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Technical skills:

·  HTML/XHTML/HTML 5, WML, CSS/CSS2/CSS3, DHTML, SEO(Search Engine Optimisation), Java Script & VB Script

·  Ajax(hand coding) , JS libraries:[ JQuery (extensive) /Prototype / Mootools / YUI & some Dojo]

·  ASP/ASP.Net, Visual Basic/. Net, Java/JSP/J2EE, MIVA, PHP, Pearl, SQL, TSQL, PLSQL

·  XML/ XSLT / XML Schema (XSchema)/ XSL: FO

Technologies Experience:

·  CMS/IDE/Source Controls: Visual Source Safe (VSS), Subversion, PVCS, CVS, Rhythmyx, TEAMSITE,     Macromedia Contribute, VisualStudio.Net, Red Dot, Eclipse, MS CMS, MS Share Point Portal Server, Moveabletype.

·  Web Editor: Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Homesite, XML Spy, MS Front Page

·  DTP/Graphic: Adobe Creative suite,Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, Fireworks, Flash, Axure, Balsamiq, Adobe PageMaker, Quark Express, 3D Studio Max (Basic), Wire frames 

·  Database: SQL Server 2000, Oracle, MySQL, Ms Access

·  Web Server: Apache, Tomcat, IIS, PWS, Jboss

·  Operating System: DOS & Windows (3.1, 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 & NT), Linux

·  Testing Skills: Test plans, Test scripts, Test Cases, UAT, Open Sta [load testing], Gomez [application testing]    requirements gathering, Technical & functional specs documentation.

·  Web Standards: : W3C, WAI (AAA), DDA, Usability, Accessibility, Section 508 [US]

·  Expert in Branding, Creative / Interaction designs, Wire frames, Prototyping, UX, HCI, Liquid, Elastic & Static layouts.

Other Skills:

Management Skills

• Methodologies & Practices: Certified Scrum Master 

• Experienced in Agile mainly Scrum, Kanban & XP with the additional mix of Lean & DSDM working experience. 

• Experience of managing multiple projects under Agile Methodology. 

• Intense Working experience in Waterfall methodologies too. 

• Experience in using MS Excel, MS Project & Agile tools (of the shelf & bespoke). 

• Good understanding & experience in Prince2 project management. 

UX & Soft Skills:

• Experienced in coordinating & facilitating user research & testing, including contextual enquiry, focus groups, interviews & user testing. 

• Experienced in defining site structures & generating of task & process flows. 

• Personas, flows & journeys generation. 

• Wireframe design & interaction design definition. 

• Stakeholder management & Presentation of concepts including techniques. 

• Task allocation to team members.

• Managing business requirements.


ASP/SQL Server ,  Graphics & Designs (Higher Diploma) ,  Certified Scrum Master , J2EE , 

Project Management

Personal Strengths:

·Takes pride in providing a high level of service.

·Works well under stress.

·Enjoy problem-solving challenges & able to work on own initiative

Also enjoys working as a part of a team


I am an effective thinker, with an analytical mind & strong leadership qualities. I am also a Certified Scrum Master with complete understanding of agile principles & disciplines. Based on my background & hands on experience of Web Development / software product development, Design, Project management / leadership & QA, I can comfortably deal at any level inside an organization. Deep down I am a very hands-on technologist with excellent managerial / leadership skills & an individual who enjoy technologies & its management both. I am seeking a challenging role in a dynamic organization, which offers good career prospects. I desire career growth, based on my performance, accomplishments & achievements.


Sep 2003Sep 2007

B.S.C (Hon) Computer Science


Work experience

Jan 2011Present

Scrum Master / Senior UI Developer


Responsibilities: In this job I am working as a Scrum Master & Senior UI Developer for the Qatar Homeland security & Italian Airline security projects. As a developer my role is to deliver a multilingual & extremely complex Homeland security projects based on requirements. This involves (Spikes of) Prototypes & integration of the code with production / release environment in a time boxed agile environment. Due to the very nature of the projects the UI development involve not just UI but almost all the cutting edge Web 2.0, UX, JS (Java script), Prototyping, J2EE, graphics, MVC, Version Control (SVN) & integration skills in a strict Agile software development environment. On the same time I am also working in the capacity of a Scrum Master too for the same projects with my team of developers. My day to day responsibilities as a scrum master are following:

oOrganize project planning, daily stand-up meetings, sprint reviews, retrospectives, sprints & release planning, spikes, demos & other meetings

oProvide the management with high-level visibility to monitor progress, via many tools.

oSupport the overall product development process & process necessary documents.

oOver all ensuring that the team adopted the core agile principles of collaboration, prioritization, team accountability & visibility

oTrack & assess team velocity & sprint/release progress.

