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  • 9 months Horseback Lessons
  • Has taken 2 years of Martial Arts
  • Rides a 2 wheel bike
  • Good use of skateboard
  • Can Jump Rope
  • Follows Directive - Great listening and comprehension
  • Easily Adapts - Takes on variety of roles when needed
  • Entertains Himself and Others - Has a great imagination and personality
  • Fabulous Imitations - Loves to pretend to be a variety of people

Work experience


  • School Nurse

Character: Background

Director: Tom Beach


  • Once on this Island

Name: Young Daniel

Director: Zaccharin Thibodeau

  • Once On This Island

Name: Daniel's Son

Director: Zaccharin Thibodeau


  • Lean Cuisine

Character: Background

Network: UNK

Additional Information

School:  2nd Grade; Mark L. Fine Elementary
DOB: 04/07/07, 8 years old
Twitter: My_Mr_Quan
Location: Las Vegas, NV 89139
Height: 4 foot 7 inch
Sex: Male
Weight: 65 lbs
Clothing: Child, 9 Slim
Shoe: 5 youth
Eye: Blue
Hair: Light Brown/Curly
Waist: 19 in
Inseam: 22 in
Hips: 25 in