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Ludovic Marchand



  • Martial Arts in particular MMA and Taekwondo
  • Snowboarding
  • Surfing
  • Fitness
  • Hiking above 2000 meters
  • Worldwide Gastronomy
  • Open Source world
  • Golden Retriever Breed


I am a dedicated and highly motivated integration architect, easy going and accustumed to work in international environments.

I am willing to share my vision of SOA and my expertise in terms of Governance and Design Skills.  I do have an excellent proficiency in the Oracle Fusion Middleware products especially components part of the Oracle SOA Suite such as BPEL and OSB. My current company is dealing with SAP environment, therefore I am used to integrate SAP systems and to interface with the SAP Netweaver stack (SAP PI, SAP BPM).

I am also good at putting quality into software thanks to my test automation skills that I gained using Junit, SOAP UI and other testing platforms.

Besides I am not afraid to relocate, therefore don't hesitate to contact me if you are hiring from downunder or elsewhere in the world.

Interested in my profile ? Just send me an email, I'll be pleased to convince you to hire me !

Work experience

Mar 2010Present

Integration Architect

Merck Serono

I am part of the team who is responsible for all the application architecture needs of the pharmaceutical division of Merck KGaA ­present and future. This we achieve through designs that adhere to our best practices, integration architecture strategy, and implementation details that follow our standards and guidelines. Our integration strategy is an architectural framework that we implemented in two phases and is currently a live reusable platform that supports multiple business solutions.

Additionally we have defined a set of supporting execution steps and processes that support our designs to enable implementation of flexible and manageable solutions. Our goal is to allow the business teams to turn the data that we have into the information that they need. My team's activities include:

  • Design and verification of the architecture of any new business solutions based on company standards and guidelines.
  • Managing and enforcing the use of the new pharma integration platform for all solutions that require integration. This platform supports integration needs at all levels of a solution stack; data, applications, processes, and presentation. This is to guarantee successful adoption of the integration platform and delivery of these solutions.
May 2006Feb 2010

SOA/J2EE Consultant


Merck Serono – SOA/J2EE Architect,since January 2009

I am currently involved as a technical team leader within the CIS Pharma engineering team. I have carried out the technical architecture to ensure the quality of applications delivered by external vendors to guarantee the technical guidelines defined by CIS Pharma.


vTechnical Team Leader on a risk assessment application (ITGSS)

vProof of concept on a Global Market Share application with Oracle ESB and Oracle Webservices Manager to secure webservices access

vJPA/Spring MVC Blueprint implementation

vHelp on the definition of Guidelines for Java/J2EE that are followed up by external providers

vCognos 8 Development using Cognos 8.x Webservices

vUsage of Sonar, Maven and Hudson to control deployment and quality

Technical environment:

vOracle ESB, Java, J2EE, Spring 2.5, Apache Cxf, JBoss Seam, Maven, Tomcat 6.0, OC4J, IDE Eclipse, Oracle Database 10g, Cognos 8.4, Sonar, Hudson.

Brolliet – Java J2EE Trainer,Avril 2009

I achieved a four day Java-J2EE training for a small developer team. I taught them object oriented aspects and Java technologies.


vIntegral Training contents preparation

vPractical Java/J2EE Hands On (Eclipse)

ECA Vaud–Java J2EE Trainer,Février 2009

I carried out a 3 day Java/J2EE training for an 8 developer team. The developers were all coming from Oracle Forms and they were supposed to end up with Oracle ADF skills. I was in charge for teaching them basic Java/J2EE concepts understanding.


vIntegral Training contents preparation

vPractical Java/J2EE Hands On (JDeveloper 11g)

Merck Serono –Solution Track and Trace for Supply Chain, January 2008 to January 2009

To achieve compliance with the Californian law, Merck Serono has initiated the US ePedigree project.This project is divided into 5 work packages:

-WP 1: Central repository for serialization and hierarchy storage and integration layer with other WPs.

-WP 2: Local packaging lines and shipping application.

-WP 3: License validation.

-WP 4: Interface to and back third party logistics services provider (3PL).