Oct 2010Jan 2011

Senior UX Developer / IA

The National Archives- TNA

Responsibilities: In this job i was working in an Agile discipline for the project of TNA. The requirement was to make new web presence of TNA with new cutting edge embedded features unique to TNA, Since TNA hold all the historical records & wanted to encourage users to go online for the searches related to verity of reasons commercial & personal, this requires a very cutting edge user centred, web 2.0 solution. This project was technically named as RD (Resource Discovery). I was mostly working on interactive UI development. The solution we produced was well tested in many ways to enable it to be accepted by the backend developers. This emerged the need of delivering production level code includes all the cutting edge & soft skills while keeping the existing Information architecture in mind. I used extensively my UI/UX & IA skills along side with best coding practices of web development & finally delivered on time. Skills used in this job were: .Net framework, HTML 5/4 , CSS, AJAX, graphics, OOJavaScript, JQuery, Prototyping, user testing, UX, Wireframes, stakeholders addressing, SVN & IA in a Scrum environment. 

Jan 2009Oct 2010

Senior Web UI UX Designer / Developer

Royal Bank of Scotland - RBS

Responsibilities: In Royal Bank of Scotland along with most of the other projects, I was mainly working on upcoming quarterly releases (mostly a year in advance) for retail banking web/internet application(s), precisely focused on Web 2.0/Multi-platform technologies in an Agile / Scrum environment. Since RBS was making a big effort to pioneer the web retail banking to cut the cost on branch management & also to provide best possible user experience to their online customers, based on these reasons my job was to provide all the cutting edge hands on web solutions / visually engaging designs to the multi-platform RBS site & also to sister companies such as Natwest Bank & IOM bank. In each quarterly release, we tried to push the boundaries based on new user/ business requirements & feedbacks. In this job, the project environments were highly collaborative & mostly focused on UX along with brand identity. Due to the sensitive nature & visually engaging designs of the financial projects, attention to details & documentation was part of my day-to-day work (such as: page level & interaction level docs). On top of my daily hand-on-coding job, I also worked very closely on UX & designs. Most of my UI projects / Mock-ups & prototypes were very much aligned to the real live web applications (due to the policy of shared / re use-able code & very intense web 2.0 scripting (OO Javascript & Jquery) with XML technologies.

All the campaigns & prototypes later on become live projects, with some obvious integration efforts to back-end technologies I was also involved with Iphone app design phase (only).

In general due to the bank’s policy & broad range of audience, we always focus on W3C’s guidelines & best web practices as standard to all projects. I lead a team of developers & works on the design deployment phases of the development life cycle mostly using all cutting edge UI technologies. Each project includes hands on coding of a prototype [which involves all the design details docs, WEB 2.0 technologies, OO Javascript / JQuery / Jquery Plug-in/wireframes/Axure/ Balsamiq/ user journeys, UX & graphics].URL:- &

Jan 2009Jun 2009

Lead UI Developer

Visa Europe

Responsibilities: In this job I worked on a financial reporting tool for VISA Europe, using intense JavaScript, Jquery & AJAX along with the usual UI / Web 2.0 technologies in an Agile / Scrum environment. Since we were manipulating a large chunk of data on the client side as well as on the back end so we developed a memory efficient & dynamic solution to handle this web based reporting tool delivered to 171 banks in Europe. Other main challenges were that we were making the application to work in almost all the used browsers & all the commonly used versions (i.e.: Cross Browser) in all respects (Design & development wise). Since my role was Lead UI developer I was also acting as a point of reference to any UI related issues / application architecture/ backend integration with front end & integration. This was a very hand-on coding job where i used intensely all the WEB 2.0 technologies. URLs: Along with the internal web application, &

