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The Chinese Conspiracy
What would happen if everything controlled by computers was shut down, all at the same time? Phones, Internet, email, Wall Street trading, Air Travel, traffic controls, GPS, everything down including Governmental and Military communications? Chaos? Crisis? Disaster?A gripping drama set in the lush mountains of West Virginia and halfway around the world in Guangzhou, China, The Chinese Conspiracy describes what happens if all forms of electronic communications and computer controls were shut down at once.The story starts with the human pain and suffering of a small-town plant closing, and spreads quickly around the world. Jim Martini returns to his hometown to see why its major employer failed suddenly, nearly destroying the town. He finds more than a failed company. Evil forces are using global extortion to exact a frightening toll. Jim risks his life to expose a conspiracy using stolen US technology to threaten America's future.Real world situations and current technologies add chilling credibility to The Chinese Conspiracy. Mariotti takes readers from human interest to the global power struggle and back again. Far less deadly than the attacks of 9/11, yet infinitely more disruptive, The Chinese Conspiracy poses the question: "What happens when nothing works?" In the tradition of Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn thrillers, Mariotti weaves a contemporary story of cyber-terrorism, plant closings and the human reactions that result.




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John Mariotti is an award winning business author and an internationally recognized executive, consultant, keynote speaker. Mariotti started his career in the telecommunications industry, and was deeply involved in governmental affairs during parts of his career. He has written hundreds of articles and columns and nine non-fiction books. In The Chinese Conspiracy he merges an exciting fictional thriller with a factual reality of America's risk from Cyber-Attacks. His last book, The Complexity Crisis was chosen as one of 2008's Best Business Books and also one of 2008's Best Books for Small Business. He lives in the Columbus, OH area. Mariotti can be reached at or

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