I was in charge of WP1.


vFunctional and technical specifications analysis (Geneva, Boston)

vData Modeling using EPCIS industry standards and Merck Serono’s guidelines

vOracle ESB Installation on development, testing and production environments

vEPCIS repository Webservices Implementation

vESB integration with Oracle Advance Queuing and Oracle EBusiness Suite via Database adapters

vUnit and functional testing (Junit, SOAPUI)

vUser, deployment and operational Guides delivery

vPresentation of a one day workshop to the business. A group from GS1, who is part of the EPCIS consortium, attended this workshop to validate our data repository.

Technical environment:

vOracle ESB, Java, J2EE, Spring 2.5, Apache Cxf, tests unitaires avec JUnit 4.5, déploiement Maven, Serveur d’application Tomcat/ ÒC4J, IDE Eclipse 3.4, Oracle Database 10g, Oracle Applications (OPM), Power Designer

Groupe Mutuel – SOA Document Platform, December 2006 to December 2007

Groupe Mutuel decided to invest on a particularly powerful and flexible Document Management System based on Oracle Content Database.

Tasks :

vTechnical Architecture and implementation of webservices from the Java Oracle Content DB’s API.

vInvolved in the development from scratch of a bulk tool application to migrate documents in Oracle Content Database

vCommunication with the Oracle Support (Switzerland, India) to solve integration issues

vResponsible for the knowledge transfer of Oracle Content DB API and Webservices concepts to the team

Technical environment:

Java, J2EE, Spring (Core, MVC), XFire,SOAP, WS Security (WSS), XML (STAX, SAX, DOM4J), Design patterns Java, unit tests with JUnit, Webservice testing with SOAPUI, Application Server OC4J, IDE Eclipse, UML conception, Linux Red Hat, AIX.

Services Industriels de Genève – Juillet 2006 – Septembre 2007

Implementation of a media gallery portlet integrated within an intranet portal. Resources were pulled out from Oracle Content DB using Smartwave’s API we have developed.



vBack end realization using Spring/Oracle Content DB API

vFront end realization with Spring MVC/JSP

vOracle BPEL Workflow development for inserting thumbnails


v12 day Knowledge Transfer to a SIG developer (J2EE, Spring, Oracle Content DB and Webservices)

Technical Environement:

vJava, J 2EE, Spring (Core, MVC) JSP, Struts Tiles, API Oracle Content Services,Jahia, Tomcat 5.0, unit testing with JUnit, Linux Red Hat scripting.

Oct 2005Feb 2006

Portal Developer

Corporate Solution Queensland

DET belongs to the government of Queensland and its role is to provide support and training for the australian workers.


vInvolved in a J2EE based critical project as developer

vImplementation, refactoring and bugfixing of the extranet portal

Technical environment:

vJ2EE, Java Portlets technologies, EJB (stateless Session Beans, facades, entity beans), Hibernate, Struts, JSP, custom tags for CMS, Oracle 9, Teamsite

Mar 2005Sep 2005

J2EE Developer

Skex IT Services

Skex is a german software engineering company based in Australia, involved in J2EE projects based on cutting edge and open source technologies.


vInvolved in three J2EE based projects as developer

vCustomer support and training, Linux Server maintenance

Technical environment:

vJ2EE, JSP, XML, Apache Struts,Hibernate, Apache Tomcat, IBM Websphere, Log4j,MSQL/MySQL, Linux (gentoo), Junit, Navicat.

Jun 2004Aug 2004

Java Developer

Software Engineering Collaborative and Modelling Laboratory

The SECML is devoted to the research and technological development of new approaches to software modelling and software system production.


vImplementation of concepts illustrating pratical scenarios for a distributed platform

Technical environment:

vJava, CORBA, UML, Linux (RedHat), Software Agent, JDBC, MySQL


Sep 2002Mar 2005


ESIL, postgraduate school of engineering
Sep 2000Jun 2002

French diploma in Mathematics and Information Science

University Aix-Marseille II


JBoss Seam
Web Services Technologies
I do my shopping list in XML ;)
Oracle Entreprise Service Bus
Oracle DBMS
Oracle SOA Suite




Training Oracle Content DB and Oracle BPEL, Geneva


Training Oracle ODI , Geneva


Expert Camp SOA 10g, Amsterdam


Export Camp SOA 11g, Malaga

Dec 2009Present

Expert Camp SOA 11g, Stockholm

Apr 2010Present

Training Oracle SOA Suite 11g, Geneva