Mar 2008Nov 2008

Senior UX Designer/ UI Developer


Responsibilities: In this job I was working on the content UI changes about to roll out in different phases on , in the first phase I have completely redesigned which we were gradually rolling out to the live site (this complete release was known as release 4.5) in release 4.5 the design was changed completely but still using the similar architecture to the previous release i.e.: release 4.0 but with a new skin & functionality, where as the future release (i.e.: release 5.0) was also complete technically & was a complete redo of & gladly a very well written WEB2.0 (AJAX base)web site with a complete new architecture & look & feel. I was the only UI designer for both 4.5 & release 5.0(*release 5.0 will be rolled out after 2 months of the stable release version of 4.5). In this job I successfully replaced the previous lead designer/developer on a very short time & achieved all the milestones on time. I use to write & determine the User Experience specs / requirements, & later in the project I was allocating & reviewing the work to the back end team. I used many JS Libraries like Dojo & Prototype along with my own JavaScript for AJAX & functionality achievements, & catered all the known issues in terms of design (i.e.: Cross browser issues, SEO, graphics,Axure, Balsamiq, integration to the back-end systems like JSP/Java) by using cutting edge tools & technologies. URLs: [I was also involved with OCADO’s Iphone app development (designs only)]

Apr 2007Jan 2008

UI Design/ Development Consultant

Ebay Inc [PayPal]

Responsibilities: Ebay Inc owns Paypal, Gumtree, eBay & Skype & I was working as a UI consultant for many of the Ebay Inc’s projects mainly involved in PayPal’s related project work. I have redesigned & completely given a new look to PayPal according to the technical & business requirements, I was just not only designing but was working as a consultant with hands on work & deeply involved in requirements gathering, design & development process for a desired output in terms of UI from every possible angle

such as User experience, Cross browser issues , SEO, accessibility, Usability, Multi-platform displays, Web 2.0 & & all the cutting edge technologies such as Ajax which I was using on daily basis for producing the best possible solution design along with complete design documentations. My role was much focused & well defined & with specific targets to meet the success matrix of UCD [User centred design] based on usability, prototyping including wire frames. URLs: & more

Nov 2006Apr 2007

Lead Web 2.0 UI Developer /Designer


Responsibilities: In T-Mobile I was working as a UI developer for many web projects mainly focused on computer / mobile platforms. Mainly I was working on T-mobile’s UK site & the upcoming CEBIT project, which was perhaps one of the biggest showcase projects in Deutsche Telekom[Parent company of T-Mobile].

In CEBIT project we were mostly using web standards & WEB 2.0 technologies [i.e.: AJAX with intense use of XML/XSLT/ XML Schema (XSchema) & JavaScript] & I was a UI Lead developer for CEBIT, so my focus was to develop & deliver the deliverables on time & with the maximum compatibility to the list of target web & mobile browsers. For this project I wrote the end-to-end design guide, UCD [user cantered design] based prototypes, creative working static models, wire-frames, working dynamic models, SEO, release level code & HCI documentation. As a second project I was working on T-Mobile’s upgraded design deployment with usability testing, which means taking the current T-Mobile site & make it a WEB2.0 site in terms of its design. I was using Content management systems like TEAMSITE for mainly updating & maintaining the site on the regular basis. URL:-
May 2006Nov 2006

Senior UI Designer /Developer

Ericsson UK

Responsibilities: In Ericsson [Ericsson Services] I was working as a UI& Usability lead developer for the web projects , our main client was Three Network [3 mobile Network- mobile operators]. ESL is responsible for 3 network’s web presence as well as all the IT needs for the web & mobile web related projects. I re-wrote the design guide [HCI] as well as redesign many sections of the client’s website, based on the new prototypes & usability studies of UCD. One of the day-to-day jobs was to help the development from Usability at its full from SEO, UI prospective for mobile / Web applications as well as to write widgets & WEB 2 stuff. This role does not have a very specific boundaries & I use my skills as & where requires, some times works purely on the server layers [back end]. I was also working on AJAX technology along with all the cutting edge technologies on Microsoft & Java platforms depending on each application. I used Content management systems like TEAMSITE for mainly updating & maintaining the site on the regular basis with ease.


Jan 2006May 2006

Usability Consultant / Scrum Developer

Steria - Home Office

Responsibilities: As a usability consultant & a prototype developer I run many workshops & requirements gathering meeting to acquire the knowledge from the end user’s & to come With a prototype which defines the business & clients requirements as well as the right information architectural flow from the usability angle. I developed the prototype from scratch & involved from the initial design stage [requirement gathering , prototyping , wire frames, usability studies/ testing] until the implementation of the developed product, this covers all the detailed designs [and documentation], wire frames, graphics [branding], Prototype coding, Browser support issues & information architecture. By practicing this we reduced development time of the project. I developed the prototype & the architecture with all the cutting edge web technologies in this project [I-e: Home office’s (CJIT) portal] such as XHTML, Ajax, Java Script, CSS2, WAI, J2EE (JSP),Adobe suite, XSL-T, Subversion & some IBM Portal server.

