would be a Marketing manager at an innovative company that work hard with productdesign and/or development.  Many people can take a spesific role in a team. I can be used in many positions. I am particularly good in combining solutions from diffrent persons, branches and make a better result of it.  I  get easily in touch with people and I am never provoked, I am unafraid, happy, handle diffrent points of view and I am good at finishing projects.  I enjoy the dynamic environment of a start-up or early-stage company provided there is sufficient upside potential; or I'd be happy in a division of a larger corporation, perhaps a skunk development works out in the field to open new marketpossibilities and/or finding new and better products. I am not too concerned about job titles and don't envision a specific role for myself in the future;

I can add value in a variety of roles and I am most concerned with the challenge and the team rather than career advancement or job title. I'm looking to join a great company that will benefit from my broad experience and positve attitude. 

MY CURRENT LIFE SITUATION: My kids are out of the house, I live alone and am ready to move where I find challenge that will give me a kick, or make me feel useful in this world.  MY HOBBIES are fishing, travelling, food, motorsport, film and gardening. I am not particularly good in any of theese, but I am a winner when it comes to feeling good while doing them. I AM PROUD of my kids ! I am proad  that I have been working parttime with support  for people that have special needs, both now and as a teenager.  I am proud of my ability to make dreams come through, beeing creative, a socializer and in the end getting a lot of things done ..

Work experience

marketing manager - managing director


ALLSKOG: forestry is one of the biggest industries in Norway and the erea of Allskog has a total revenue of 7 milliard NOK (113 mill USD) and almost half is for export.  Allskog BA is the regional branch of the Norwegian Forest Owners Association in Central and Northern Norway. Its 9,000 members are organized through 100 chapters.Funds assist members with forestry plans and planning of operations, and Allskog and the daughter companies work to increase the value of the forest owners products.

Marketing director Treformidling : in charge of marketing & sales plan, budget, productdevelopment,  website, marketing products, fairs and  sales/marketing involvement in developent projects. I was asked to take the position as manager in the company Treformidling AS. My last 3 years there, I run alot of diffrent development projects, with external financing. I had responsibilies also for the people working for the company, budget, result and secretary for the board.  As manager I had a position in all the meetings of the board. In this period I took a parttime education to be certizified to work with the board

I knew nothing about foresting, wood, building industry or architecture before I started the work. Within a few months I started to work with a broad network in the business, to locate where information is found and who could be useful for future achievements and development.   

Showroom: Allskog had a 800m2 basement and I thought it could be used for a new purpose. After ideas, strategi and financing was at place it was buildt into a showroom used by the wood, buildingbusiness, architects and diffrent departments from the university. Many people have used the showroom for conferences, product demonstrations, workshops, meetings and social gatherings with food, bar and even soccermatches on wallscreen. Withing a year both the Norwegian industry minister and our oil/energy minister had been visiting the first wood-eco showroom in Europe


Projectbased marketing manager

Rockheim, Norwegian national Museum of pop & rock

Rockheim is right now one the newest and most innovating museum in the world, located downtown Trondheim with 1320 square meters spread on 6 floors.  The museum is offering history and interactive communication and activities with the customers. There are also restaurant with panoramic view, shop, stage and kongress facilities.

My work have been concentrated around marketing strategy, planning, subscribing and buying the sales/ marketing products needed before the museum opened the doors in August 2010.  As many other museums they have choosen to use the money for good museum presentations instead of marketing and sales personel. I miss the creative people and the young environment at Rockheim.  I would really like to work with similar cultural or travelindustry related companies.

Responsibilites: Profileplan, media strategy, marketing plan, sponsor strategy, network building with travel industry in Norway and Trondheim, travel fair, marketing products, brochures, gidgets and also strong involvment in reasearch & buying of CRM prosess related data products (ticket service, ordering system, entrance ticket counter and other ways of getting customer statistics.)


Marketing manager

Mid Norway Adventure

Mid Norway Adventures is owned by diffrent SMB companies in the travelling and adventure segment. The events are located with theese small hotels, cabins, lodgings and activitycenters offering a variety of holiday and outdooractivites. The marketsegment is different groups in the midle of Norway, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands.  Here you can join the active nature life with rafting, climbing, fishing, hunting, eating local food or perhaps a trip on the fjord or on one of our lakes with a fast RIB boat or a local fisherboat in old style or modern and fully equipped.

My work was marketing strategy, activities and direct sales to the business market in Mid Norway and other groups. Another task was to work with strategic and marketing development of the diffrent products.


marketing manager


The largest textile producers in Norway merged to be competitive to imports.  Prodution of curtains and interiortextiles to wholesellers and textile chains in Scandinavia. The producers also made norwegian textiles to production industri and businesses with  special needs like flameretardent, longlasting etc.

My work was marketing and sales plans for the diffrent markets. Close contact with product development and production. Part time production chief for a unit of 40 woman sowing textiles.  Also in charge of web and an outlet shop.  




 Tessilpoint was getting Italian textile design and products sold around the world. Converterbusiness for Hafefa in Netherland. ( Now Hatefa Lakatex. ) Business was located between Milan and Como in the middle of the textile producers erea. 

I was involved in everything from sales, design development, accounting, tlf secretary, samlemaking and beeing around pushing the producers and getting the work done.


marketing manager


150 year old tradition of producing knitware. Traditional patterns in gloves, mittens, sport sweaters and special design for companies, winter olympics, fashionmarket etc.

Started as a sales secretary and had last to years as marketing manager. Responsible for marketing plan, finding profile and designers for collections that would give great sales. Responsible for catalouges, tradefairs, salespersons and web.


journalist / talkhost

Radio 1 (tidligere Radio Konrad)

Fieldwork for news and interviews on variety of subjects. Morning news and talkshow host morning program 0600 until 0900. My own nightly radioshow with callers online,  toghether with another journalist.


Arvid Esperø


Graduation with honors. Honorary student

Ross senior high school

Honorary student.  Got best grade in English (A)

Aug 2008May 2009

project based netstudy

Optimal learning (optimal læring)

Specialized media training

NRK / Trondheim næringsforening

Autorisert styremedlem / styreleder

Den Norske Styrelederskolen

Parttime study over a longer period concisting of 4 diffrent specialized programs. Final program for authorization and test on laws that might be useful working in a board of directors.


not finished

Boconi University

Students from more than 10 countries and both class, teamwork, projects and international professors and visiting professors from int. business.

Got the possibility to work in the textile industry in Italy with sales worldwide and jumped off my studies.



Media og EU

Norsk nærradioforbund

Internasjonale forhandlingsteknikker

Norges Eksportråd

Trener 1, Trener 2 mx/snowcross

Norges Motorsportforbund


norges idrettsforbund

Driver Licence

state of norway