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  • Extensive 31 years of Experience in Automobile Parts Industry
  • Excellent Management skills
  • Well versed with IT skills to manage Supply Chain link
  • Well versed with Material (Inventory) Planning using DFRP (Demand Forecast and Replenishment Plan) tool.

Work experience


Divisional Manager: Parts Division

Divisional Head of Truck and Bus Parts Department for world renowned automobile Franchises like M.A.N Trucks, Buses and Marine Engines from Germany, Ferrari Truck Mounted Cranes from Italy, BT Fork Lifts and logistic equipment's from Sweden, GPC Gensets from Germany, Masons Gensets from U.K., Massenza Drilling Rigs from Italy, Escorts pick and carry cranes from India, Voltas fork lift from India, EMPL cargo bodies and recovery units from Austria, Esterer fuel & Water Tankers from Germany, Panissars Water Tankers from Spain, Manitex Truck mounted Crane from U.SA, Landol Material Handling Eqpmnt from USA, Yale Fork lifts from Europe, etc., and completely responsible for the profit and loss of the Parts Division.

 Inventory Planning:

 Physical maintenance of all inventoried items & currently maintaining 24,000 line items. Responsible of Clearing, Forwarding, of all Sea Freight and Airfreight orders.

  • Responsible for physical inventory of items after checking, verification and binning of items on receipt of consignment.
  • Responsible for Claims on Principal on receipt of wrong and shortage of items.
  • Responsible for Insurance Claims on receipt of damaged consignment.
  • Responsible for arranging for the suitable locator depending on the size and wt of the individual items.
  • Liaisoning with Ordering and Sales Departments.
  • Taking care of customer delivery orders by arranging for the supplies and obtaining acknowledgement.
  • Arranging for the Periodic Perpetual Inventory with concerned department.
  • Responsible for appointment of Freight Agents on yearly Rate Contract after analysis of the quote.
  • Responsible for proper in house maintenance of the warehouse.

 Parts Planning:

 Total Centralized Parts Inventory Management for the entire country.

  • Total Parts Sales supervision for the entire country including              Abu Dhabi, the capital and branches at Al Ain and Dubai.
  • Functional Leader for ERP Implementation (switched over from Oracle Developer 2000 to Oracle 11.03 effective May, 2000, & in 2007, migrated to 11i the latest version.).

 Major Achievements:

 Achieved a parts availability ratio of 95%.

  • Reduced parts inventory by 3 million Dirhams in 10 months.
  • Successfully returned about 1.5 million Dirhams worth slow moving parts to Principals through a specially negotiated out-of-turn return facility.
  • Overhauled and simplified the Parts Ordering System so as to optimize inventory, maximize availability, reduce the stock and procurement costs.
  • Ordering of parts for new models were made more scientific.
  • With better parts availability, turn around time of vehicles in service workshop dropped drastically.
  • Developed vendors for specific product groups where it is impossible for genuine parts to compete with replacement / non-genuine brands so as to maintain company’s overall market share and profitability.
  • Concept of differential mark-up was introduced for different product groups after analyzing all types of competitions.
  • With protracted negotiations and scientific feed back of competition, obtained better prices from Principals for fast moving parts.
  • Put in place better sales promotion and sales monitoring practices.
  • With all the above steps achieved a cumulative increase of 70% in overall national sales over last few years. By the overall improvement of parts back up regained lost customer confidence, which in turn is visible in improved vehicle sales.
  • Because of the excellent parts support our Truck Sales Division recorded the highest Truck sales of 1400 units in 2006 and the trend is being continued in 2007.        
  • Successfully concluded the rate contract with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company in 1999, which is being renewed every year.
  • Successfully concluded the rate contract with Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Department last year, which is being renewed this year too.
  • Successfully concluded the rate contract with Abu Dhabi Police Department in 2003, which is being renewed every year.
  • We got major success with Abu Dhabi Defense, when we got the Service and Maintenance contract in 2004, and the same is got renewed last year.
  • We got a major break through for Bus Order with “Road Transport Authority of Dubai” and were successful in getting a massive order for 395 buses along with service and maintenance contract, which has commenced from the year 2007.

We also got a major break through for Bus order this year and were successful in getting a massive order for 400 buses in Abu Dhabi, which is going to commence from 01.10.2009.


Senior Executive Parts

M/S. Bahwan Automotive Centre, Muscat, Oman
  • Indenting, Inventory Control and Pricing of Parts (30,000 line items) Handled parts for M.A.N. Commercial Vehicles & Buses; & other Franchises. Also dealt with Bodybuilders & Fabricators From Middle East.
  • Activities include co-ordination with service and sales departments.
  • Inventory management in central and branch warehouses.
  • Fixation of reorders level and reorder quantity.
  • Review of new model vehicles /equipments for initial ordering.
  • Preparation of recommended parts list for vehicle/equipment tenders.
  • Sales analysis.
  • Development of alternative vendors from local/overseas.
  • Age analysis of slow/non moving parts.
  • Participation in development and improvement of parts system.      

Assisting warehouse in fixing storage locations so as to minimize picking time, improve productivity and to improve identification of alternate parts.

Major Achievements:


  • Reduction in inventory from 3.3million USD to 2.6 million USD in 3 years.
  • Liquidated dead and slow moving stocks worth 0.4 million USD.
  • Increased service rate (availability) from 68% to 95%.
  • Decreased emergency procurement by 60%.
  • Brought down inventory cover from 11 stock months to 6 stock months.
  • Development of alternate vendors for many bought out items such as Clutch & Pressure Plates, Brake drums, Spring leaves, Brake Boosters etc. bringing down the component cost by 30% to 70%.
  • Developed branch automatic ordering system controlling branch inventory.
  • Also handled parts for "NAVISTAR INTERNATIONAL USA" and had hands on experience on electronic parts catalogue built on Apple Macintosh.
  • Attended the product and technical training program conducted by TOYOTA MOTOR CO., M.A.N GERMANY, NAVISTAR INTETERNATIONAL USA.          

Asst. Manager

Lamina Suspension Products Ltd. M’lore
  • In charge of Bangalore Branch. Responsible for Karnataka State with annual turn over exceeding USD 800,000.
  • Participated in rehabilitation of sick unit M/s. Lamina Foundries Ltd. Handled sales of brake drums and fasteners.
  • Handled Govt. and Institutional customers.
  • Assisted Finance department in procurement of funds                              

Major Achievements:

  • Increased branch turnover from USD 200,000 to 800,000 in 8 years.
  • Successfully concluded sales contracts with Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation, Hindustan Aeronautics ltd., Hindustan Machine Tools Ltd., etc.


M/S. Vinayak Industrial Corporation. Mangalore

Sole responsibility of a fabrication unit


Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Law (L.L.B)

Certificate course in Export Management

A course study done in Marketing Management

Text Section


Basic knowledge of MS Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint

  • Internet & Email.
  • Hands on Working knowledge on AS 400.
  • Hands on working knowledge on Oracle 11.03 & 11i
  • Functional head of in house ERP implementation team.
  • Hands on working knowledge on Syncron, Demand, Forecast, and Replenishment Planning tool


MAN Germany

From any of our European Suppliers