Dwain A. Dadoly has helped investors as a financial consultant over the last 25 years while working with some of the countries most prominent financial institutions and banks. In 1983, before launching his career as an investment advisor, Dadoly earned a B.S. in Natural Resources and a Associates Degree in Businees Managment at the University of Maine at Orono. In 1986, Dwain A Dadoly started his investment career with Geldermann Inc. as a commodities broker in Boston, Massachusetts. From there Dwain  found his calling as an investment advisor  working with Advest Inc. and SmithBarney  where he developed a thriving investment practice. During this time, Dwain Dadoly  advised thousands of investors on how to position hundreds of millions of dollars to the capital markets for investment purposes. Dwain and his Gwen Dadoly  are also active with several non-profit organizations on Cape Cod where they live.


1979 - 1983

B.S. / Associate's

University of Maine