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My objective is provide businesses with an integrated and automated social media platform. This platform should create a place where relationships can be cultivated.

All businesses need that personal touch, but what happens when the client walk away with his purchase? How do you stay in touch then? Social media can help you stay in touch on personal level.

For this I use all my oral gifts, copywriting and knowledge of new communication tools to simply and translate concepts in easily understood language. These skills are applied as needed to those how want to or have to to understand through learning how to use the concepts. The skills is also very effective in making it easy to understand why they should on buy or support a cause. 


Life interests me. 

Because I am a communicator I need to understand myself and the more I get to grips with who I am the better I communicate.

My Interests:

  • Nature: I care deeply for the Mother Earth and am always trying to stay in touch with our lovely planet. 

  • Photography: This helps me to see our beautiful world.

  • Technology: Any communications technology excites me. I tend to know about new technology and tools long before the general public. A new technology that I am following is VOIP and cloud computing.

  • Relationships: I study the connectivity between people and know that we are all connected within one web.  


Here are a list of some of the testimonials I have received:

To date it has been the single most effective intervention in our businesses that has made a remarkable improvement. Without the assistance of my mentor Johan Horak I will not have been able to implement a comprehensive marketing strategy.To date the mentorship programme has effectively assisted AWOL Tours in:

- Short & Long term Marketing strategy- Effective social networking structure such as on Facebook and twitter- Developed AWOL Tours on-line Magazine- Keyword optimization for Google- Implementing effective staff job descriptions- Financial Goal setting and objectives- Sales strategy- Support and advice on logistical issuesKind regardsSally Petersen AWOL Tours

Walk in Africa has been planning to institute a social-media strategy for about two years. In fact we had begun on our own and were rather impressed with ourselves but we were aware that we simply were not getting it right.

Johan Horak’s expertise is in social media and so when he came along to mentor me, the focus was on social media. You only need to look at our website/blog and facebook profile to see the improvement. In fact for about 18 months we had been trying unsuccessfully to merge our website with our blog, but Johan quickly achieved that for us. It is too soon to quantify the results other than to say that we have received positive feedback about our website and we have a growing facebook following.

Sincerely Steve [We also started a second very successfulFacebook page for a new product]

  • Just to re-iterate that Johan had helped me and my business a lot over the months that he mentored. Successful social media marketing = more inexpensive queries = more sales = higher gross profit = more likely for employment to be increased. Kind Regards Brett
  • Johan, you gave a professional and user friendly course on blogging helping me to understand the difference between a blog and website. Polla at Geggo
  • Johan, you have brought a new perspective to my small business advertising campaign, my turnover grew with at least 25%, I couldn’t believe advertising could be so effective. Your simple ideas surprise me every time. Hein Lategan 
  • Thanks for the unbelievable marketing ideas. Every time I met with you I learnt a lot. You see opportunity in every business. You have a unique and effective way with words. Thanks. Celene Physiotherapist

Just a few words. You are a go-getter; I can see you enjoy life. Your advertising word choices are brilliant. I enjoy working with you. Dries Burgundy’

  • I feel comfortable doing business with you. Johan your broad base of knowledge and the network business meeting has opened many opportunities for me. Rita SMSmalls
  • You have a way with words. You are able to present boring facts in such a way that they immediately attract attention in a clear and positive way. You are genuinely interested in the art of honesty bringing out the true advantages of any product or idea. Andy SMSmalls
  • The quality and depth of your experience is of unequal standard. You have made a major contribution to my franchise. My stock turn increased by 50% and my turnover has increased by 27%. Johan your techniques have saved me. Willie Cash Converters Centurion
  • Just a note on the presentation; the content was very good and your message was simple, easy to follow and to the point. The benefits of your message do have incredible take home value. Well-done Johan. Nick Flavio
  • Johan, your video presentation MADE the conference for us, well done – so simple. This is to us, the missing link and Mr Ples has nothing to do with it! Many thanks …we expect your CV in the post. East London Franchisee.
  • Thanks Johan, Your video contribution was refreshing and your presentation delightful, your model is great.” Johan Franchisee Wynberg
  • I just discovered YouTube!! But your energy reach is wide. I just discovered your video there and saved it under my favourites! Salome
  • I am really sad that you are leaving, you and I could have done great things together but I wish you all the happiness. Simon’s Town is getting one of the greatest people I know. Shenka
  • You have taught me the importance of “to know, to like, to trust”. I love to learn from you. Laura Harvey Travel
  • Hello Johan: How do you keep positive thought when all around you is so much negativity? You are obviously a wonderful spirit of very positive influence. Nice!! Ricky
  • ……quite apart from the personal assistance you were giving me. Thank you for everything you gave me, and helping me get my business back on track. You have helped me in more ways, even with my attitude towards life. Thanks for the integrated social media and e-newsletter platform that you are managing for my business. we will be in touch, Bless you and lots of love, Lorraine

