Lydell Bland


  • peer education: work god with people in my age group
  • people skills: I work good with people

Work History

Work experience

T.A.S. (Teacher Assistant Student )


My role as a T.A.S was to help kids (2-4) students in the grade below yours ( 9th because I was in 10th) better understand the subject the subject was Algebra. T.A.S was not regular students it was the students that were more knowledgeable then other students.  

Dec 2012 - Dec 2014

peer educator

Club T.I.A (Teens In Action)

The role of a peer educator is when a teen tells other tens or kids around there age group information on what they know about. My role as a peer educator was to teach my peers about safe sex,how to prevent pregnancy, and how to prevent from getting a STD and or how to protect themselves from STD during sex. 



High school student