Camelia Lungu

Camelia Lungu


to work in the medical field as a registered nurse or in an administrative position in international business, banking or government



My skills and qualities include:

  • excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • conscientious and caring in patient care
  • ability to work as part of a team
  • ambitious and dynamic attitude.

These skills and qualities have been developed through my wide experience gained in a variety of occupational and professional situations, educational environments and social contacts

Work experience

Work experience
2007 - 2008

Volunteer Nurse

Mama Muxima Orphanage
2006 - 2007

Registered Nurse

Aspire Hospital

Sports and medicine hospital.

To support the opening of the hospital, I drafted policy procedures and assisted with hiring in human resources department. Part of my work with the hospital was to support the Asian Olympic Games in December 2006.

2000 - 2006

Registered Nurse


During this period, I built up my experience as a nurse in the medical field (audiometer and spirometer), and also in the administration and organization field, assisting the administration and secretarial staff with admission and discharge cases.

In February 2002, I received my registration as a nurse in the United Arab Emirates.

1999 - 2000

Registered Nurse

Dr. Sanda Cojocariu, MD

Administrative duties in support of private medical practice.

1997 - 1999

Assistant Manager

Euro- Image, Ltd.

My responsibilities with this Romanian-British advertising company were as follows:

  • contacts with other companies for contracts
  • public relations
  • business correspondence
  • traveling on business to the United Arab Emirates (several times) and to other countries.

The skills that were required for this job included:

  • great adaptability to various working conditions
  • excellent public relation skills
1991 - 1997

Registered Nurse for General Practice

Cluj Military Hospital

My experience included work in the departments of Internal Diseases, Surgical Section and Intensive Care.

The experience gained in this position allowed me to put into practice my studies at the Medical High School and further to develop:

  • my ability to focus on particular problems.
  • my conscientious approach to the patients
  • my physical ability to handle the demanding working hours and conditions.
1995 - 1995

Sergeant Nurse

Romanian Armed Forces

I was selected by examination to join the Romanian military contingent attached to the UN Peacekeeping Force in Angola. The contingent set up and administered the first United Nations hospital in the region. This hospital was responsible for the medical care of the joint international UN forces active in the area.

I was a sergeant nurse in the hospital, undertaking duties in the Internal Diseases department and in Emergency Services

My duties in this post included:

  • emergency room treatments
  • attendance at scenes of accidents (away from the hospital)
  • care of patients and casualties whilst in transit
  • routine inoculation and treatment of tropical diseases

In this post I gained the abilities:

  • to communicate in medical terms with patients from different ethnic backgrounds
  • to adapt quickly to different working conditions e.g. the tropical climate and associated diseases


2008 - Present

Registered Nurse

Victor Babes College of Nursing
1991 - 1992

Qualified Nurse for General Practice

Victor Babes College of Nursing

Completion of 1-year probation period to fulfill state requirements for nursing certification.

1986 - 1991

High School Certificate in the medical field

Medical High School (now Victor Babes High School)

Main subjects: Anatomy and Physiology, Genetics, Surgical and Emergency Treatment, Gynecology, Microbiology. Practical training / internship in hospitals for 2 months per year.



Public relations

Microsoft Office

Portuguese language

French language

English language


2010 - Present

Registered Nurse (Romania)

Ministry of Education and Science, Romania
1992 - Present

Qualified Nurse

Ministry of Education and Science, Romania
1995 - Present

United Nations Medal

United Nations Angola Verification Mission
2002 - Present

Registered Nurse

Ministry of Health, United Arab Emirates