Do You Need

  • a communicator, a teacher, a coach, a technical writer, a writer that takes difficult concepts and translate into even inspiring stories? 
  • copywriting skills for your brochures and SEO copy for your online application? 
  • a person who can take a boring presentation and turn it into a success story? 
  • to explain "how to use" a software, online product or technically advanced product using screen casting or video?
  • teach people business skills, technology skills, social media skills, online marketing and blogging skills, even skills I don't have but can facilitate?
  • a social media strategy? Including blogs, Facebook, Twitter integration and remote management? 
  • a Wordpress expert?

Because of my technical background I can take complex issues and communicate them with ease using the latest communications technology.

If you want to reduce travelling expenses then my ability to convert communication into video, voice and the written word will save you significant amounts of money. 


WordPress CMS
For the last 6 years I have been creating blogging platforms using WordPress; the most popular CMS around. I am maintain various blogs and have installed many for clients.   For example: I created a magazine site for SPF. The site is a membership site and members subscribe via Paypal. This site is also a multi blogging site allowing many people to create their own blogs using the same CMS and managed by SPF.      
Public Speaker
I enjoy speaking to people about life, inspiration and new technology.  Especially communications technology and social media as there is a lot to be learned. My aim with my speaking engagements is to tell people how they can liberate themselves through communication. 
Business Coach & Mentor
Coaching comes naturally for me. Because I have been through corporate life, I run a successful retail business where I was in full control of my success and failure I know what it takes to be successful. That's why the South African Department of Trade and Industries contracted me to assist various business owners.   Here are two testimonials from business people I coached:   To date it has been the single most effective intervention in our businesses that has made a remarkable improvement. Without the assistance of my mentor Johan Horak I will not have been able to implement a comprehensive marketing strategy.To date the mentorship programme has effectively assisted AWOL Tours in: - Short & Long term Marketing strategy - Effective social networking structure such as on Facebook and Twitter - Developed AWOL Tours on-line Magazine - Keyword optimization for Google - Implementing effective staff job descriptions - Financial Goal setting and objectives - Sales strategy - Support and advice on logistical issues Kind regards Sally Petersen AWOL Tours    Walk in Africa has been planning to institute a social-media strategy for about two years. In fact we had begun on our own and were rather impressed with ourselves but we were aware that we simply were not getting it right. Johan Horak’s expertise is in social media and so when he came along to mentor me, the focus was on social media. You only need to look at our website/blog and facebook profile to see the improvement. In fact for about 18 months we had been trying unsuccessfully to merge our website with our blog, but Johan quickly achieved that for us. It is too soon to quantify the results other than to say that we have received positive feedback about our website and we have a growing facebook following. Sincerely Steve Bolnick [We also started a second very successful. I am impressed] Facebook page for a new service]    
Online Videos
Making videos from photos and adding music or voice and publishing them online at Youtube and Facebook. The idea is that these become viral videos or to show unique features.   I also make videos: of PowerPoint presentations.  of software and how to use it.    
Teaching and Facilitating Creations
Because I am a communicator using technology I teach and facilitate with ease. One of my advantages is that you have to invest in training once because I can recorded it, video it, screen cast it we can do the training once and them make it available in various formats online or via DVD.
Social Media Strategy
Although social media is a new concept online marketing and the philosophy behind social media is not new. It's only the tools that are new. Social media allows us to socially connect with people who may become our clients.   ·        I can advice and great your Facebook page, Twitter, Youtube and assist you in managing it for your or teaching you or your staff on how to use it. ·        I can create wordpress blogs for your, manage it for you and teach your staff and bloggers on how to use it. I can even create corporate blogging solutions for internal use. ·        I can show you how to integrate Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and blogs with your e-newsletter.
PowerPoint Creator
I use the Beyond Bullet Point approach to communicate concepts. The Beyond Bullet point approach is not for traditional bullet point people. It takes courage to change and to communicate effectively. I only recommend this approach for people who have story to tell and want to tell it effectively.    Here's a video you can watch on the approach. If you still want to use Beyond Bullet Points then give me a call and we can even publish your presentation online as a video. I also work with voice over artists to narrate your story. 
Copywriter and Technical Writer
I made a study of copywriting because I wanted to use it for online applications. I studied various online courses and am using the skill everyday.   Today I write online copy and translate difficult technical concepts in to easily understood language for manuals, brochures and magazines.     

