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Work experience

Jun 2008Present

Graphic Designer


I am working as a Graphic designer, 3D Sculpture Artist, Creating new concepts for Art and Craft and 3D Printer Operator.


ZPrint and ZEdit Pro
Sound Forge
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Flash
Coral Draw
Adobe Indesign
Adobe Illstrator
Autodesk Maya
Autodesk 3DS Max
Adobe Photoshop
PC Platform



Diploma in Fine Art

Tagor School of Art




Seeking a quality environment where my knowledge can be shared. Looking for the

opportunity where I can prove my quality in responsible position and to work for a

professionally managed company, in a capacity that offers Resposibilty, Challenge,

Job satisfaction, Scope for personal development and growth.


As adesign visionary, I have held key design roles in Dubai and India in which I increased brand value and set product and creative direction for Sculpture and 3D Printing. Focused on design craftsmanship, I have tremendous ability to strategically guide a brand, delivering a consistent aesthetic across all its expressions. I have championed design and product innovation throughout my career and my design achievements illustrate that using my creative and analytical skills, I am able to identify trends and develop fashion key items to build a profitable line that targets a brand’s


Visualization is an art of creating graphic visuals of designs or ideas. The easiest form of visualization is through handmade illustrations also called a sketch. Today, using computers, it is possible to generate photo quality realistic illustrations using a process called 3D Rendering. Architectural visualization is all about representing the design of an architectural project as visuals for print or digital media. It may be created as a still image, referred to as an illustration, or as an animated video generally referred to as a walkthrough.


Designing, 3D Modeling, Sketching, Drawing and Painting, Singing,  Music, Guitar playing, Learning new Softwares