Launched in 1995 to connect foreign doctors to U.S. areas with

health professional shortages, international entrepreneur

Gregory Pearson's company, Global Marketing Resources, Inc.

(GMRI), has since diversified into a wide range of Internet

networking areas. After five years of development time invested

into GMRI's KABUUM™ platform, Gregory Pearson is currently

spearheading a $1 million expansion plan designed to round out

its staff of eminently qualified web developers, code writers,

technical writers, engineering and project managers, and

marketing professionals. KABUUM™ is the paradigm-shifting system

behind Gregory Pearson's trio of original new sites: celebrity

interaction-based®, social networking site™, and online dating site®. At®, Gregory Pearson offers a social networking

and online dating system that affords users the ultimate in safe

and secure romantic connectivity. Gregory Pearson plans for® to go far beyond the static photos and

profiles that dominate online dating sites and will offer

members access to a next-generation communication platform

featuring HD streaming video, introduction videos, video mail,

and the patented SafeCall™ technology. SafeCall®, designed by

Gregory Pearson and his team, will enable®

members to privately call other members via cell phones or

landlines routed through an Internet hookup, effectively

blocking either phone number from being seen. A seasoned

marketing executive with knowledge of the benefits of prompt

customer service, Gregory Pearson offers a full array of Web

Hostessing and other technical-service options for® members.  Gregory Pearson confidently

believes that all of the sites associated with the KABUUM™

network provide a singular chance for GMRI to achieve record

growth in the near future.

Work experience

Work experience