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Work experience

Aug 2008Mar 2009

Computer Software Engineer

Viral Gurus Ltd.
  • PHP/MySQL developer (second to the R&D manager) for an Internet start-up producing, an innovative new service aimed at the viral delivery of media through social networking.
  • Developing and designing a high-capacity website operated by complex server-side software handling different webservices: website front, automated mail server, "bookmarklet" mini-site, communicating via API to external social networks and multimedia websites. Manipulating various multimedia types both from user's files and external websites.
  • Planning and developing enhanced statistics utilities that collects and analyzes users, finding influencing users, trends in content and in behaviors.
  • Last few months, as the company faced financial difficulties: maintaining and developing the entire system by myself, including system administration (LAMP), database management, server and client side programming.
  • Leading a re-branding effort: Rapidly creating new design, UI & experience.
Nov 2006Apr 2008

Development Team Leader

Dex Technologies Ltd.
  • Participating in the establishment process of a new start-up company that offers social CMS solutions.
  • Leading a team of 5 PHP developers over various scales of projects and tasks.
  • Developing and maintaining a vast, large-scale product offering a wide variety of features, interfaces and extensions.
  • Planning, developing and maintaining over 10 social networks for some of Israel's largest Internet content brands: Ynet, Haaretz & TheMarker groups, Coca-Cola, Yellow Pages, One.
  • Researching, planning and developing new features and services.
  • Designing entire user experience and flow within a social network that integrates with the brand's original content.
  • Outlining and producing the 2.0 version of the core product.
Dec 2003Nov 2006

Intelligence Junior Officer

IDF (Israeli Defense Force)
  • 3 years mandatory military service at Israeli Defence Force.
  • Served under the Field Intelligence Crops, as an Intelligence Junior Officer for a special combat unit in the West Bank.
20002002 Magazine Staff

Hed Arzi Ltd.
  • At age of 16, member of the first staff of Israel's first and largest computer games magazine (fully payed job, owned by a leading media company).
  • Reviewer, writer, news editor and Internet community manager.



Mekif Gimel Ashdod High-School
  • Graduated national gifted students education program.
  • High School diploma, A-Levels in Computer Science, Chemistry, Literature.
  • Awarded outstanding graduate by Israeli Education Ministry.

Idit Schori Screenwriting School

Graduated after-school program of Screenwriting and Cinema studies.


Working with Microsoft Office environment
Using and working with Photoshop software
Working with GIS: Geographic Information Systems
Developing C++, Python applications
Linux System Administration
Managing and maintaining Linux servers and LAMP based systems.
Working with and maintaining SQL databases
Particulary MySQL, but experienced as well with MS SQL, PostgreSQL & SQLite.
Composing W3C standard XHTML documents and CSS stylesheets
Developing large-scale, multi-tiered PHP web applications
Professional experience with Object Oriented PHP5, creating websites and frameworks from scratch, developing with Zend Framework, maintaining and extending Joomla and Wordpress systems.


To work for a major Internet media organization and take part in the exciting process of making innovative, fun and successful products.


Internet, Modern Technology, Innovation, Web Development & Design, Creative Writing, Music, Cinema, Pop Culture.