Work experience

Franchise Owner

Cash Converters

I had to experience what it is to be my own boss. My family sold our home, cashed in our pension fund, gave up all the benefits of corporate life to start our own retail outlet. Because we had little experience we started a franchise called Cash Converters. 

Within six months our store was the best and it remained one of the best stores for many years. After seven years and two more stores we sold Cash Converters.

During this time I started self study into online marketing. At that time the internet was only getting going. In South Africa it was going to be many years before connectivity was affordable to general public. This study made me realise that our franchisor was spending nearly R6 million on wasteful branding advertising. After lots of negotiations we changed the way we marketed our franchises. I was selected to be the leader of the franchisee marketing body. 

Today I can only thank all for the opportunity to learn how to run a successful business and how to rather create relationships with my existing clients than spend very expensive advertising trying to gain new clients. 

Jan 1996Present

Communicator, writer, trainer and new technology


Many businesses need people to communicate a message that inspire. This is what I do well. I can communicate orally, I can write well, and because I can inspire I also train people well. The real good news is that I am from a technical background and therefore know how to take difficult concepts and make them easy-to-understand.

Today communication is dependent on the use of technology and that’s were my online skills come to play.

Let me discuss my communication skills in more detail:

Writing skills:

Because I know how and when to use specific words it’s easy for me to take difficult concepts and translate these concepts in easy to understood language.

Let’s say you have need a technical manual then I will research your needs, study the subject, interview specialists and compile your manual. But you may have a technical manual and need to create a sales brochure from it. Or you need to write a manual for end users than I can make understanding and reading easy.

Copywriting for your website or brochures: I come across many businesses that are so involved with their technology and used tojargon. Jargon may save time but it creates communication resistance and many non-technical people are the ones how will eventually open the purse. As soon as we simply the language more people have access, more people understand and more success is achieved. 

Online copy is also requires articles that are optimized for search engines. When I started creating online businesses I made a study ofSEOand employ the techniques all the time.

Because I am also using technology to communicate it was easy to start using video and/or screen casting technology to demonstrate software or products and record and distribute training and talks via video: 

Screen casts can help demonstrate and teach the use of software features. Creating a screen cast helps software developers show off their work. Screen casts are a useful tool for ordinary software users as well, to help report bugs (the movie takes the place of potentially unclear written explanations) or to show others how a given task is accomplished in a specific software environment. Screen casts are excellent tools for learning how to use computers, and severalpodcastshave started to teach computer users how to use software through screen casts.

Considering the high cost of instructor / faculty led training and the relative ineffectiveness of typicalcomputer based training(CBT) systems, screen casting is likely to become a very popular technique for imparting high-quality knowledge at a low cost.