Aug 2005Jan 2006

Web UI Designer / QA

The Economist

Responsibilities: In ‘The Economist’ I was mainly responsible for the technical front end web programming & some testing, in the phase 1 I was redesigning [including: wireframes &prototyping] the important sections of the new economist dot com & make it compliant to [AA to AAA] standards of web accessibility. I designed the site so that it works identically in all the generation of browsers by using intense CSS2. To reduce the server load I used AJAX to dynamically update several components. This involves a broad range of Web knowledge including a good understanding with UCD, databases & UML. In Phase2 I wrote the scripts for the complete redesign & did the manual testing including the testing related to content management system. I wrote all the technical & analytical documentation for phase 2. This testing also includes the screen reader testing & bobby watch-fire code validation for achieving the priority 2 [AA] compliant results for the new I did all browser compatibility testing, accessibility/usability testing including JAWS & XHTML validation. I also gave training to the developers on different new trends/technologies related to Web Development. In this job I used the following skills: HTML, XHTML, CSS2, DHTML, XML, XML Schema, XSLT, some Java, CMS [bespoke], Bobby Watchfire, Freedom scientific JAWS, Subversion, CMS [percussions software], cross browser issues, Bug tracking,wireframes, Dreamweaver, SEO,Axure& some cold fusion.


Nov 2003Aug 2005

Web Portal Developer / UX / QA

Norwich Union

Responsibilities: In Norwich Union I was working as an Analyst Designer for more then 4 projects.

1: Redesigned the current (waiting to be launched shortly)2: POS1B

3: JVP (Joint Venture project with Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) & Natwest Bank)4: redesigning intranet for the company

I was responsible for the layout (GUI) & design for the new (waiting to be launched shortly) portal project & other sub sites of the company. I made the company’s existing site & some client’s sites compliant according to HCI / DDA & usability guidelines. I designed the layout for different clients such as RBS & Natwest Bank, I completed the prototype & implemented the real world version as well with the full functionality including AJAX.In this job when I was testing the application I did QA/Stress/Manual & Unit testing as well, wrote test scripts, test cases, Assumptions document & Technical documentation. I QA for 2 projects & did development in the others. In the designing process of company’s intranet I did the entire template, scenarios, concepts, prototypes, graphics, portability (extensive front end work) & technical risk assessment work along with the proposed solutions. I worked mainly as a Web technologist for the JVP project in which I was focused on HCI/Usability/Accessibility/DDA compliant design & coding of XHTML along the CSS2 for stage one (Layout). Where as in stage 2 we developed an XML based solution for the prototype with database connectivity & AJAX. In POS1B [project] I was mostly focused on HTML/XHTML (Layout) & Unit testing along with Logical testing, Test plans, SEO, Test scripts, Test Cases, UAT & associated reports & QA. During this Job I used following skills: HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS2, Ajax, OpenSTA, Gomez, some JUnit, Adobe PhotoShop CS, Macromedia Flash, Some JSP , XML, XML Schema (XSchema), XSLT, PVCS, Java Script, SQL, UAT, VB Script, MS VISIO, Some Oracle/ASP/ASP.Net, Home site 4.5, Dreamweaver MX, Macromedia Contribute, Subversion, Visual studio, Firework, VSS, XML Spy & Adobe Illustrator.

URL:- the RBS(along with netwest) website’s insurance sections.

Apr 2002Nov 2003

Senior Web Developer / Designer

Xerox Corporation

Responsibilities: In Xerox Corporation I worked as a web designer / developer for a largely distributed team based in different parts of the world, I have developed dynamic European Multilanguage intranet, content management system & the new (superseded the previous version with dynamic contents & database interactivity / Multilanguage support).

On day-to-day basis I also work on the graphics side of XEROX CORPORATION as well, including web & marketing packs & animations for the global site. I have also developed the extranet sites for the resellers; it contains all the new online marketing features (such as: new points based market promotion system for European resellers) & online account management.

On day-to-day basis with all the other responsibilities I as a support person need to support the local & distributed team. My support role covers a wide range of skill set for the full project lifecycle including Test plans, Test scripts, Test Cases & associated reports. During this Job I used following skills: HTML, XHTML, DHTML, MIVA, SQL Server, ASP, Java Script, CSS, UAT, VB Script, IIS, XML, XSLT, (some JAVA/JSP), Photoshop 6.0, SEO, Ajax, Dreamweaver MX / Contribute, Visual studio, Adobe acrobat, Freehand, Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator, Ms Access, Apache & VSS.


