Work experience

Work experience

Jun 2005 - Present


Bassett and Talbert

While at work at Citgo gas station, I am responsible for motivating my team to maintain a clean, organized environment to maximize customer satisfaction.  I handle customer complaints seriously by actively listening and determining the best possible solution for their problem.  I manage financial profits at the end of the night by tallying totals from the cash drawers.  I also supervise daily cleaning by collaborating with the assistant manager.

Jul 2010 - Present


Lafayette Crisis Center

At the Crisis Center, I am obligated to think critically in emergencies to ensure the safety of a caller.  I am to establish rapport by using empathy and reflecting personal values of the caller and develop a sense of trust between us.  On shift, I am also responsible for organizing call logs (which I write), maintaining a clean facility by completing shift chores, and answering every phone call.


Aug 2006 - Present


Purdue University

A Showcase of my Work




As a manager at the gas station, I have to make sure that my co-workers complete all of the desired tasks and support customers at the same time.


Throughout school I have had to work in groups.  I also work with two to three other people at the gas station and have to coordinate my work with them to ensure all the work is completed.

Time Management

I have maintained a part-time job throughout all of college.  This past year, I also started volunteering at the Crisis Center.  I had to be able to balance work, volunteering, and school.


At the Crisis Center, I was responsible for writing and filing call logs of the calls I took while on shift.  Also, at the gas station, I was required to tally financial profits at the end of the night and make a report for them.


As a Sociologist, I am required to gather data and analyze that data to present it in an easy-to-read format for the public.  My four years of education give me a strong foundation.

Social Media

I am an avid user of social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.