For example, organizers of computer related seminars may choose to routinely record complete seminars and make them available onDVDsto all attendees for future reference and/or sell these recordings to people who cannot afford the fee of the live seminar or don't have time to attend it. This will generate an additional revenue stream for organizers of seminars and make the knowledge available to a broader audience, generating a win-win situation for everybody. Computer-related seminars need high quality and easily readable recordings of screen contents which is usually not achievable by using a video camera to film the desktop which is usually projected onto the wall by a projector.

As explained above, I also do create Power Point presentations of concepts using Beyond Bullet Points. Now I am able to tell a complex story in a simple way and even do a screen casts of the story; selling and sharing these ideas using video and publishing them via social media sites. They are also published via DVD, Youtube or your own website.

Power Point is a great tool but most businesses have no idea how boring their presentations are. They can just as well read all the bullets. As soon as we start using a simple technique like Beyond Bullet Points then we realise how effective and even entertaining presentations can be.

While BBP was developed to change the way people present with PowerPoint, I have found that it changes something else; the way I communicate. And the way people respond to my communication.


I enable groups and organizations to work more effectively; to collaborate and achievesynergy. Because I am 'content neutral'; I do not take sides, express or advocate a point of view, I can advocate for fair, open, and inclusive procedures. I therefore support everyone to do their best thinking and practice. By supporting everyone to do their best thinking, I enable group members to search for inclusive solutions and build sustainable agreements.

As a training facilitator I am not always a subject expert, and attempt to draw on the existing knowledge of the participant, and to then facilitate access to training where gaps in knowledge are identified and agreed on.

Technology, online communications and social media:

Today clients and potential clients need to know a business, need to like that business and need to trust that business. They don't depend as much or rather on traditional marketing and advertising anymore. There friends tell them what’s going on. Their friends recommend to them what they need to know. And traditional businesses are finding it difficult to tap into the social media market.

Because my businesses depended on effective marketing I studied online techniques. Today use social media to help my clients create trusting long term relationships with their clients and their potential clients.

These tasks include social media strategies identifying how to create online cultivation pools; places where clients and potential clients can come and share their experiences, concerns and testimonials as they use a product or service.

Therefore my experience allows a communicative solution that will ensure people not only trust you; they will also understand you and know how to use your products and services effectively. 

Jan 2002Present


Coffee News

Coffee News is a franchise with more than 1100 franchises world wide. We are the right holders for South Africa. 

Coffee News is weekly neighbourhood publication delivered to restaurants, cafes, takeaways, hotels, and anywhere people go to have a bite to eat, or are waiting. Coffee News contains the week’s funniest and most unusual news stories, jokes, trivia, horoscopes, amazing facts, and more. While people read the good stuff your local advertisers also promote their offers using Coffee News.

Apr 1990Sep 1996

Manager Planing

Columbus Stainless

At Columbus I was involved with the implementation of production scheduling and optimization software called OPT usingTheory Of Constraints. My department had to liaise with Marketing, Sales, Production and Finance to establish production and sales forecasts. 

When these were agreed upon my department had to ensure that the plan is fulfilled. In order to fulfill the plan we had to work closely with our Information System providers and sat many days designing and spec writing new software.  

Feb 1982Mar 1990

Planning Manager


I started work as a process control engineer employing statistical process control. After a few years I was promoted to the planning head of EMSA ensuring that all materials available and processed as required.


Jan 2006Jun 2009

AWAI Master Copywriting

Online School

When you use words well you can sell. It does not matter if you have a technical manual or a direct sales pieces; words can make or break any effort. 

Jan 19921990

Post Grad Industrial Engineering Diploma

Wits Post Graduate School

Wits University is where I did a post grad diploma in Industrial Engineering and Management.  

Jan 1984Nov 1989


Jan 1978Sep 1982

Higher Diploma



Lorraine Piers

I created and maintain her social strategy for her business.

Sally Petersen

I am a business and marketing coach for Sally. I created her social media strategy for her.

Arbrie Vorster

Abrie was my partner at one of the Cash Converters stores.

Mark Tarlton

Mark was my boss for many years at Columbus Stainless. We also became good friends.

Goltz Wessmann

Mr. Goltz Wessmann is a friend and client for the last four years.