Sep 2001Apr 2002

R&D Support/Web developer

e-Peopleserve - Joint venture of BT & Accenture

Responsibilities: I worked as a web developer (designer) on different E-Learning / I-learning projects. I was part of Research & development team. Our clients were normally blue chip companies like BT & Accenture. I was involved in every phase of project lifecycle, development & research. In this job I had the chance to use my previous skills & get some exposure to new skills as well. User acceptance Testing (UAT) & prototyping was one of the day-to-day jobs. I used Html (hand coding), DHTML, CSS, intense Java script, VB Script, ASP, Flash, PL/SQL, SQL, Java, SQL Server, Flash MX/5.0 (with some action script), XML, XML Schema (XSchema),SEO, Oracle, Fireworks, Tomcat, Adobe Photo shop 6.0, Illustrator, Freehand, PHP, Pearl, Erwin, Visual Analyst & Subversion.

URL: - & many projects for different clients.

Jun 2000Sep 2001

Web Designer /Developer / UX

Honda UK

Responsibilities: Worked as a web designer for Honda UK, I did all the design & related activities to it. I was responsible for the layouts/design/Redesign/updates/debugging/compatibility checking & enhancements of their sites mostly Intranet. My role involves a lot of communication to understand each requirement & to come up with applicable solutions. I use to translate diagrams & written briefs into pages / site sections. On daily basis I use to do graphics & web design including CSS & scripting along with prototyping. I used many tools & technologies for that such as: HTML (hand coding), DHTML, XHTML,VB Script, JavaScript, SEO,Some ASP, HomeSite 4.5, Adobe illustrator, Oracle, Adobe Photo shop, CSS, Dream Weaver, Front page, Adobe acrobat, Ms Access, Fireworks, Freehand, & Macromedia Flash.

URL: -http://www.

May 2000Jun 2000

WML developer


Responsibilities: A very short-term placement to develop the prototype WAP project for the blue chip mobile communication company’s [Vodafone] design partners by using WML & design skills. Starting with no knowledge of WML, acquired these skills & completed objectives to client’s satisfaction.

URL: Official Vodafone's WAP Site for their mobiles)

Jul 1999May 2000

Web Designer


Responsibilities: Worked as a member of development & design team to make designs, templates, style sheets & update for the new site that replaced with the old FT.COM, My job was to discuss layouts & design with the management (almost every dept). I was involved in Prototyping, Testing (UAT)/ development & deployment phases. Then to do debugging, enhancements & designing by using HTML (hand coding), XHTML, DHTML, Java Script, HomeSite 4.5, Adobe Photo shop/ illustrator, FrontPage / Dreamweaver, CSS, Visual InterDev, SQL, Ms Access, Fire works, SQL Server 2000, ASP, SEO, Fireworks, Freehand, RDBMS, ADO & variety of different tools. URL: -http://www.

Apr 1999Jul 1999

Web Designer

This is Britain

Responsibilities: To redesign & fixed their existing web site & design four entirely new web sites from scratch (in terms of layouts, templates & testing) with the graphics & all the related components. Such as by using HTML, Adobe Photo Shop, SEO, ASP, Home site, SQL, PL/SQL, Dhtml, Freehand, Illustrator, CSS, PHP, Pearl, HomeSite, & Macromedia Dreamweaver. URL:-

Dec 1998Apr 1999

Web developer


Responsibilities: To assist the web master to re design the web sites from scratch by giving him new ideas & artwork. Then work on them after approval from higher management. Discuss the possibilities & applicable solutions for the cross platform / browser web development. Remake their existing web site & make the WebPages for there intranet with web developers by using Dreamweaver, Adobe photo shop 5.5, HTML, Dhtml, Freehand, Illustrator, Java script, JSP, SEO, Apache, Fireworks, CSS, & HomeSite.


Jan 1998Dec 1998

Web Designer

PSION Computers Plc

Responsibilities:To design the website for their new product called REVO (a palm top computer) remake their existing website & make the WebPages for their intranet with a senior web developer. Did basic artwork for the management to approve & made templates. Design the graphics for the website. Maximise possible hits on the site by making it a cross browser website, used many tools such as Html (hand coding), DHTML, Java Script, SEO,FrontPage, ASP, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, Ms Access, 3D Studio Max, Macromedia Director, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle, Ms Access, SQL Server 6.0, Fireworks, Flash, Dreamwaver, Tomcat, Erwin, Visual Analyst & VB script.